The Signature GrandBad customer treatment, total disappointment


My wife and I were married at the Signature Grand in Davie Florida about a year ago. When we were planning our wedding the Signature Grand bent over backwards to help us make our special day special. Well once our day came and they had our money they weren't so friendly to help us out. First they set up 96 chairs for 170 guests. The person we had in charge of us Carlos had no clue about our wedding or anything that we had picked out for it. We ordered seat covers and of course we did not have them on our chairs during our ceremony. We had to wait 45 minutes for another wedding to finish before us, and then we were rushed to out during pictures for the next wedding to come in. They work like an assembly line get them in and out as fast as you can. Next our guests went into the cocktail hour which was only 15 minutes, because they rushed them out to get into the reception. We paid $5000.00 for our pictures and we only got to take half because we had to leave the chapel and get into the reception. Next they forgot our cake topper and argued that we did not bring one even though they signed off on it. We were very upset with the way Max our representative treated us. Once they got their money they could care less on what we had to say. I wrote them a six page letter about this and never heard back from them. If you are looking to get married look somewhere else other than the Signature Grand it will disappoint you in the end. We spent $25000.00 and for that kind of money we felt we should have been treated a little better than we did. I would rather get married at the Holiday Inn and be treated with respect than what we went through.


  • Ge
    gerardo rivas May 11, 2008

    my experience here in signature grand of Davie in Broward as a customer was seeing the general manager michael berry comes as very bad to worse to customers and employees is not a professional person please do something labour law 5 /12/2008

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Dalley Nov 10, 2008

    I do agree with the other two reviews i will be getting married on 11/15/08 and the service i have received from signature grand has been horrible if i could have backed out with out loosing money i would have and its very true once they get your money they dont care my representive is Linda Blanco she takes forever to return calls she says she will do something and its gets done days later very unprofessional and a rip off they charge for everything i would never recommend anyone getting married here if i could do it all over again i would...i wish i would have read some reviews prior to spending so much..everthing changes once they take your money...I just hope that in the next few days that my day will be perfect !!!

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  • Pa
    PAM Nov 11, 2008

    I was planning on going with this vendor but after reading these reviews I think I'm going to pask. THANKS

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Dalley Nov 21, 2008

    I recently had my wedding at Signature Grand..they were late on starting my ceremony because they overbook the rooms on top of what we paid for we didnt even get 1 hr of cocktail hr because of them running late they rushed everything...then they lost my favors didnt even have the courtesy to call me and let me know they found them after the event..poor customer service then i spoke to Micheal Barry the GM who was very rude he was rude to some of my guest who then returned and apologized for being rude then when I spoke with him he lied and said i was not rude..I would never recommend anyone doing and type of even there...there all nice to you but once they take your money they call you back whenever and there very rude NEVER AGAIN if it wasnt my guest and my florist doing a wonderful job instead of this day being the happiest it would have been the worst..

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  • Di
    diane Feb 04, 2009

    I disagree with the complaints listed. I had my wedding at the Signature Grand and everything was perfect. The staff was friendly to my family and guests and went above and beyond. My event producer Linda Blanco was the greatest. She was very professional, courteous and went above and beyond in everyway. My florist was late arriving to set up the reception ballroom and she even helped set up the centerpieces! I did not feel rushed in anyway. The food was also outstanding. I am still getting compliments about my wedding from family and friends. The Signature Grand and Linda Blanco made my wedding dreams come true.

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  • Sh
    Sharon Feb 12, 2009

    All you people have done above is complain about the "rudeness" of the staff at the Signature Grand. As a guest there for 3 wedding receptions and in the middle of planning my second daughters' wedding with them, I have never experienced the kind of discourteous treatment described. What I have experienced is delicious food, prompt and courteous service, a beautiful venue, and reasonable prices. Also, I know from planning my eldest daughters wedding five years prior, there were a lot of details that I overlooked that would have been real easy to blame on our wedding manager. Perhaps the Holiday Inn would be a better fit for the people above, but then they would have claimed to be better off at a Motel 6.

