The Cato Corporationservice

A service clerk approached myself and my Aunt in the store and ask us if we knew anyone who was in need of a job.
So I mentioned to the sales clerk that my daughter was looking for a job...which I had mentioned to her that my daughter had also interviews with Catos two weeks before this. So the sales clerk proceeds to ask me what my daughters name I tell her. And she just stands there and says oh. So I asked if she can fill out another application...she of course says yes.
Now to make my story/complaint shorter.
The sales clerk approached my supervisor who I work with. Who also happened to be in Catos shopping. The same scenario took place with my supervisor. My supervisor tells her of my daughter and the sales clerk told her that my daughter was already interviewed. Now this all took place after I left the store.
Neither clerk or managers wore name tags. So I couldn't who the sales clerk or her supervisor is due to that factor.
I really think that all accounts were very unprofessional. This should be addressed and all parties should be reprimanded...they are representing Catos.

Oct 11, 2019

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