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When I got on this forum to talk about politics and other things, they seemed ok. The admins didn't seem too interested in doing much of any "policing" the site, as MANY commenters were flagrantly extreme, nasty, and even violent on posts and responses they make.

But as I became more friendly with a few other commenters, I found out that the admins are quite extremely prejudiced and biased towards certain members, and overly nepotistic to others, to the point of completely ignoring the stuff they post!

So far, i've been a victim of the admins' willful and purposeful nepotism towards these other members, as I have been chastised and now banned for posting things supposedly "against the rules", all the while these other members can post anything they want, no matter how foul, racist, disgusting, or how much of a personal attack it is on another member... They still get to post freely and often, while others such as myself are treated like the proverbial red-headed [censored] step-child! And the rest of us have to get "muzzled" if we want to continue to be on this site... A site where they claim everybody has a say, but nobody actually does!

Just like the democrats, they say one thing, and do the exact opposite! An extremely unfair, unjust, and unamerican site!

You have been warned!

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