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CB Animals and Pets Review of The Silver Lining Stables, LLC/Amy Middleton
The Silver Lining Stables, LLC/Amy Middleton

The Silver Lining Stables, LLC/Amy Middleton review: To Amy Middleton- STOP the harassment 2

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5:37 pm EDT
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To Amy Middleton directly: Stop with the harrasment of everyone. I have saved pictures of you (Amy Middleton) with Bryan at the barn at the Silver lining Stables. If this crap doesn't stop now I will post them on this website and every other one I can find. The pictures show you as definately being you and Bryan as definately being NOT Kenny Chapman. The act you are engaged in is an act that Kenny Chapman might not approve of you doing with another man. If I hear of you harassing anyone again, sending harassing texts and e-mails, filing lawsuits, threatening to file lawsuits, or anything else, these pictures will be everywhere so that everyone can see what kind of person you REALLY are.

The people you are harassing helped you build your barn and start your business. They worked hard and were not paid for there work. They worked hard because they loved the horses and because they thought you were there friends. Some of them are my friends. I do not know Diane and never met her. I do know that not only did the people who rode at the Silver Lining Stables say good things about her and the care she gave the animals, but your farrier and your vet have talked about how Diane kept the horses and how bad the care was after she left. They have talked about how nasty the stalls were after she left. I hope they really are better now and I hope they stay that way, but I know if Amy Middleton has to clean stalls it will not get done. I hope you are actually paying the person who does it now so that she will stay.

Good luck to all of you.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jackson, US
Oct 16, 2009 2:08 pm EDT

I Survived The Silver Lining Stables Support Group
To all of the numerous people with whom I have discussed our mutual horrible problems with Amy Middleton and the Silver Lining Stables, LLC in Pearl, Mississippi, I suggest a support group. By my calculations there are at least twenty of us so far (and counting). I know some of you have previously written positive things about Amy and the Silver Lining, and so did I, and I know we all thought it would be great out there. Likewise, from talking to everyone, I know that it is universal for the experience at the Silver Lining to be a traumatic experience. We all need to get together and put the fun back in the horses and leave the trauma of the Silver Lining behind us. Not everyone in the horse business is a drunken nutcase, but Amy Middleton surely is! But then, she is not really a horse person and has only owned a horse at all for less than a year. Anyone who has seen Amy ride knows that! You all know how to get in touch with me. Let's plan something pleasant.


Brandon, US
Sep 09, 2009 12:30 pm EDT
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You all need to start using your real names instead of hiding behind a screen name.. Lets be adults about this...

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