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I went to Things Remembered to purchase a baptism present for my neice. I have two complaints from this first (and last) experience at Things Remembered. The employees were rude not only to each other, but to customers as well. This made for an unpleasant visit.
When I picked up my item, I noticed that they mispelled the name on my engraving and when asked to correct it, they appeared bothered to have to correct it.
When I returned to pick it up the second time (an hour later), they told me they had engraved another one of the same waterglobe with my neice's name on it for someone else. I was furious that they would not have told that person that someone else had already purchased the same item for the same person. Although I don't expect the employees to remember every order they take, I do think they should double check that they don't engrave the same exact item with the same person's name and same phrase on it. I feel that the employees should have told the other person buying the same item that it had already been purchased by someone else. It feels like a scam to make the store more money. To make this experience worse, I could not exchange the item for my money back, only for another item in the store. After the disappointment, the last thing I wanted to do was pick out another item, when I had picked it out FIRST in the FIRST place. Now my neice will have two of the same item, and most likely mine will be returned and money will be wasted. In these hard economic times, this makes me even more furious.


  • Ja
    jahale May 02, 2009

    how are the employees to know that your little neice is the same as someone elses?

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  • Ih
    ihatetr Aug 02, 2009

    I hear you, I worked for this company and it is a giant scam. They have special ways and dialog that you HAVE to say to customers to get them to spend more money. They have fonts that cost more, but they take the EXACT amount of time to engrave, they always try to get that one more word on there from you, designs are extra, EVERYTHING is extra there. And if you have a reciept, you CAN return somehting!! Even if it is engraved. Don't let them fool you, if they give you a hard time, call the Home Office right away! Plus, if it was a water globe, they should be able to return it because it just has a plate on it, and they can replace the real loss except the plate. As for the staff being nasty to their employees, that is true! They don't care about their employees, just how much money they can suck out of the customers! I will never shop there ever in my life again, because it's just one big rip off!

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  • Ma
    markwang87 Dec 05, 2010


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  • Ph
    Phyllis Cormier Dec 22, 2010

    I took two lovely charm bracelets to my local Things Remembered in Moreno Valley, CA. The were purchased from Macy's and were not by any stretch junk jewelery. I wanted 3 initials engraved on each and after the teenage clerk looked down their nose at my items even though they were marked clearly from Macy's and the purchase price, I was told there would be a "start-up" fee of $19 plus the engraving. I was so appalled at the attitude of these young clerks working there. I will never ever shop Things Remembered again and hope to discourage as many people as possible from shopping there as well. They only want you to buy from them, and then engrave what you bought. Rip off!!!

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  • Pe
    PeterMikk Dec 24, 2010

    I spent just under $200 at Things Remembered in the Niles, IL Golf Mill mall store. They packaged the globe really nice, but when I Mother (70 years old) opened the gift, there were no batteries in the clock, the globe would make a screatching sound as the knob for the clock scraped the container it was in and there was a piece of tape down the middle of the globe.

    Two hours later, still waiting for someone from the store to get back to me.

    I hope this contact information helps someone.
    CEO for Things Remembered Inc: Michael Anthony
    5500 Avion Park Drive, Cleveland, OH [protected]
    [protected] - choose option 1, enter 5408 and then #
    Assistant to the CEO: x5408 Sue Watkins

    Also, you can also use the name dial by choosing option 1 after dialing [protected] to reach Michael Anthony directly.

    Oh, and the CEO and Ms. Watkins don't work Holidays like Christmas Eve of 2010.

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  • Tr
    Truth_Justice Jan 02, 2011

    To Phyllis Cormier - $ 19 is not a rip off for something that will last a lifetime. If you said $ 190, then I would agree.

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  • Tr
    Truth_Justice Jan 02, 2011

    Peter - If I remember correctly, they tell you to take a look at your gift at pick up. Therefore, you should always check it to make sure it works.

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  • Sh
    Shurie Apr 30, 2011

    "What are you doing?!!" was how I was greeted by a store employee when I picked up a snow globe, I was shopping for a Mothers Day gift.
    I should have left the store right then and there but didn't, so after I inquired about a free engraving with purchase offer that was going on in another Things Remembered not to far away, they denied it and called the store to ask about it, in front of me of course and then accused me of lying about it. I didn't buy anything from them at that point, even though I thought I had found the perfect Mothers Day gift and was ready to buy.
    Their attitude towards me from the Beginning was very upsetting, belittling, and borderline racist.
    @Things Remembered Fashion Square Mall Orlando Florida. Two white, one blonde one brunette 40+older women.


