Tim Hortonsprice inaccuracies

B Nov 04, 2019

I just purchased a Grilled cheese sandwich meal priced at $6.99. I got a coffee size large, blueberry muffin as a side and my sandwich. I arrived at the window to be told my total was $10.30. I asked why there was a discrepancy between the posted price and the price I recieved and was told " I don't know, I don't make the prices"

First of all, who does the training for an employee to talk to a paying customer like that, and yes i paid the $10.30. Second of why not just ask the manager instead of giving attitude.

Very disappointed in the performance and treatment of a customer. Especially since now as I open my sandwich and the grilled cheese with bacon doesn't have bacon.

Really? In a drive thru that has three vehicles including mine, why is it so hard to get good service at the posted price?

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