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M Alviso, CA Review updated:

I was given a Tivo for Christmas, I have had the service for 6 months. When first trying to connect to the service to download the guide, I could not get it to connect for the life of me. I called their tech support and they told me a code to use as my dialing prefix. Perfect the service connected and downloaded.

After about a month I was getting sick of running a phone cord from one end of my home to the other to connect just so I could have a guide, because I did not have wireless internet at the time. So I recently switched internet companies so I could have a wireless connection. I went to their website and got a list of USB modems that were supposedly compatible and work with the Tivo. I went through 3 of the ones off their list and not a single one worked with the Tivo. I called and informed them that none of the USB's I purchased that their site said would work worked. They offered little help other then to purchase one of their USB modems that cost upwards $70 bucks which I could not afford. So I continued using my phone line.

I recently switched phone companies to Clearwire home phone service. I went to connect the Tivo to the phone and it would not connect. I called the company and was informed that Tivo is not compatible with digital phone lines, and I would not be able to connect to the service from my phone line any longer. Their brilliant idea was to offer me an HD Tivo for a reduced price of $200 dollars. Which if Tivo is not compatible with the digital phone line I still would not be able to connect it to download the guide, Plus if I couldnt afford the $70 bucks for the USB what makes them think I could afford $200 dollars for a new Tivo.

I told them I would like to cancel my service because I am not going to keep paying for something that does not work, and they are aware it does not work. They told me I will have to pay for the remaining 6 months even though the service does not work and will no longer be used. Or I have to find someone who will take over the Tivo and payments for the 6 months. What makes them think I would recommend much less get someone to take this service after this nightmare.

I ended up ordering a DVR through my Satelite company Which is only 10 bucks a month and holds more recorded programs then the Tivo did.

I would not recommend this service to anyone unless you want to get stuck paying for a product that does not work.


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      Jan 29, 2010

    TiVos don't have Wi-Fi built in. If you still had it, you would have had to purchase a Wi-fi dongle made for TiVo, or set up a wireless router and connect it to the TiVo box.
    Good for you for finally steering away from TiVo! The concept was great when it came out, but hasn't really improved since then.
    On a side note: When TiVo first came out, the "TiVo Suggestions" option was checked by default.. This meant that whatever "thumbs upped", TiVo would search for similar shows and record them as well. I "thumbs upped" Family Guy, and next thing you know, I have a hard drive full of cartoons.. Some in Spanish even..

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