Tim Hortonsmanagers behaviour

K Oct 10, 2019

The manager at tim hortons at 845 am called my girlfriend a snot when she was simply having a conversation with an employee about the contents of her iced coffee. She felt embarrassed due to the fact that there was a line up and ended up crying about the way she was undeservingly spoken to and embarrassed by the manager. How can she manage a franchise or people and when she cannot even manage to control her own attitude towards customers. As this was her first stop of the day as many people do in the morning it makes the start to a day a rather [censored] one. She did not deserve the treatment she received at tim hortons for simply responding to an employees question. The manager got involved on her own without any indication that there was a problem or need to be involved. This a is poor representation of both the Tim's Hortons brand and herself. Regardless of the issue in her personal life or work life she should be able to treat customers with dignity and respect. The snarky comments made by her we not warranted. When confronted about the comments she made she simply just smiled and walked away as if nothing had happened. This manager (Maggy I believe is her name) should spoken to and reminded of the fact that without customers like my girlfriend and I and countless others she wouldn't have a job.

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