The Royal Bullies - Thomas Hendalnegligent breeding and failure to vaccinate puppies

Q Jul 18, 2019

Hi there,

My husband and I need to report a negligent dog breeder.

Breeder- Thomas (Tommy Hendal)
562 253 6463
[email protected]

Home address- where he breeds.
847 Courtland Dr W
San Bernardino, CA 92405

Location where we purchased dog
14362 Bushard St Spc 78
Westminster, CA 92683

Litter # TS427619
Mother- TR74659502
Fahther- TR82569202

See our story below and please help finding justice in this situation.

Saturday 11:30 PM- Texted breeder inquiring about teacup yorkie. Texted with breeder Thomas about seeing pups Sunday afternoon.

Sunday 7/7/19 12 Noon- We went to 14362 Bushard Street, Westminister CA 92683 Mobile home # 78. We were shown 2 teacup yorkie pups. He identified them as George and Matt. We purchased "Matt" who we renamed Chico. We were told he was purebred and given the docs for the parents registration AKC numbers with the Litter #. Also a paper shown the first shot he was given. Administered by the breeder Thomas. On 7/7 which was the day we purchased him. He was born 5/19/19. His first shots should have been 6 weeks from the date of birth which would have been 6/30/19. He wasn't vaccinated until 7/7/19. Which was a week late. He was vaccinated the morning before we bought him at Noon.

Sunday Evening- We texted Thomas asking if it was normal Chico was so tired and lethargic. He never replied. Now we know he was tired because he had been vaccinated earlier that morning.

Mon- Chico seemed to gain more energy. Playing normal and sleeping a lot still which was normal for a 7 week teacup baby. Diarrhea always when he pooped. Ate normal

Tues- Mostly sleepy but bursts of energy. Diarrhea still. Took him at 5:30 PM to Baker Ranch Vet to see Dr. Barry. She did exam and fecal test which came back negative. She said everything seemed fine. Ate normal

Wed- same Diarrhea daily still. No solid poops. Bursts of energy from time to time but mainly sleepy. Ate normal

Thurs- Diarrhea still. Was told normal for pup his age adjusting to new home. Still bursts of energy but poop smelt very foul. Ate normal

Friday - 6:00 AM chased my husband around. 7:00 AM Chico vomited and was very lethargic. Slept almost all day. Would not eat food. At all. Would be very thirsty for water.

Friday- 6:00 PM very lethargic, vomited a large amount and felt very hot. Tried nutrical would not eat anything.

Friday- 8:00 PM took him to Emergency Vet Hospital. 15 mins after they took him back to test they said he had aggressive parvo. That based on the stage of his symptoms he obtained parvo prior to us adopting him on Sunday. That Sunday when we adopted him he already had it.

Friday- 9:00 PM texted Thomas we needed to have a conversation. He called my husband and my husband told him the situation. Thomas said he would give us our money back but by CA law he would be taking the dog back. We had already begun treatment for Chico at the hospital so he didn't die and began care for him as his owners. We told Thomas that returning the dog to him as he's in critical condition and in isolation was not an option and he would die if not aggressively treated. Thomas asked to see all medical docs and photos of him also in the vet. We were apprehensive to submit anything to him because he had my banking info and we did not want to run into a situation of him refunding us without our knowledge and then attempting to go collect Chico at the hospital against our will.

Chico has been in the hospital for 5 days now. Still fighting for his life. So far we have spent over $9k to save his life. We just keep praying. He had a blood transfusion last night. Still hope.

We still have no AKC docs back from the breeder also. Nor copies of his parents pedigrees. Only a piece of paper showing a sticker of when he was given his first round of shots.

We saw via social media he sold the other yorkie to a woman and have contacted her on FB and IG warning her to have her new baby tested asap for parvo. Thomas is now saying i was harassing his customers by warning them to test their babies. Which was not the case. I have copies of everything.

The Dr's said that based on how aggressive Chico's parvo was Friday that other dogs in his home most likely have contracted the virus also. Thus why we wanted to warn them right away.

We have contacted the breeder that has refused to compensate us back for anything or the cost of the dog even.

We need assistance in making this right please. Before dogs suffer.

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negligent breeding and failure to vaccinate puppies

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