Tim Snell aka &Minnesota Fattz& IS A CRIMINAL & lousy djayHorrible radio host- should be Fired!!!

V Review updated:

Minnesota Fattz & Cher Best ARE A DISGRACE to the radio business, they are NOT The CSRA's most successful morning team, they are liars, and don't respect the civil rights activists that sometimes appear on their show.. 96.3 KISS-FM - 96.3 Kiss FM - WKSP-FM - Augusta IS NOT A GOOD RADIO STATION.. Fattz & Cher; the current radio hosts are degenerates; their rude to guests, talk too much on the Radio/instead of playing more music, their lazy & incompetent behind the scenes.. Fattz treats his co-workers like crap, and always has an attitude problem (which is why he was fired from Foxie 103 FM). He's always stabbing people that he works with; in the back, just to hold on to his lousy career. Plus the selection of music they play on their radio station sucks; not enough- R&B AND OLD SCHOOL, not like how Kiss FM used to be, the radio hosts before them did a better job, they did less talking and played a much better selection of R&B AND OLD SCHOOL.. Fattz & Cher are also crooks; they cheat the fans at music concerts by telling famous musicians to cut their performances short, so they can sucker them in promoting their crappy radio station. At the New Edition Concert in 2007, the group told me how Fattz & Cher was rude to them and forced them to quit the concert early, so Kiss FM could get them to perform for free at one of their Clubs!!! I long since, stopped listening to Kiss FM & I recommend to others to do the same... Consumer complaints and reviews about Fattz & Cher - 96.3 Kiss FM -LOUSY Djays in Augusta, Georgia. Horrible selection of R&B AND OLD SCHOOL. Bullying and Harassment ... I discovered that Tim Snell used to be a gangster & still works on the side; as a drug dealer, and was charged a while back for sexual assault against a girlfriend!!!​fattz-amp-cher-963...


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