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Titans Capital Commercial MTG

Titans Capital Commercial MTG review: Mortgage brokers, real estate funding, real estate financing brokers

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They are absolutely scam company. Semay Rashad, Steven Wong and Singh Dewan are 2 names associated with this company I came across. And Titans Capital Commercial MTG They asked for money for themselves not for the lender, they not only wasted my 90+ days doing re transaction but duped me in paying $10k. $7k was appraisal, which was never done. Steven initially wired $80k to my account and then asked me to pay him back $50k for attorney fee. And I lost $40k. Confirmed total scam. Name keep changing but my contact used the name Singh A. Dewan and used this license with my escrow officer: Singh A. Dewan

NMLS ID: 1384846

Phone: [protected]

[protected] and Titans Capital Commercial MTG

I'm not sure if he stole this guy's identity or what but this guy did the same as other reviews. Provided great terms, a suspicious bank statement, and an invoice to pay $21,000 for doc prep etc. I talked him down to 10k and after I sent he continued to communicate. It turns out this was just to delay me from reporting him. He provided absolutely ridiculous docs but they were in my favor so I signed with a mobile notary. The lender and title received fully executed docs and we waited for funds to close. Day after day, same thing, no funds but "it's coming" again to delay me from reporting him for fraud for stealing my 10k deposit. I tried reporting him and the business but it's been difficult. I spoke to many other lenders and all verified they don't exist and this was a scam. I'm embarrassed, but lesson learned. This guy and his company are total losers they should be defaced from LinkedIn, Face Book, Gmail, Yahoo, and their Domain Destroyed and anywhere else they show up ate looking for their next victim(s). Steven Wong, and his crew at 1st Access Capital, are a Total 110% Scam Rip Off Artist shop. His Office is having been physically visited and It's false, not even listed on the directory. His Phone has been traced to a Google voice number (not real), His picture and name on FB and LinkedIn is not real. Stay as far as away as you can see them. Steven Wong, if that's even his real name, is a Full Time Fraud. He will never never never close your Loan nor send Funds after all wire instructions and title work is done. He will send wire Instructions, doc instructions, docs but NO WIRED MONEY WILL SHOW UP! The closing docs, which look like a J.H. S. Student in training, did them. He will reach out to you LinkedIn Offering to help you or your client with Funding with over the top Terms and Conditions because he says He's"Private Lender" and can provide financing with special terms and conditions due to his funding capabilities. He will give you a quick Term Sheet. Then He will ask for an Expense Deposit Fee, in this Case $15K, which was talked down to $11,200. Never did appraisal or any 3rd party reports, once he got the money crickets then a pop-up with phony non-useful deed of trust notice and deed to our Title company unsigned (he forgot?), then wrong buyers/clients name for the entity, (Said his processor made a mistake - Malisa) then it wasn't notarized when he sent to docs for closing (Another delayed mistake) We are reporting this creep to every major law enforcement agency and the web links he sits on to try to bring him down from advertising as a Private Lender He is a Private Financial Predictor!

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