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The Fairmont Hotel

The Fairmont Hotel review: Awful experience 4

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4:46 pm EDT
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Any vacation you would expect it to be relaxing this wasn't . I was really excited to go on this vacation it was the first time in Hawaii for my mom and I at it was moms birthday!. We went to Classic Travel in Westlake Village California to book a trip and Marscha Richardson was the one who sold us this trip. She explained Hawaii was the best choice. We also said we wanted this vacation to be relaxing not hectic but calm and peacful. She said that the Kea Lani Maui known as (The Fairmont) was the best choice for mom and I she said the rooms are all suites and they are not outrageous expensive but not cheap. We were told it was going to be

$ 750.00 Per Night

Additional free breakfast

Round Trip from LAX to Maui and back.

Ocean View!

It sounded amazing when we suggested other hotel's she seemed a little tense. I kept hearing the Kea Lani is best it is what you want! Well we agreed so she booked it! My mom asked to have a day to think about it but oh no it had to be done right then and there. My mom went home and gave her the # . So we had planned a really nice trip my mom went out and spent

Clothes $5, 000.00
Limo $500.00

She went all out so we went to the airport (United Airlines) and we waited until the plane arrived we boarded and had a smooth ride to Hawaii. When we got off the plane we hailed a taxi and arrived at the hotel. We got out off the taxi and went to the front desk a girl named Tara greeted us at an arms legnth we were given juice and told welcome back we had never been. Tara said "Your room is not ready !" Mom asked okay where is the restroom ? "Tara pointed OVER THERE!" Well we wandered for an hour until we found it. Well when are room was ready they brought our luggage up and we went to our room. We opened the curtains and AHHH! We were over a kids pool on the second level she lied! My mom said get me the manager well this is the room you asked for. No its not! Anyway we stayed in the room and we ate dinner in room. I said hey lets check out the mini bar! EMPTY! We waited and finally went to bed when we did the blanket was thinner than a towel.! Well we went to sleep. (1:00 a.m.) AHHHHHHHHHH! Mom what happened! There is a roach in the bathroom!

Are you kidding me ! We call downstairs and ask what is going on? There spraying for roaches !


We turn the news on it's PRO BALL season one of the bussiest times of the year you would think a travel agent would know . We talk to a manager at the hotel and they move us to a clean room. We had ordered caviar for my moms birthday at (Nic's Fishmarket) . Anway we get a call from downstairs saying they are bringing us caviar yeah the one my mom bought!_________________________ Day 5

Well we get into a taxi and were headed to the airport on our way home. We had a sweet taxi driver who had this great business. On our way to the airport we see the electric company working on power lines . We didn't pay attention. We arrive at the airport and we ask the lady to grab a porter she gets out and goes to get a porter oh no.

Attention All power is down two kids hit a telephone poll and knocked out all power toilets wont flush. Flight's are 2 hours delayed! After all of that we get on the plane and it is not even the right seat Marscha told us.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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, EG
Dec 02, 2013 5:56 pm EST

Bad management, bad marketing team and bad security at fairmont Heliopolis Cairo

, EG
Sep 17, 2015 7:23 pm EDT
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dear sir,

I am a frequent customer of Fairmont hotels worldwide ..

I had a stay at room xxxx in fairmont Heliopolis cairo on the 16th of September 2015.


here is a summary of what happened exactly ...

I checked in at 2.30 p.m. ... at the front desk I asked for the minibar items to be removed ... as I had IMPORTANT MEDICATION with me that needed to be kept cold ... so I needed to put it in the rooms fridge...

I went up my room and waited for about 30 min for someone to come clear the mini bar...

after I put my medicine for about 30 min in the fridge, , , I found out its NOT WORKING ...


I Called the reception and told them to fix the fridge and lighting ..

I had to wait for 30 min to give them my medication to keep in their fridge till mine is fixed...

one of the room service staff came and took my medication to their fridge ...