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  • An
    angeleadabney Jun 01, 2011

    I purchased some items on May 21, 2011 from things remembered these items that I purchased had to be engraved at which it cost me in all with the purchased of the items a grand total of $303.92. Well I was told I could come pick them up on Tue May 24, 2011 when I went to pick the items up the sales person told me that she had to engrave the item again because the one that do the engraving had put the wrong date on it so I was asked could I came picked them up later so I agreed. Upon going back the next day to pick the items up I founded that only half my order was done because someone did not read the paper work correctly so I was asked again to come back a pick my items up so I agreed again. I came back for a third time as I looked over my item I noticed one of the item's engraving was so small that the sales person could not see it nor really read what it said. So again I had to wait for the person that did the engraving to come in the next day to do it again and to make matter worst they had to send out to another store to get the item again because they had no more in the store. Again I agreed to wait for the order. Well the manger called me the next day to apologize for all the inconvenience and told me because of all of the inconvenience she was going to give me a refund for the engraving cost and she also told me I could pick my items up after 12pm on Friday May 27. Well I went today Tue May 31, 2011 to pick up my item's but when I got there to pick up my order I founded that my order was still wrong and when I told the sales person what the manger and I discussed on phone about the refund of the engraving cost he told me that I would have to come back when the manger was there. So yet again I would have to go back there to get a refund. After all of this back and forth I do think I will ever buy anything from that store again. Nor will I recommend any family, friends or co-worker to there ever.

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  • Ja
    jayja May 14, 2012

    Its too expensive!!! and especially they want to charge you more money to have it engrave wow what a rip off... i wont shop there because they are just taking advantage of us customers especially teenagers who want to buy gifts for their family...If you purchase a item from them at least have a few words engrave for free especially for holidays if not it can be return within the 60 days and they will lose money!!! Very disappointed!!! or if not lower the cost of ENGAVING!!! Dont spend you hard earn money at things to remember because believe me you will remember those things!!!

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  • Ca
    CathyCathy Aug 17, 2012

    I had a wrose experience ever with I received a damaged item on May 2012. One of the representatives told me to not worry about it and they will issue a full refund. However, i was waiting and waiting till a month later, still didn't see the refund. I called again on July, 19th. Another representative told me that there was no documentation saying that i called and reported the item, so, she told me to wait between 5-7 business days, and i should see the refund back to my account. As of today, i checked and i still didn't get the money back. So, i called again. The representative Senzon told me that i did not call and refund was never issued. Even the supervisor, Kellie Maurer can do nothing about it. I will never ever purchase item again from

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  • Ra
    rayan rahi Oct 21, 2012

    Its too expensive!!! and especially for the first 5 words they charge $27...after that they charge +3 ...including date and month...too costly ...we earned very hard and we wanna some things to remembered . they are not give the correct color to the font...i am totally disappointed

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  • Ki
    KitShicker Mar 06, 2013

    Same issue as CathyCathy with calling customer service. I had another CSR tell me over the phone that when an item I'd placed online was picked up, to just call back, ask for her (Kelly) and give my order number and name and I would receive the refund. When I called, I was told no one by that name worked there, that they had just "let go" their "seasonal people" and they would not honor any agreement made since there was no note on my order. After a long silence with no word from the CSR I was speaking with, I just said thanks, and that I'd try again later before hanging up. This isn't the first time I've had serious issues with the online system and the telephone customer service representatives. In store, it's been slightly better, but only slightly. At least there they can't just stop talking to you and have to deal with you. How hard is it, really, to honor customer / sales courtesies found anyplace else? If an error is made by the customer, then it is the customer's fault. If it is made by the business, the business ought to own up to it!

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  • Ja
    janice agro Oct 04, 2013

    The biggest rip off! They charge 5 dollars for the better font so it stands out. Why offer a font that doesnt stand out. Also the pictures dont look the way the book presents it. A 25 dollar item will coast 41 extra dollars to engrave it. We, the people should get a class action suit against them. They are horrible. Also jewelry boxes and the like turn black in a few years so dont bother. The stuff looks pretty at first but do your self a favor and stay away.. I made a stink the next day and
    got 38. dollars back! . Lets all make a stink!!.

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  • Wr
    wrongcase! Jan 07, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I used to get nice gifts from Things Remembered for years but I will never do business with them again. Got a gift for my mother in law for Christmas, a nice little bedazzled iphone 4 case and we got it engraved with her name and it even had the word Iphone on it. When she opened it on Christmas morning we were extremely annoyed to find out it was a Samsung phone case labeled as an iphone case. I didn't keep my receipt because I had never had an issue with the store before but they are refusing to replace the item or re-engrave a new one and are claiming that it is our fault, even though we CLEARLY brought them an iphone case, we were careful to make sure it was for the right model that she had and not one of the newer ones. I will escalate this as far as it needs to go to ensure that my money did not go to waste.

