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CB Bars and Cafes Review of The Woods Coffee
The Woods Coffee

The Woods Coffee review: Compensation for the work I did

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I was fired today on November 30, 2022. The reason for firing me was that they could not find a positive solution to the concerns I brought to them and felt firing me was the best option.

This company opened a new store in Everett and majority of the crew was new hires except for me and the two managers. After you are hired and go through your entry level process you are able to attain the position of "open/close". This position consists of being bar trained and knowing how to do every position in the store. You are also allowed to open or close the store and handle the money without a supervisor. There is no pay raise for this position. I was approached by management from another location. The training was dropped by everyone in my store, and I decided to not take the position.

Fast forward to end of October when I transferred to this location in Everett. On the schedule that they put out, under my name they put "open/close trained". Which I wasn't at all. The district manager approached me and simply told me that they would be using me since everyone they hired for the store wasn't even bar trained. I said I had no problem helping but just wanted to be communicated to properly. I received a verbal agreement. That was the last time I had clear communication with them.

I was scheduled to run shifts everyday up until last night which was November 29th. I did more than my pay which I received fifteen dollars an hour. I trained people and also didn't get paid for it. I brought concerns from other employees to them. Management took my information and called it "gossiping". The store manager sat in the back the entire time of all her shifts. When I brought to the store manager that I wanted to get paid for all the work I was doing, they told me I needed to pass a test to get the pay. I asked for 1.50 or 2.00 and only received a dollar raise. the district manager came into a shift and belittled me for the way that I did my breaks, knowing that I had not received any clear guidance on how to run a shift. No one trained me on how to run shifts, nor how to properly count the money, nor how to properly give breaks out to employees. I was shown a booklet that I was told to study. I was given a "supervisor test" that consisted of my district manager and manager indirectly asking me if I was comfortable telling people that came in with an attitude to change it or send them home. I was asked three questions that were related to a supervisor.

Because of the lack of communication and non-training right I reached out to HR. I expressed all of my concerns and then was called by the owner and told that they couldn't find a positive solution so ended my employment. This company is highly known for not training they're employees correctly and pushing them into positions that they aren't ready for at all. They're system works perfectly for them in a way that they can pay their employees less while the load is extremely heavy. When you bring up concerns to them their only solution is to terminate one's employment. They already had the schedule out for two weeks that had me running every single shift I was scheduled. There was absolutely no preparation prior to the first day I met management. I am completely disgusted for having had worked so hard for a company got rid of me for simply wanting to be a team player. There is much more to this story, and I would highly not recommend anyone to work for this company.

Desired outcome: Compensation for the work I did and not receiving the proper pay or even acknowledgement. For the public to be aware that this company is not a recommended place to be employed at.

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