Tim Hortonsassaulted and kicked out by an employee

Ho Oct 04, 2019 NB

I went to tim hortons on main and alma in moncton the morning of october 3 - 2019 as I have most days for the past few years. I was approached by a bigger lady while outside finishing my smoke on the sidewalk. She took pictures of me then she told me I wasnt allowed in. Never told me why so I went in just the same. As I was in line, she kept nudging me.. Its all on video!! I repeatedly told her to stop as I felt threatened and violated by her but she wouldnt back off. She had a good 150 - 200 pounds on me. Im only tiny. Rcmp arrived and told me that she didnt need to give me a reason. Absolutely she does and it needs to be in writting too!! I wasnt causing a scene, I wasnt doing anything but finshing my smoke before I went in to get my coffee, not saying a word to anybody.
So without being given a reason, as ive already explained to my lawyer, I have to say its because im a woman with a shaved head and tattoos.

In canada, it is illegal to discriminate against a persons appearance. It goes against more than just human rights.
I am prepared to commence legal action towards the company for discrimination and assault by an employee if this matter isnt dealt with quickly.

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