Tim Hortonsno toilet tissue in ladies bathroom

T Jan 15, 2020

Today at approximately 220pm I went into Tim Hortons at 2501 58th Avenue Vernon BC and used the Ladies restroom. To my dismay there was absolutely no toilet tissue or hand towels available to use which of course I did not notice as with an upset stomach, my main concern was making it in time to the restroom. In an emergency situation one does not look for toilet paper.
I have type 2 Diabetes and take Met Formin which causes upset stomach and the need to use the restroom frequently.
To have a bowel movement and to not have any toilet tissue is the most horrible scenario to be in. I had to use the garbage dispenser and search for semi clean serviettes. I felt completely helpless.
It is un sanitary and caused me great distress and embarrassment. These restrooms should be checked every hour and restocked.
I was appalled when I called in to complain to have my complaint just brushed off by the General manager, stating she would replace the toilet tissue.
This incident caused me to have to change my appointments as I felt the immediate need to return home and bathe.
Tim Hortons is a well respected institution here in Canada. I feel that several locations within the North Okanagan are in desperate need to be monitored. Customer Service is lacking, and general human needs such as a clean restroom that has toilet tissue are being overlooked. This was a complete violation of my basic human needs.
I wonder what the local media, newspaper, radio and televison would say for this lack of responsibility and putting ones personal hygiene and health at risk?
As I have had to use used paper products from the garbage can, I am going to have to go to my doctor to confirm that I have not contracted any communicable diseases. The thought of this has me ill, I am nervous . What if I have been in contact with something?
This is completely unacceptable to have to go thru this. There is no need.

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