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Be very careful when you are dealing with the Danish / Thai couple.

After several crimes in Denmark, Mr. Kristian Olsen is hiding now with his Wife Kanidtha Olsen in Thailand. Trying to find new ways and opportunities to rip off Customers in the same way he was doing back in Europe.

( see the link : )

In the last few years he moved around in Thailand ( Pattaya, Phuket, Khanom and now Krabi), always on the run of his Customers.

He is always looking for a new ideas how to cheat Customers and getting his pockets full with money.

His new Idea is now Thai Estate Network called TEN

You are investing your hard earned money in a project in “preconstruction stage”, and he will promise you that you will double or tripple your money after a few month of waiting. Because you`ve bought the Condo or property for an early bird price and he will of course get his commission on that deal from the developer.

And after a few month, when you try to sell it, you will realize that the project is still not finished and nobody want`s to buy anything from the developer, neither from you.

But for him, it doesn`t matter because he earned his money already.

Or if you`re lucky and you can re-sell it, he will get another commission.

Good for him.

But, you`ll take all the risk.

Thai Real Estat broker
Thai Real Estat broker
Thai Real Estat broker


  • Eu
    eunice4 Sep 06, 2013


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  • Kr
    Kriller Jun 12, 2014

    He he, very funny Mr. Thomas Mehlhorn :D Very funny.
    You are lucky that I cannot prove that it is you who wrote these back-stabbing lies, then I would sue you again again as I did before when I sold your house in Khanom and you did not want to pay our fees according to the contract we made with you.
    But of course the court ruled in our favor and you had to pay us, and now you are trying to get your silly childish revenge by badmouthing us... Good luck and have a good life, I just feel sorry for your need to ruin people's reputation just to satisfy yourself.

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  • Kr
    Kriller Jun 12, 2014

    So Mr. Thomas Mehlhorn, please give us some proof and explanation:

    1. What crimes did I run away from in Denmark? If I am a criminal, how come that the Danish Government are transferring my pension into my Thai bank account each and every month? If I was a criminal don´t you think the police would intervene and get me deported back to Denmark?

    2. "Last few years" I move around in Thailand??? Well, I lived and worked here for 16 years, and I think it is more than "last few years"... i average I have stayed 5 years each location.

    3. Your funny story about "pre construction" is really amusing... then tell me what "pre construction" did I promote in my recent 6 years in Khanom?? There was only 1 (ONE) condo building...and I only sold ! (ONE) off plan, and the Danish buyer is moved into the condo!
    Which "pre construction" projects do I promote now in Krabi? Which ones have I promoted for the past 2 years here? Right... I only promote 2 (TWO) since there are not any condo projects here and both of them are doing well with one of theme almost complete now.
    Furthermore who in his right mind would believe if he bought a condo off plan and then "in a few months" you will double or tripple your money?? Right... nobody in his right mind would ever believe such nonsense... because my clients do their Due Diligence just like most normal people buying property in Thailand do.

    4. Mr. Thomas Mehlhorn, why do you not tell the public actually WHY you harass me and my wife like this?
    Why don´t you tell the story about your house we sold for you, and despite we signed a broker agreement just 1 week prior to the sale, yous till refused to pay us the agreed commission of 5%...instead you offered us 1.5%
    I do not think you would agree to work for free, right?
    Also do not forget to tell the public that you lost both the court cases to us and was forced to pay... which made you totally angry...which is why you write this nonsense.

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