Tim Hortonscustomer service

Aa Sep 30, 2019 ON

On Sunday Sept.29, 2019, at approximately 10:35PM, I was sitting in the dining area of the company and address above. I was reading a book when I overheard an employee begin talking to a customer at the front counter. The employee's name is Caleb. He is 21 years old, stands approx. 6'2, weighing approx. 160lbs, and has black hair in an afro. He began to tell the customer, who I assume he's known for awhile, that he is still a virgin. I was appalled at this. This was not the place, or the time, for this conversation. The customer, a female that works at the University of Windsor, continued to engage in this conversation. Caleb went on to tell her that other people are urging him to "lose it" but he said he didn't want to yet, then said he does want to. Regardless, this was NOT professional, nor acceptable, in any manner ! I request this employee be terminated immediately. Thank you.

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