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Tier 1 Real Estate Bristol, CT review: fake 5 star google reviews to boost their business

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Here is one of many fake Google reviews Tier 1 Real Estate in Bristol has.. This one comes from Ruan Marinho. Ruan Marinho is owner of an SEO company called Develomark based in Southington CT.

Ruan Marinho has been busted with fake Facebook likes, he has also reviewed other businesses that are his clients in an attempt to artifically boost their ratings online. This is one of his tactics that he uses in order to fool consumers.

Anytime he is found out he quickly tries to deny it all. He will likely try and delete his review, but you can see his review below either way.

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Dec 08, 2018 3:02 pm EST

Here is another fake review that was found that Ruan Marinho and his company Develomark made using their network of people who will review and lie for them.

This review was made by Lu Manprin, who is related to Ruan Manprin Marinho. These people willlie or do whatever it takes to get your money. Why would you trust someone like that?

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Nov 21, 2018 12:15 am EST
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Here is another fake 5 star google review that is tied to Ruan Marinho and Develomark SEO of Southington.

Thomas Karas works at Develomark and also reviewed Develomark with 5 stars. This is what these SEO scammers at Develomark do. They tap into their network of unethical friends and family so they can pump up their clients with FAKE reviews to mislead consumers, Tier 1 Real Estate in Bristol Connecticut happens to be one of their clients.

I guess they assume that consumers are too stupid to notice so they just keep on making fake reviews in an attempt to make themselves and their clients look good.

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