I went to the pool and stayed for about 2 hours hoping for my fridge and light bulbs to be fixed when I am back as agreed with front desk...

when I came back from the pool ... I found the bulbs fixed and the fridge changed...

I took back my medicine into the fridge...

and after 1 hour .. I found out its NOT WORKING AGAIN ?!

I Called front desk and they sent someone to change it for a second time ?

I had to wait for 30 min and no one came ...

I contacted front desk and asked for duty manager ..

whom gave me a call back and her name was Sara...

she sent someone to change the fridge again ...

she apologized and promised to call back and check if fridge was working in an hour and she promised to send me and my wife something complimentary from the hotel as a means of apologizing for our trouble ...

and guess what ... she was RUDE ENOUGH to never call back to check on the fridge which was not working ... nor did she send any apologies !

is this the duty managers behavior ?

no wonder no body is doing his job in this terrible hotel ?..

finally /... I had TO GO OUT OF THE HOTEL AT 12:00 AM to take my medicine to a friends fridge ...?

honestly I lost trusty in the hotel to even store my medication properly ...

in summery :

1. in a 1 night stay my privacy was disturbed 3-4 times ... each time I had my wife changing her clothes to meet the maintenance guys ..

2. My medication was not properly stored and I had to leave hotel at 12.00 am to keep my medicine safe..

3. I was treated in a rude and totally unprofessional and impolite way by the duty manager Sara... who didn't follow up with me and didn't send an apology that she promised she will ? totally unprofessional ...

4. I have been given one of the worst rooms that OVERLOOKS ONTO A GARBAGE DISPOSAL AREA ...

thanks ..

Feroza Ebrahim
, US
Dec 09, 2015 10:35 am EST

Fairmont Zimbali Resort : Ballito : Cocroach infested hotel : Booking No [protected]
I write to you, as I am quite honestly shocked by the level of response I received from the Operations Manager at Fairmont Zimbali. During my stay over the 2 nights, I must have counted more than 10+ cocroaches, which appear to be breeding a nest inside the wall skirtings. I attach 3 pics but have more, and the email sent to the operations manager which I have not had a follow up response.

My email is self explanatory, and provides some insight to the issues the hotel has, in addition to the cocroaches, of which I killed most of them, but left 3 for the hotel management, in order for them to see this with their own eyes. My complaint about this during checkout was met with complete indifference and the explanation that it was as a result of the humidity and heat that they were experiencing, followed up by an email that they were investigating and would offer me a free upgrade on our next visit. Quite laughable as we don’t reside in SA and this was meant to be our honeymoon.

Add the flights tickets, from JHB to Durban R2500 x 2 = 5000
Car Hire for 3 days, insurance and fuel = R2500
Accomodation R4500.00

And we come to close to R12 000. ZAR on an cocroach infested hotel, tainting my entire honeymoon.

I would like to start out by saying, that sadly the Operations Manager, did not make reference to our (guest) details, as he would know that my husband and I don’t reside in South Africa, but were in SA for our honeymoon. This feedback was also put onto the front office managers details, when we raised the issue and our disappointment over the whole saga. Offering me an upgrade on our next visit, is like inviting me to a dinner you know I would not accept, as for starters I live in Switzerland and the likelihood of me returning in the next few years, is very unlikely. That in itself is an insult that hotels these days think its acceptable, to behave in this manner and unfortunately customers don’t have a choice but to accept this level of behavior as it has become the norm.

Fairmont Zimbali Resort, was chosen as our honeymoon weekend, as we reside in Switzerland, and I chose the location based on a recommendation of a friends who had been there over 2 years ago.
Coming from Switzerland where we are spoilt with the Alps, lakes but unfortunately no Sea we chose this venue to celebrate this memorable occasion.

I want to start with the positive, in that there was a mix up with the dates which was promptly sorted out with and your Reservations team and thank them for this. On arrival we were promptly checked in and I thank your front office staff for arranging a welcome drink, rose petals an candles to welcome us, as they were informed this was our honeymoon and was a surprise for my husband. Unfortunately this is where it ends, as from there it's all downhill.

