The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Companyunprofessional service and $ 60.00 rebate issue

Dear Goodyear,
This communication serves to describe the terrible experience that I encountered at my local Goodyear Store located at 273 W Baltimore Ave. Clifton Heights, PA 19018. On the week of September 9th, I walked into my local Goodyear store and received a quote for 4 tires for my 2002 Ford F150 Super Crew truck. The Goodyear gentleman at the counter named Nick provided me a quote for around $ 796 for four SRA Wrangler tires, P265-70-R17's complete with installation. I thought this price seemed high so I shopped around and found that Just Tires could provide the same tires for $ 750 for the same service. After contacting Nick again at Goodyear and going through the "song and dance", I was told that I could get the same price at Goodyear. I also mentioned that the same morning, I received an e-mail promotion that advertised a $ 60 mail in rebate with the purchase of 4 new tires. I was told in no uncertain terms that the rebate would be applicable to my tires if I made the purchase at Goodyear.

In addition to what I was informed by Nick, I also opened the Goodyear website to do some further research on the tires. It was at that point, that a "chat" window opened up and I began a dialogue with a Goodyear agent. This agent named "Leonel" was helpful and provided me a quote for the same tires and service for $ 707.96. This agent specifically told me that this was the price before the rebate and taxes were applied. While chatting, we were disconnected and when I dialed back into the chat, I was taken to an agent named "Emily". After speaking to this agent, I was quoted the same price of $ 707.96 before rebates and taxes. It was at this point that I decided to check back once again with another agent using the "chat" option and I was taken to someone named Crystal. After speaking with Crystal, I was provided a quote of $ 651.96 and was told that this came with a $ 60.00 mail in rebate. At this point, I decided to print out these "chat" sessions as proof that I was quoted a more aggressive price by a Goodyear agent. When I went to my local Goodyear store and showed the printed transcripts of my conversations with the agents, my character was insulted and I was told that there was no proof that these conversations actually took place. After be exhausted by this conversation and due to the fact that I previously cancelled my appointment with Just Tires because I believed what I was told by Goodyear, I was forced to go with the initial provided price of $ 750.

After having the tires installed, I stepped up the counter and Nick began to ring up my sale. It was during this time that I noticed Nick staring over my shoulder and reading the large $ 60.00 rebate advertisement that was posted on the large glass window behind me. It was at that point that Nick turned to me and said that in actuality, the $ 60.00 rebate did not apply to my tires and proceeded to ring up my sale as if there was nothing wrong. At this point, I was beginning to really become annoyed and asked to see the manager. The manager was named Adam and the situation was explained and Nick admitted that he was "confused and misunderstood" what we were talking about regarding the promised rebate. When Nick asked Adam what could be done, Adam acted bothered by the situation and said that there is nothing that he would do.

I am surprised by the way that I was treated because I had been a loyal and satisfied customer in the past and had never had a negative experience at this Goodyear location. I explained that I was not happy about the situation and that I would take this issue up with Goodyear directly. Neither individual seemed to care either way. So, I have decided to send this communication to Goodyear using the provided complaint website. In addition, I am also send in a hard copy of this letter along with my all of my "chat" conversations with the agents that I spoke to in order to prove that these communications did take place and that I was quoted more aggressive pricing by Goodyear.

Aside from all of the other pricing that I was provided by the agents on the "chat" site, I am asking that Goodyear honor the $ 60 rebate that I was initially promised. I feel cheated as a customer and do not appreciate the way I was treated. I intend to escalate this issue as long as necessary until the issue is rectified.

Please feel free to contact me by phone if necessary at [protected].

Thank you for your time,

Chris Darabant
114 Netherwood Drive
Springfield PA 19064
Phone: [protected]


Oct 08, 2019

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