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On behalf of all the people that share the same feelings that I have, I want to complain about Tim Hortons new coffee lids. Why did Tim Hortons stop using their original lids? There were no issues with them. Every time I order coffee now, the coffee comes out even before opening it. It's worse if it's opened when the car is moving or when I'm walking. Also, I can't bite the coffee cup anymore. Before, I had to bite the coffee cup so that I can perform whatever I'm doing. Tim Hortons has to go back to it's original lids otherwise I'm sure that it's going to upset a lot of customers like myself.

Tim Hortons

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  • Ro
      Sep 22, 2019

    The new lids are ridiculous. They have a dribble rim that collects coffee and pours out before the let even hits your lips. They're very hard to open, and in my personal opinion that they even change of the flavour of a double-double. Everyone I have spoken with agrees that these new lids are terrible please go back to the old lids.

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