The Cheesecake Factorytables are dirty and sticky.

Hc Sep 29, 2019

It has been disappointing visiting the Cheesecake Factory in Wayne recently. We visited the restaurant on 09/22/2019. We were three but seated at a booth with a big round table. The table had bread crumbs from the previous diners I guess and very sticky. When I raised this issue with the waiter, he brought the staff right away. But the staff came with a spray bottle, which I didn't want to be sprayed before my meal. And he couldn't reach where I was sitting so that I cleaned my area myself with the dry cloth. The food was good although the waiter made lots of mistakes, including forgetting to bring the glass cup for my hot tea, etc.
I want back to the same restaurant yesterday, on 9/29/2019. We had the same problem, bread crumbs from the previous diners and sticky table. I didn't bother to complain to the waiter. As I watched carefully how the staff cleaned the table after diners left, I was very surprised that they cleaned the tables with dry cloth (that's why the tables were sticky) and they didn't even clean the entire table, maybe 70-80 % of the table, which explains why there were bread crumbs on the tables on both occasions. Our waiter wasn't very keen on our needs either. We didn't have enough room to put our plates, but he didn't remove the bread basket nor the small plates, until we asked him to do so. Also the biscuit which came with my husband 's meal was cold unlike it's warm on previous times. I was thinking of asking for a manager and complain about it, but didn't want make a scene. I hope the manager reads this complaint and will keep the restaurant clean and train the waiting staff better like it used to be.

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