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I signed up for "get rich quick" scheme. It was guaranteed no questions asked. When I became aware that it was MLM, I requested my money back, which happened almost immediately. Then later almost to the day I was contacted by Kevin Fife from" the Success Team" and fed a line which I swallowed hook line and sinker. I financed $2765.00 for "training" which I stupidly put $915.00 down. After being asked by my wife if I had checked them eith the Better Business Bureau( which I had not) I decided to do so. None of the phone numbers, nor the "Success Team" nor "Vianet Coaching" nor qnything else associated with their pitch was even registered with BBB, EXCEPT the finance company that I had signed, electronically, a contract with... IVY Capital, Inc.

Well IVY Capital, Inc. was a different story. They weren't an affiliated with BBB and had 17 complaints in the last 12 months. How they ever got a "satisfactory" rating I'll never figure out. A Google of "IVY Capital Inc" reveals other various frauds. so I was stupid. Fortunately thanks to my wife's curiousity I was able to cancel my "signed" contract for financing the $2765.00 within 3 days...ONLY because I caught it on the second business day after the signing and the fact that I Expressed Mail 'ed a letter canceling the deal. It remains to be seen if they'll return my $915.00 without me having to do a fraud investigation via my bank and ... never mind. Mark up another complaint with the BBB.


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    Borealis Mar 19, 2009

    They talked me into investing $10, 880 which I stupidly agreed upon with my Discover card and they have a recording that I said yes to this charge. The next day, it came to me, DUH! How stupid I was to fall in their trap. They have been calling me, harassing me, and the day after I told them I wanted in, I told them I wanted out. So now come the harassing phonecalls. They are trained on how to talk people into signing up for their program to make money. I truly regret that now, as I did no research on them first and agreed to such a high amount. That should have rung some bells in my head. Now I think I owe thwm $10, 880 and can't get out of it. So far, it hasn't posted on my Discover card and hope they won't post it. How stupid I was to fall into their trap. Ivy Capital, Inc just talks you out of your money. Money I don't have to pay that high amount back. I was desperate because I am facing foreclosure and wanted extra money to pay my mortgage. So that's why I did it in the first place. And I'm sorry that I agreed to their program and the amount of money I had to invest.

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    BOBBO Apr 22, 2009


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    robert Jun 04, 2009

    I know that if you do the work and not hold yourself back by trying to find everything wrong with it, i know it works. They asked me to put my trust there and let them prove that i would be successful and now I am very very pleased that did not look for a reason to not apply myself. This is the most alive I have been able to live in years...

    Thank you,

    Satisfied customer

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  • Iv
    Ivycustomercare Jul 23, 2009

    For anyone that has delt with us as a company, we are dedicated to resolving an issue and making sure all issues are resolved. We work hard to make sure we can provide each customer with a great experience and understand that starting any new business can be difficult. We stand behind our products and stand behind our committment to our customers. Please feel free to send an email to [email protected] with the title unresloved complaint and your name and we would be happy to contact you and resolve it.

    Thank you,

    Customer Care

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  • Ey
    eyrie88 Sep 15, 2009

    I have sent numerous emails to [email protected] asking for a refund having canceled well within 3 days - none of which have been replied to. Stop wasting yours and everyones' time by responding here, and respond to us individually and resolving the issue instead!

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  • Th
    Theesalespartan Nov 24, 2009

    That guy said he invested 128, 880 ? Wow ! What a waste " Jeremy " HA ! loser, get a real job !

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  • Ca
    Carron May 03, 2013

    My husband and I were taken in by promises made by Josh Zigitech of VIP. They also gave out our personal information, phone number, cell phone number, and credit card numbers to another company, SBS.

    When Josh was making his sales pitch he was told many, many times that we could not afford the price ($10, 840) for the 16 week program. He asssured us that if we put this charge on our credit card that VIP and instructions from Power Sellers College, they would help up set up a LLC, EIN and a corporation, but help in getting a business line of credit, all of this before our credit card would become due. Setting up all of these entities would enable us to transfer the charges to the business account before our personal credit card came due. This would also enable us to write this expense off of our Income Taxes as it would be a business expense.

    We constatly told him we do not carry balances on our credit card and we did not have the money to pay $10, 840 before it came due. He assured us that this would not happen and all would be taken care of with no problems.

    We, like fools, believed him and signed up for a 16 week course to learn how to be successful in selling on ebay. When our credit card was nearing the time for payment, nothing had been mentioned about setting up business accounts. I inquired of our "trainer" Brandon Johnson, of Power Sellers College, when were we going to set up our business accounts, he replied "that doesn't come until the 30th lesson. We were on the second coaching call and just covering the 3 lesson. This meant that the 30th lesson would be toward the end of a 16 week period. We would be carrying interest charges on our credit card all of that time.

    Also, in that 2 week period we received a call from Ed Ereaux of SBS, Small Business Success, saying they were part of VIP and would help us in setting up a corporation, LLC, EIN and for us to sign a Promisery Note for $20, 000 for us to get our business started. We I complained to Josh about the additional charges, he informed me that he had never heard of SBS, nor the people we had talked to, that they were a fraud, and for me not to talk to anyone other than himself and Brandon Johnson, our trainer.

    When I called SBS back, Chris Chamers advised me that higher ups in VIP were the ones that gave them our personal information, including our credit card numbers.

    I called Josh back and told him we were cancelling the program because of his lies and deceptions. When I disputed the charge on my credit card, after 4months of investigation Chase Credit card denied our dispute. VIP said I didn't cancel within the 3 day buyers remorse period therefore I had to pay, and they would not refund our money.

    In January, 2013 I contacted an attorney to sue VIP. They have never acknowledged that they lied, and that they gave out our credit card numbers. So far I have spent $3, 000 on attorney fees.

