Tim Hortonsdrive thru service

Gj Oct 01, 2019

On 09/30/2019 arrived at the Tim Hortons on 2704 Biddle Ave, Wyandotte, MI 48192 the lobby was closed so went to the drive-thru and had to wait a minute or two for a response. Finally got to order an ice capp supreme & extra large coffee with 4 creams and 2 sugars and asked to please stir it, got no total at the menu and was told to drive up to window. I waited for a response from the guy in the window but got none. Only one other car behind us, so it was not crowded. Still waiting for my order and nothing as I watched the guy walk to the register and reach into his coat which was next to the register and pull out what looked like a vape pen and then disappear then reappear with an extra-large coffee which I thought was mine, but I was wrong he started drinking from it while taking another drive-thru order then started picking at his face several times. I then watched him start all the drive-thru orders without washing his hands and that was it, I told him to cancel my order after all his disgusting actions and waiting for 18mins. for such a simple order was enough!!! This franchise really needs to be looked into for its poor and unsanitary service it is giving the Tim Hortons Brand a very bad name!! If this is how you let your franchisee's tarnish the Tim Hortons Brand that is on you, but it will be the downfall of your brand in the United States!
Garry Chawa
1836 2nd
Wyandotte, Mi 48192

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