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  • An
    Angela GF Jan 14, 2014

    I am very upset . I order a set of glasses that were suppose to be engrave . I have had the worse service since I first order this gift ( Christmas gift !!) I order this gift on 12/29/2013 it is now 1/14/14 and still my friend has not received this gift . It has been a horrible waste of my time ! I feel like I paid this company to be treated like crap and humiliated . First contact w/ this store when I first order was with Michelle at the metro center store in Phx, AZ . She was very rude to begin w/ . I place my order brushed it off . So December 31, 2014 still my friend does not receive his gift . I call down to the metro center location talked to Mechelle again who states she has no information for me that she needs to research n may call me back in 2 days or so or for me to call back . I than call back on January 2, 2014 Mechelle states " your order was lost and we had people working here from another store and they are the one who took your order, they made a lot of mistake . Michelle goes on to complain that she now has to put this on a rush order and eat the costs of $25 for shipping . I tell me Michelle this is a gift I could not tell u you font I chose over the phone ( she did not have the font I selected ) . She than said I can go down to the store and choose the font style . ( rude she was ) I go down to the store and she does not say anything . I tell her I am Angela I spoke to you over the phone . She says YEA ( rude ) I have to start the conversation and she acts like she does not even want to talk . I finally start to get upset . Her tone her Demeter was horrible . I told her I am the customer her not once did you apologized to me all you been is rude . She than finally apologized ( it was not sincere ) . Went on again to complain . I left disgusted ! I can't believe someone would treat you like this make the mistake blain others ( she was the one who took my order on 12/29/13) and than act like the mistake was my fault . Before I left the store on 1/2/14 (Thursday ) I asked " if this is a rush order when will my friend receive his gift ? She said I will call you w/ that information . I than call Mechelle a couple of days later she said the rush order should be there buy Monday . I call my friend Tuesday night no Christmas gift yet . I than call Mechelle at store sarah answers . Per sarah Mechelle is gone and she has no info. For me . sarah states she will research and call me back . No call back from Sarah . I than call back a day later Thursday I believe . A male employee answers and stated Mechelle is gone out sick she left no info. On this . I asked well can she check and call me back . I stress this was an issues and to please call me back because I still yet to hear from someone regards to this order . No call back from anyone . I finally call A customer service number I find online . I spoke to someone who found the order than said she would call me back after she called UPS ( Friday 1/10/14 ) she does call me right back and said UPS attempted to deliver but can not find the address . I told this CSR that it makes no sense that is the correct address and I had a package sent to that same address in December . She googles it herself and says the same. I asked if the can redeliver because it is an existing address. She said she will request the redelivery and call me back . She call am back on Saturday stated no answer fromUOS but packed is still there . If I can have my friend pick it up . I give her another address to the office across the street to see if they can deliver to the office since they can not seem to find his address . She does say she will request . I asked if my friend could pick up the package from UPS what does he need just his ID w/ name and his delivery address . She said yes . Customer service rep was very nice she took the time to at least call me back and try to help me . Unfortunately this was not enough . I have my friend take the time to pick up his own late Christmas gift Las Vegas is a ways from his work and he works many hours 19-12 hours a day . My friend goes to UOS to pick up the package and the guy at UPS tells him without your tracking number I can not help you your ID and address don't matter . We have nothing for you here if you have no tracking number . This was on Monday 13, 2014 . I am already fed up with this company. I have been given the run around and waste a lot of time calling your company for a @Christmas [email protected] I order ! I paid for ! As a gift .. I also had the receive go pick up his own gift almost a month later for nothing just to come back empty handed and waste his time . Never was I give the tracking number or told he needs that to pick up the package . All this trouble for what should have been a nice gift to someone I care about . I am so tired and I want to cry . Not that your company cares obviously.
    What I need is a call back to see how my money will be returned to me will no more problems . Hopefully I get a call back and don't have to be the ones always reaching out to you!!

    I am waiting on a response for my money back after all this trouble on what should have been a nice Christmas gift . I hope I don't have to waste another month pulling teeth for a refund since the package still has not arrived .

    Guess I was give a horrible experience to remember
    ( hope this info. Helps you find the order and receipts )
    Auto correct sucks !!!
    Sent from my iPhone

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