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  • Fb
    F.B Feb 15, 2009

    Some people might have had a great experience at the Signature Grand otherwise they would not be able to stay in business, but many others have NOT had a good experience there. I just got married there in January 2009 and it was not exactly a good experience. First off, i will say that the food was excellent, the room was beautiful, and the presentation of dinner was outstanding. That said, everything else was a disaster. Max, our coordinator, made promises that he did not keep and tried to nickel and dime us on everything. It should be noted that my husband and i are both attorneys and could have had our wedding at many other venues but we chose this one becuase it was featured on the and they seemed nice until they got our money. we had 175 guests, DJ, live band etc and hired the best florist in town (Dalsimer), the best Dj (Vision dj's) and almost all of our vendors were from the so, Max promised that we'd have the bridal suite at 11am but in the contract he put 5pm and we had to go over his head to have it changed. Max promised that there would be someone there with me every step of the way to watch our gifts, direct our guests, and keep crashers out. max did have someone there to direct our guest but that's it. Our gifts were stolen from the venue, people from other weddings crashed our wedding, and we were rushed every step of the way. we didnt have time to take pictures, and we were supposed to have a cocktail hour and instead we had 15-20 minutes of cocktail service. Then, we paid for an extra hour of premium liquor service at the bar but were not given premium liquor which wasnt bad but it wasnt what they promised. overall, I would not recommed this as a place for a wedding; maybe a dinner or social event but not a wedding. A wedding is supposed to be the most wonderful event of a person's life but they made it into a nightmare. By the way, we did tell them about the theft and our other concerns and after a week or so of calling the GM finally called me back and told me to write a letter. i've written the letter and NOTHING has come of it. Go somewhere else!!!

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  • Me
    Melissa Feb 28, 2009

    I DISAGREE WITH THE NEGETIVE COMMENTS! I have not only been to many events at the Signature Grand, I have put on a few events there. I personally was extremely pleased with EVERYTHING. The Staff was Awesome, the food was awesome and the planning was AWESOME. They bent over backwards for me, my family and my guests. Anything we needed was answed with, "yes, mam." I have been to 3 weddings, 2 parties and a babyshower at the Signature Grand. Each and everyone of them have been AMAZING! Truly fantastic. I am not sure what these people are complaining about. I will continue to use the Signature Grand for events and will continue to hold them in a category that doesn't compare to many other venues.

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  • Ck
    ckc Mar 02, 2009

    I am always to excited to be invited to an event at the Signature Grand. I have been to countless weddings, showers, and business events there and they are always unique. The networking events are actually beneficial and even though you are meeting people and making business contacts, you feel as though you are at a party hanging out with friends and eating great food. Every staff meember always has a ssmile on their face. My sister had her wedding there and every custom request she had was granted and she was 110% satisfied. She was so happy with her Event Coordinator that she recommended him to several more people who ended up having great experiences as well! I just felt is was my duty to write about my positive experiences...Thank-you, CK

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  • Mr
    MrsG Mar 02, 2009

    I completely disagree with the negative comments about the Signature Grand. My Husbnd and I were married there and had a fantastic expierience. WE were treated very well by the staff and they made our special day AMAZING. WE truly feel that it was the happiest day of our lives, and thank you in part to the Signature Grand for making our dream become a reality. Our food was fantstic, the bartenders and wait staff were excellent. It was a wonderful expeirience and we cant wait to celebrate there again someday for a big Anniversary party. THank you Signature Grand!!! TG

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  • Da
    danielle Mar 02, 2009

    i am totally confused.. i am currently planning my wedding at the signature grand next year, and have an appointment this weekend for the prices etc etc.. i love the pictures i have seen... and the location is perfect for my guests whom live tri-county.. i really hope that those complaints are not true.. i am really looking foward to getting married there...

