Tim Hortonstime and quality

K Oct 02, 2019

This is just a general complaint, not focused on any specific employee. My family lives a time horton's "life style" we spend as my financial advisor says, too much, on tim hortons a month. Over the past year we have noticed a huge difference in the service provided at our regular location. I have sat at the drive thru window at 8pm, with not a single car in the drive thru, or anyone inside, for 12 minutes. After that specific occassion my coffee still was not made correctly. I am not sure how the machines work, but the consistancy of my coffee is never the same. I have not had a "good" coffee in a few months now and have switched to mcdonalds coffee. I feel as though adding all these foods on the menu is now prioritizing over just your basic cup of coffee. It's no longer a great coffee shop, to get your favorite coffee. The drive thru times are absurd during the summer months as we live in a tourist area, and that is fully understandable. With that being said, when it is a slower day and I still wait anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes it is a little frustrating. We love your timmy's and will now occasionally go there but unfortunately the consistancy, and drive thru time, has turned us away.

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