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There is some slight activity coming from this company when it comes down to resolving complaints, but so far it's neither timely, nor relevant.

The American Cancer Society Inc.

250 Williams Street NW
United States - 30303

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 227 2345(Customer Service) 1 0

Donation Mailing Address
PO Box 22478, Oklahoma City, OK 73123

The American Cancer Society / Complaints & Reviews

The American Cancer Society / / cancer ads

Aug 01, 2019

I realize you are trying to keep people from smoking but I find the cancer commercials featuring women with half a face and raspy voice to be quite disturbing. They air on many different programs over and over again everyday. If there is any way to take these commercials off the air I...

The American Cancer Society / / rides to treatment

Sep 12, 2018

we gave them over a week to find drivers to take my mother to treatment-she has lung cancer. we asked for help for september 4th -7th.someone named jenny called everyday and said they couldn't do it. this was only 4 days out of drove her.she has no problem getting into any...

[Resolved] The American Cancer Society / crystal bay catering & saffer & company by proxy

Jul 23, 2017

All information is public domain and posted on the internet (see below) - I also have submitted a corporate compliance complaint over 7 days ago and have not seen or heard any response/action: Below is my case evidence thus far (URL and Google search): Crystal Bay Caterers Sam LoPiccolo... / mishandling on donations, covering up employee complaints

Mar 02, 2017

The local office of ACS mishandles money, both cash and checks, often having checks "show" up months after they are written by donors. Employees who try to follow corporate procedures are run off or fired. There is no one to turn to in the corporate offices who will help. Many, many...

American Cancer Society / housing

Jun 12, 2015

The acs said that they would provide housing for me while i completed the the 6 weeks of radiation therapy in this clinical trial at md anderson. They out me up for one week of treatment and then told me thats all we got. I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and now i have to...

American Cancer Society / awful experience


I am being denied the nicotine replacement medicine that the Cancer Society started me on two weeks ago. They tell me that I have to wait for my official callback from a "coundelor" before I can get more lozenges and even then it will be sent UPS so I will have to wait for a few days at...

American Cancer Society / name change & reprisal


I went on line and donated some money to the ACS in good faith. I typed my birth name in as my recognition name. I say that so that you know it wasn't a joke name. for reasons unexplained to me by the ACS they after 3 months changed my name to anonymous. I felt insulted and embarassed...

American Cancer Society / bad service

On Sep 30th 08 the people at the Lutz Chapter of the Florida Division of the American Cancer Society which to the best of my knowledge is headed by Cynthia Corbin cell number [protected] for no apparent reason changed my name of recognition from Jerry Tryon to Anonymous. I have asked them why...