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  • So
    Soon to be Mrs. Mar 25, 2009

    I'm getting married at the Signature Grand in August. So far, it has both been up and down. The comments about once they receive your money, it all goes downhill seems to be true. They were very attentive to my every request in the beginning (we booked last year), now that they've received 2/3rds of my payment, the answers to my questions take longer and longer. They do however try to work with you budget, but it is true that they charge you for every single thing, but ofcourse nothing in this world is free to begin with. I don't know how it will be the day off, but I do hope everything runs smoothly.

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  • Ha
    happy MOB May 04, 2009

    Those of you still on the fence about Signature Grand should instead check out Signature Gardens in Miami. The venue is on a smaller scale than the "Grand" but ends up being advantageous because they don't have a dozen events going on at one time. Our event producer was Aston Ziadie who could not have been more attentive and helpful every step of the way. And this was our second event there.
    Its a beautiful place and has more of an intimate feel than Signature Grand. I highly recommend it.

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  • Sa
    sargine Dec 26, 2009

    I am totally confused.. i am currently planning my wedding at the signature grand next year, and have an appointment this weekend for the prices etc etc.. i love the pictures i have seen... and the location is close from churh for my guests whom live in hallandale.. i really hope that those complaints are not true.. i am really looking foward to getting married there...

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  • Ak
    aka740 Jan 06, 2010

    I would not do business with Signature Grand again. I was not happy with the outcome of our party and speaking your mind to the management is like talking to the wall. Michael Berry should not even be in this business and has no clue how to treat customers. They run a chop shop business and is only worried about getting all the money upfront before your party. The customer has no leverage when you don't get what you pay for. I will not bring our yearly party back until they clean house starting at the top.

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  • Mi
    michele santos Jan 06, 2010

    we held an event at the signature grand a couple of months ago and it was fantastic.the staff was amazing. Angie was in charge of our event and she was up to par with everything. She made sure our guests were satisfied.I am recommending all my friends to go there and ask for her to be hosting their parties

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  • Af
    Affordable Gala Mar 20, 2010

    We did my nice quinceanera's party in April 2009, and I was the party coordinator for this event. The changed our customer service rep. 3 times! at the end we end up with the General Manager and he was so embarrassed by the quality of service we were getting that we used that to our advantage and all I have to say is that, the party was BEAUTIFUL!!! the service was OUTSTANDING!!! My recommendation is to hire a party of wedding coordinator.
    Let them deal with the venue and that will take care of the stress!!!
    We are having our daughter's 15th. birthday party there, and even do I am a party planner I already contracted someone to take care of my daughter's party, I will like to be able to enjoy the party and look at my daughter and her friends having fun!
    Give the Signature Grand a break! I have hosted parties at the Biltmore, Colonade, Intercontinental Hotel, etc and every were you go, people are going to be rude, are going to complain, we are in South Florida it is part of our culture!!!

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  • Th
    The Smith's May 30, 2010

    Wow!! I really dont know about the Signature Grand. The venue is beautiful! We are going to sign our contract next week to have our wedding there on March 5th 2011. I hope we are not left disappointed on our special day.

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  • Mf
    mfrancis09 Jul 18, 2010

    Well one of my friends had her wedding there and the only two things that I saw that wasn't correct was:
    1). After the bride and groom was married in the room where they walk down the aisle and all of that... They were rushed out of that room.
    2). My friends sister was vexed that the food was tasted, looked, nor was presented anything like it was when they sampled it before everything was completely put together to hold the wedding there.

    All I have to say on this matter is, if the vendor doesn't make sure it goes 100% as promised then it's not even worth dealing with this place. Meaning that, if one is okay with less than 100% perfection then that's on the people who are holding the event here...

