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The Lending Connection, Inc. review: Huge problems 2

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We were going to refinance our home mortgage thru The Lending Connection, until I saw the complaints on this site and decided against it. Now we are being bombarded with collection agents calling day and night, which I am sure is a result of the Lending Connection turning in our name to these people as punishment for not refinancing through them. When I first dealt with Lending Connection, they went over my credit report. They would name a company, stating that they would be paid off automatically after the refi. I said "No, they are paid off". Now these paid off companies are some of the ones hounding us to pay it again, am I am positive its because of these yahoos. They opened up a huge Pandora's Box of problems for us.

Gary M. Garcia
Murrieta, US
Oct 16, 2013 4:21 pm EDT

I had a loan with the Lending Connection, Inc. according to the loan doc they were going to sell our loan to another bank. They never did what they did do was separate our note from the Deed of Trust and placed it directly in a Morgan Stanley Pool. We ran a Securitized Audit and found that The Lending Connection, Inc. was paid $1, 300, 000, 000.00. Yes that is right One Billion Three Hundred Million. and walked away from there business. They couldn't file BK because then the Federal Gov. BK Trustee would have taken control. They were instructed not to BK. Because they separated the Note from the DOT the Deed of Trust becomes Void. Because they placed several Notes into this Pool Morgan Stanley offered the Lending Connection, Inc. SAXON MORTGAGES SERVICE which is owned by Morgan Stanley to service our loan. How ever we also found out that Saxon was never assigned nor purchased the loan so the monthly payments were taken and never applied. Now I am suing them. If you have had a loan with Lending Connection, Inc. PLEASE CONTACT ME I can help you and you may be able to help me. my email address:

Laguna Beach, US
Mar 03, 2009 9:19 pm EST

no they didn't. pay your bills. BTW they went out of business the exact month of your posting. They were 4th in the nation of non-prime loan origination (even in 07") Believe me, none of the LO's at that firm had the time to dink around with your credit, or an interest. If you qualify you get the loan, if not - your don't. Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac only buy loans on the secondary market with real 3 FICO score numbers and whatever and however they reflect. TLC has/had no way of manipulating one's credit report. Not around anymore, but you'll wish they had been whn the "real" banks get done with your next refinance, or home loan (or loan mod/foreclosure filing). PS. pay your bills bud...