Timeshare Adventures — lack of customer service/did not fulfill contract

P Nov 17, 2017

This company will hook you in the same way you were hooked in to buying the timeshare, but, in my experience, they did not provide the services they guaranteed. I happened onto their website when I realized that I needed to do something about the two timeshares that I owned. I provided my email address and immediately received multiple emails from Rob D., who promised to get me out of my timeshares and to help me get back the money that I had paid in purchasing my timeshares. Rob was very enthusiastic and promised that they could help. I signed a contract (see quotes below from the contract) and paid this company (which does business as Timeshare Adventures, Helping Timeshare Owners, LLC, Timeshare Owners, LLC, Help4TSO and Nashville Ventures, LLC, dba Helping Timeshare Owners, and in conjunction with Help 4 Timeshare Owners) $5000 with the promise of getting me out of my two timeshares (‘CANCELLATION OF CONTRACT Nashville Ventures, LLC, dba Helping Timeshare Owners will assist you in the cancellation of your contract with your resort. Nashville Ventures, LLC, dba Helping Timeshare Owners will fight to recover any and all monies paid to the developer. If we are not successful, Nashville Ventures, LLC, dba Helping Timeshare Owners will refund 100% of your monies back.") and recovering the money that I paid to the timeshare company ("MONIES RECOVERED FROM DEVELOPER Upon success of monies recovered, Nashville Ventures, LLC, dba Helping Timeshare Owners will receive a 10% commission on monies recovered not to exceed $500.00. This will assure you as an Owner that we will fight to recover what you have given the Developer."). They did get me out of the contracts with the timeshares. This took about 5 months of the 12-month contract. Once out of the timeshares, I made repeated attempts to contact the company by phone and email in order to start the "fight to recover any and all monies paid to the developer." However, they would not respond. I contacted Rob D.'s supervisor, Kevin T. I spoke with him and told him of the lack of service which I was receiving. He asked for proof of this and I provided the emails, proving my case. Kevin said that he would call me back with a resolution after reviewing the information which I submitted. He never called back. When I tried to email him again, my email was bounced back as not accepted by the company. Needless to say, I never received any of the money back which I had paid out for the timeshares and this company did not refund any of the $5000 which I paid to them for services which they only partially rendered. As other people have mentioned, this company, under all of the names that they do business, is NOT accredited by the Better Business Bureau, as they advertise on their website.

I am looking for a refund of the money which I paid due to the lack of customer service and the lack of provision of services agreed upon in the contract.

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