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  • Ci
    Cindy-Davie Aug 09, 2010

    Well i have my wedding at the signature grand on 09/03/2010 booked and since i spoke to my first event producer Timothy he gave me a price first and when we went to sign the contract he added more money, didnt even give us the hours we had been promised.Well then we got mad and asked to speak to Michael Berry GM and he was very rude he said "well you already signed the contract and you have to do it, things change we can offer you something and maybe we can change it" very rude person, we decided to go ahead and just leave as is.Then we changed to another event producer Andres Castano he is very nice and helpfull was underdtanding about what happend with Timothy and said was not proffesional.Well we also found out that what timothy had promised us a bridal suite wasnt even on the contract so. wasnt going to be added, andres could not belive this so he put on the contract and gave it to us.Timonthy was charging us 3.75 for seat covers and sashes, then we found out by andres its not that price its 2.25.Now 2 weeks later after all this they raise the price up by another 500 which came out of nowhere because like timothy had said before taxes and eveything is included already.Well we asked where it came from and gave them a paper that timothy had given us stating the total price with taxes and everything, well another GM Philip said "well its not listed on the contract your total price, so the paper you have stating what timothy said the total would be is nothing".So my fiancee got really pissed and just told him how could they be doing this its been one lie after another and they just keep on adding money to the account and taking things off that they had promised.If we had to choose again for our wedding place we will def. not choose this HORRIBLE place! The signature Grand will make what is supposed to be your happiest day of your lives HORRIBLE! promised one thing and then change it the next.I do not reccomend anyone on booking this place at all.The only person who has treated us with respect and understanding is Andres Castano.

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  • Wr
    wrd2255 Dec 14, 2010

    The impression of my wife and myself is also quite negative about Signature Grand. We attended a very special anniversary for friends there in Fall 2010. The thing that really got me was: when they presented the main courses, they had guys in chef's hats roll it out on carts, strobe lights, loud opera overture music... you'd think this was a Food Network show or maybe the reincarnation of Michael Jackson. Except the food was simply lousy. Overcooked, flavorless, the mashed potatoes were like paste, dessert was bland. I can honestly say every part of the meal was mediocre or just plain bad, and they were charging a pretty penny for this. Skip the ridiculous send off for the food and just make it better. They only really had 1 thing to get right for this occasion - it was mainly just a dinner - and they managed to blow it. I would never use them, and would steer others clear, there are just too many other good choices, in better locations no less. This is 'paradise' after all, why have a supposedly nice conference center next to what looks like a landfill?

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  • Ha
    Happy Bride Lisa Feb 17, 2011

    I had my wedding at the Signature Grand s few weeks ago and it was perfect!!! I read some of the reviews online and booked the place anyway because it was beautiful and the event coordinator I met with was fantastic! I was a little nervous at first because I did not know what to think about the reviews however I am glad I booked my wedding there anyway! My event coordinator Linda was there for me throughout the entire process. She was fantastic from the day we first met to the day of my wedding. From the moment I arrived on my wedding day I felt special. I was escourted to the bridal suite and they had champagne waiting for me and my bridesmaids! The chapel was beautiful; I lost my breath when I saw it! My ceremony started on time and it was coordinated by Linda and the banquet manager working with her that day. After the ceremony, they brought cocktails and hors d'oeuvres to me, my husband and family while we were taking pictures which was a nice touch. I did not feel rushed at all. My reception was perfect as well. The ballroom looked more beautiful than I imagined it would look! The food was incredible! I really loved the pasta station and the dessert display! I used vendors the Signature Grand recommended for flowers, DJ and photography and I was very happy with their service. The DJ was great; he played all the right music and kept me and my guests on the dance floor! They were all very professional, affordable and did a great job! Thank you Linda and Signature Grand for making my wedding day absolutely perfect! My one and only regret is I should have added more time to the reception; it goes by so fast!

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  • Mr
    Mrs. N Apr 13, 2011

    I totally DISAGREE with the negative comments about the Signature Grand. I had my wedding there last year and it was a wonderful experience.
    My husband and I were on a tight budget and the SG made my dream wedding possible. Seriously, I contacted 50+ wedding venues and this was by far the best deal. The night included open bar, delicious hors D’oeuvers, uniformed waiters that served us our three course meal. I felt like a queen!
    The building itself is just beautiful (and all my guests agreed). It's the only "mansion" I know of in the Ft. Lauderdale area. The rooms themselves are spacious and there's no preset decor. You can transform the rooms to whatever you want it to be.
    I also used their recommended vendors for my photography, DJ, florist, linens, and décor. I did want to plan my wedding mostly (and not have a coordinator) so this was a great tool.
    The Signature Grand, my event producer, her assistant, and all the staff helped make my wedding perfect. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place!!!

