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M Nov 29, 2018

Incident from 11/21-11/29- Stopped at Store # 356707 in Shakopee, MN. on 11/21/18 to get 2 new tires put on the rear on my Yukon Denali due to a hole in one of the tires, but we wanted to get both replaced as the front ones were almost brand new, which we purchased from this location previously. Spoke to Ryan. He said he had 6 tires available for our truck (but needed only 2). He said they were booked until the following week, but said if we drop it off on 11/23, they would get to it when they had time that day. We dropped it off at around 7:00 am on 11/23. We got a call later that evening saying their inventory was off and they only had one. He said that they would replace the one with the hole in it with the new tire and we could come back when the other one came in. So we go to pick it up. After we inspected it, we saw that THEY REPLACED THE WRONG TIRE. They left the tire with the hole in it, but flipped it around. Not only that, they broke one of our center caps off! When we went back in the store, we complained about what they did. They denied breaking the cap off! They also told us that they didn't replace the wrong tire! The worst part about that, is we wanted to see the other tire they took off to show them that they did in fact take the wrong one, but they said that it went to recycling already! So now we are stuck there with a hole in the tire, one brand new tire and nothing to switch out the other tire so we could drive it home. We had to leave our truck there & we called for yet, another ride. Called them on 11/24. Still no tire. They said that it wouldn't be in until 11/26. There were no calls throughout the day about an update, so my boyfriend called and asked for a status. He asked if our truck was done. The guy who answered said "Yes, it is ready. As a matter of fact, we are pulling it out of the shop as we speak". So we got a ride to go pick it up. It was about 6:00 p.m and dark. We got to the shop. Went in and the guy behind the counter said it was ready to go. I paid the bill, which seemed low from what we thought it would be. Went out to the truck, I told my boyfriend to double check their work. He turned on his cell phone light to check it out. Guess what??? THEY NEVER PUT A NEW TIRE ON. THE ONE WITH THE HOLE IS STILL ON THERE!!! Went back in to complain. The guy didn't know what was going on. He called the manager on his cell several times. Finally- got ahold of him. He said that the tire wasn't gonna be in until 11/27. SERIOUSLY?? Apparent miscommunication AGAIN. They said that they would do anything to make this right. Well, it is now 11/29 and we just finally got a call at noon, that the tire was in and done. The manager called my boyfriend to tell him this and the total due. The manager said he would take off $50.00 for us for the cap that they broke, as we could not find the style we have anywhere and need to get a new set. He also told us that the tire costs $306.00 itself and he would not charge us for labor and any other fees. So our total will be $229.00 + fees & tax. WELL...I think he forgot that I already paid for one of the tires and all the fees for that one. My bill for the other one was a TOTAL of $302.00 with all of the fees and taxes. The tire on that bill was $263.49 + $2.00 Rubber Valve Stem charge (which we didn't need) + $12.99 Labor Fee, $2.99 Recycle Fee and $19.80 tax. With a reminder, that he said he would discount $50.00. So after all of the fees and tax, I will save around $10.00 for everything I have dealt with?? Just the gas for going there multiple times was a bill in it's own. This was all their fault and they don't want to do more for what they put us through? As for the customer service, it is HORRIBLE. They never once mentioned anything about the bad tire the first time they said it was ready. They had no problem with sending us away with a hole in the tire. They obviously do not care about their customers AT ALL. They obviously didn't inspect their own work. I have NEVER been treated like this as a customer from any company. They continued to screw things up, didn't take responsibility for their actions and to lie about the cost of the tire!?!? To not take care of a customer they caused so much stress on??? If the manager does not take any more off the bill when I go to pick it up, I will be contacting the BBB & making sure these issues are known across all social media. I have photos of the invoice and the tire. I will attach them to this.

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