On our first day, we went out, and on returning, there was cosmetics, body tonner, paper, and another item on our balcony, (not mine)which was not their when we left to go out. We contacted your front office, and were informed that it was the monkeys, which we found questionable, but left it at that. On both days when the room was being cleaned, the towels were removed and not replaced. It takes housekeeping 30 to 40 minutes to replace them after 2 to 3 calls. In addition although one books a deluxe sea view room with balcony, we were unable to sit on the balcony, nor leave the doors open as the monkeys were quite aggressive, although the hotel cannot be blamed for this. I would think in fairness to your hotel guest, this should be transparent so guest are aware of it, and can than decide if this is acceptable to them.

The worst by far is the cocroaches, On the 1st evening I saw a cocroach killed it and flushed it down the toilet thinking it was perhaps just an unfortunate incident. On the 2nd night I woke up at 2 am and there were 3 cocroaches in our bedroom and 4+ in the toilet area. At 2am here I am running after cocroaches and killing them, quite ridiculous to be honest. After this, I could not fall asleep as we had open luggage on the floor, so started moving everything from the floor to a level higher, to ensure they didn’t get into our luggage, as we were checking out. When one spends R4600.00 on 2 nights’ accommodation the last thing you expect is this!

Unfortunately our memorable occasion is tainted by this bad experience, which is truly sadly disappointing for us coming across the continent to have some special time together, in what I assumed was best in class.
Your response, and feedback is also sadly disappointing, again reflecting the level of interest that is taken in your customers.
apologies but i am unable to use the correct spelling for these creatures as it is forbidden to use some words

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Rosemary Capuano
, US
Jun 04, 2016 8:08 pm EDT


To Whom It May Concern:
On Monday, I was a member of a Trafalgar tour who stopped for lunch, the gift store, and picture taking at your facility. We had fifty visitors to your hotel who dropped a few thousand dollars at your site.
One member of of group was 93 year old handicapped individual who had difficultly walking in the rain from the remote lot where our bus was directed to park. We were one of multiple bus loads of people forced to park and disembark in the back lot in the pouring rain. Ironically, in front of the hotel are posted stalls for passenger bus parking and drop offs. As explained to us by your staff and general manager, this coach parking is only for guests that have lodging reservations. (I did not interpret the sign as such but the tour guide explained it was the policy of the General Manager.) Quite frankly, I am appalled. We too are paying guests. Your sign clearly states a fifteen minute drop-off. We had no problem with parking an empty bus in the remote lot. To deny a drop off of a disabled individual needs to be reviewed by the Fairmont Corporate offices. A handicapped visitor should not be denied their rights of respect and dignity. This was a once of a lifetime opportunity to visit such an iconic site! THE STAFF WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND TO SPOIL THIS EVENT AND MAKE THE EXPERIENCE MISERABLE FOR SOMEONE WHO REQUIRED A WHEELCHAIR.
When I went ahead and requested the use of a wheel chair, I was told that it was only for registered guests. The tour director had to intervene and used his cell phone as collateral to borrow a wheelchair. To treat a tour director who visits this facility weekly, in season, with a busload of people is appalling. By that time, four of us missed out on the group photo. Even though the next scheduled photo opportunity for a group was 45 minutes later, they chose not to wait for four of us. To add insult to injury, all the restaurants were full and had a 45 minute wait time.
My opinion is the general manager should be chastised with disciplinary action. Associates should be trained on the sensitivity of disabled senior citizens with obvious issues. They too are human beings and should be treated as family. Your specialty is hospitality. I did not feel any hospitality at Fairmont Chateaux Lake Louise. We had choices to make and unfortunately, having lunch with a disabled person is a poor option. If this was your parent and you were a staff member at this, or any other Fairmont site, would you think this is acceptable behavior? You would be firing off a letter as well.
I am hoping to hear from you soon with a personalized, not a form letter, response.