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  • Ha
    Happy Attendee Apr 21, 2011

    I am surprised to see all the negative comments. I attended a business event at the Signature Grand recently and my personal experience was great! The food was delicious and displayed so beautifully. The servers were very attentive and friendly. Everyone in my office still talks about how much fun they had and how beautiful the room was. If given the opportunity, I would definitely host an event at the Signature Grand.

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  • Br
    Bridal Show May 04, 2011

    Last week I attended the Signature Grand Bridal & Quince Show and it was phenomenal!! I am in the early planning stages of my wedding and this event was VERY helpful. In two large rooms were the wedding vendors. They all had fun giveaways and take home items to research. In the other rooms were themed party rooms. I believe there was five, each highlighting different types of food the Signature Grand offers. Did I forget to mention it was open bar? The event cost $22 and was a great experience. I haven't decided where I am going to have my wedding (or even the date) but I was very impressed by this show and would recommend any bride to attend.

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  • An
    anita t-m Jul 13, 2011

    I completely disagree.

    We just had a 50th birthday celebration and it was a tremendous success! The pampering began with the first phone call. Lily Garcia is the ultimate professional that offered guidance that was instrumental in making my husband’s 50th birthday celebration a tremendous success! The staff at The Signature Grand is exceptional! EVERY staff member gave special attention to EVERY detail – EVERY request and EVERY accommodation was made to ensure that the EVERY guest was pampered from the moment they arrived until the moment they left. From the Signature Grand’s crystal chandeliers, marble floors and grand water fountains to the placement of every table, chair and food station was perfection! No request was too much to accommodate! No detail was missed! Throughout the entire event, our guests praised the staff for their attention to detail. And like magic, whenever I had a question or needed assistance, a staff member would appear with a positive attitude and a ready solution to ANY request. Because of Lucienda I was able to host and ENJOY the celebration and The Signature Grand staff took care of everything else! Every guest LOVED the hors d’ oeuvres and especially enjoyed the Pasta station! No one expected a hot meal or how well prepared and tasty the food would be! Our guests from New York City, Washington, DC and Savannah, GA gushed ‘the food was fantastic!’ and ‘This is the ultimate in sophistication’ Thanks to Lily and the staff at The Signature Grand, I received e-mails, text messages and phone calls from guests saying ‘WOW!’, ‘Elegantly Cosmopolitan’ and ‘Party of the Year!’
    If your dream is to be treated like royalty and knock the socks off your guests – The Signature Grand is the ONLY place that can make that dream come true! Thank you Lily and The Signature Grand!

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  • Lo
    lola45 Dec 08, 2011

    i received a good service, but after i change my personal planner her name is lili garcia dont take her she lies, pretends to be nice but once you give you deposit, bummmmmm dont take her, but the place was nice

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  • Bg
    BG-B Jan 10, 2012

    You can't really put all these blames on Signature Grand. Are you doing your part? The GM was not very nice but I only saw him once. The food & service was Awesome.I planned very carefully and One should be careful with contract signing, read everything and then sign. I had a function and every thing went very well. They actually took care of things I was nor aware of. I have been back there twice since my wedding for other functions and they were professional and courteous, specially Max Rostami was very helpful with planning and organizing from beginning to End. Litha was in charge that night and she was a sweetheart. I will recommend and re-use The Signature Grand over and over again.

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  • Me
    Meil 435 Jul 05, 2012

    My experience with signature grand is HORRIBLE Max is very rude to customers and all they care about is getting your money so stay away from these people if you want to have a great wedding or party reception...

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  • Ls
    LSCW Nov 27, 2012

    Had trouble with getting call backs to review contract after it was signed. Would not even answer certified letter. Anyone that had an event in April 2012, please post your date.

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