Tire Kingdom / TBC Corporation / oil change, tire rotation, wheel alignment, and dent on my vehicle

4195 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216, US

I had an appointment at 12pm today 8/13. When i got there, they took all the oil out of my car and then told me they didn't have any more oil. I had to wait over an hour for them to get the oil from one of their vendors. While i was there for three hours, i saw them run over an orange traffic cone with a black Lexus coupe, curb the back side of my wheel with my car into the pavement while reversing it, drop one of my lug nuts, and one of the employees used excessive profanity while he burned himself and spilled oil all over the bottom on my vehicle. I was told they put air in my tires (which they didn't) and had to advise them to please put air in my tires. I also paid for an alignment and they went to give me my car before doing it. I had to remind them of the work that I paid to be done or they were just going to let me leave. I have two front tires that had wear and tear and their advice was not to rotate my tires and just get two new ones for the front. Check the cameras please. I currently have a claim in for a dent that was on my car after i left. My car was detailed on Sunday (August 11th) and there wasn't a dent. I will consider them innocent until proven guilty. I need the security tapes. My car has 9000 miles on it and is garage kept. I need to see that dent on my car prior to them beginning. There should be cameras everywhere. The dent is on the passenger side rear by the back right tire.

Tire Kingdom / TBC Corporation

Aug 13, 2019

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