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  • Cs
    Csw11111 May 25, 2013

    My wife and I made the same mistake, this to the VIP Success Team based in Utah. Our salesman was John Redd.
    Like so many others money can be a little tight and we were looking for a potential side income. The screeners ask for all sorts of personal info, which it is understood is for evaluating your potential for success in the program. Nope, just to help them know the right things to say to sell the job, and make sure you have enough available credit for them and their affiliates to pocket.
    After a few weeks in the program we are trying to get out, seems like it will be a battle. Maybe there is a potential for success with enough money and time to invest to get your business running.
    If they believe in their program as they say they do, they should have no problem canceling people's contracts and refunding at least part of their investment.
    Do a little research in the state corporate databases and you see they have similar names for the programs already registered, so as enough complaints and negative reviews are filed, they can just move onto the next.

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  • Dr
    D. Richards Jul 17, 2013

    I to have been scammed by VIP Success Team. They have you list your goals and guarantee that is will happen and when it is too late to back out your stuck. I just want to know how to salve the dept. I too got sold by John Redd he even said to call him after 3 week and guess what he doesn't answer his phone or his emails. Go figure. Then the last guy I talked to Glenn tells me it is my fault I haven't gotten anywhere with their program because I didn't contact the support team after 10 min sessions with my so called coach. I was so confused I didn't know what to ask or what to do. Couldn't get dropshippers to work with me because I wasn't established yet. I could go on and on but it just gets me madder. How do you get out of something like this. How do I?

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  • Un
    unLucky Lydia Nov 14, 2013

    I too have been scammed by the VIP Success Team. Josh convinced me that I could make extra money posting adds on websites, something called affiliate marketing. I don't usually fall for this sort of thing but my personal circumstances made me vunerable to a work at home program. My 86 year old Mother had just moved in with me and did not like being left alone. I thought it would be perfect. I should have been suspious when the cost of nearly $10 K Canadian but Josh was a smooth talker.
    I started the program and it had nothing to do with posting adds on websites. I mentioned this to my instructor at PSC and he assured me that would come later. Then I got a call about setting up a business enity in the state of Nevada which has great tax laws and I would have to pay very little tax. I'm already into this for $10K so I figure there is no turning back and of course they tell me I need to do it right now so I can claim the money it cost me for the program. So that added up to another $6K and monthly reoccuring charges. I was supposed to get some kind of package via UPS, but guess what ... it has never arrived. All I have are some attachments from an e-mail to prove I have a business set up in the State of Nevada.
    Then... Doba calls me and convinces me that I need to sign on with them right now to get the PSC discount and access to a large number of dropshippers. But once I access Doba I cannot push any of their products to eBay because I have no feeedback score and the only way to get a feedback score is to either sell or BUY stuff on eBay. Sooo... I get suckered yet again.
    Then Tom from the VIP team called and wanted to set up a time to discuss my progress. But he never kept that appointment and when I called the number he gave me and left a message, nobody bothered to call me back.
    Then another caller from the VIP team calls to sell me a website. I tried to expalin the whole situtation to the poor girl and she was very apologic but there was nothing she could do of course.
    When I try to express my displeasure about the whole program with my new instructor at PSC, she insults me and tells me that I made an adult decision and it's not her problem. I recieved so much conflicting information from the program that I became totally frustrated. I tried to follow all the instructions but every time I turned around it was costing me more money. I have had enough and just want OUT !!
    I have had to cash in some RRSPs to pay off the credit card debt and I would just like to all go away. But I can't get in touch with anyone who will tell me how I can get out of the reoccuring charges. I don't expect to get any of my money back I just want to forget the whole thing including the fact that I was suckered big time. I am ashamed to say I was so stupid and trusting of these people.

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  • Je
    JeffNicScammersutah Dec 09, 2013

    The company is a total scam from the beginning just google Nicholas Johnson Utah or Jeff Nielson Utah. They have had 6-7 different company names all doing the exact same thing SCAMMING PEOPLE WITH COACHING! These 2 owners have been convicted of several felonies, they are actual criminals! look at the photos of mugshots below and write your Attorney Generals office and file a complaint about these guys and the scams they are doing, other wise it will never end. Below is there personal info you can include in the complaint so you can get a refund.
    SANDY UTAH 94094

    Nicholas Johnson
    6450 S. Heughs Canyon Drive
    SLC UT 84121
    LAS VEGAS NV, 89135

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  • Mi
    MidwestSuckedIn Apr 19, 2014

    I too have been taken for a great deal of money, not just from the 'business coaching services' but from the financial services, web hosting and drop shipping companies as well. They are all in it together so to me one is just as guilty as the other. I am going after ALL of them and filing complaints with numerous agencies(FTC, BBB UTAH, UTAH Div of Consumer Protection as well as my state Div of Consumer Protection). The more I think about it the angrier I get and I will NOT allow myself to be taken advantage of like this. I am also filing disputes through all of my credit card companies. I will keep you posted.

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  • Na
    nataly M Apr 24, 2014

    I submitted a complain right now but just in case no one sees it, I am going to write it again!
    I recently signed up with them and my "coach" was John Martin. He sweet talked me into signing with them and then also for an additional fee that they will do all the work for me. I paid a total of $8300. They also sent me some Bulls tickets as a perk. After him not really showing any work, not keeping the appointments, I told him that I want a refund. I have a contract that says money back guaranteed. He agreed and after I texted him several times how I will get my refund, I did not get a response so I emailed his assistant who told me that they will keep 20% restocking fee for their work. WHAT WORK? I did not see any work from them so now I have to figure out what to do. I will talk to my credit card company first and then maybe a lawyer. I will also take the course that the person above me wrote.

    STAY AWAY FROM THEM. They have not heard the last of me!

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