Tires Plus Total Car Carecharges

They told me it would be 345$Total for my car to be fix an they would give me a discount because they messed up a lot of things with my car that morning. When I picked up my bill was 441$ an I had no discount!! I'm pissed an will be canceling my tires plus credit card I want a refund on the unauthorized charge.!!! I told them exactly what was wrong with my vehicle an what I needed fix. I dropped my vehicle off At 9 AM with an appointment when I called at 1 PM to check on my vehicle they said it was on the lift and they were not finding any problems even though my check engine light was on and I told him my thermostat engine cooling thermostat needed to be replaced. I get a call at 3 o'clock and she says everything is fine I said did you fix my check engine light she said hang on let me speak with the technician comes back five minutes later and the technician said it is the thermostat needs to be replaced but he can't do it today I have to come back. I've been proceed to tell the lady I'm only off on Mondays and I told him exactly what was wrong with my vehicle and expected them to fix it that's why I dropped off with an appointment they charged me for an air conditioner thing that had nothing to do with what was on my car and extra diagnostic test it had nothing to do with my car did not give me the discount for screwing everything up even when I told the guy made the appointment I am very upset and I want something done about this I would like a refund on the services that were not rendered to what was wrong with my vehicle

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