Thabelo Funeral UndertakersRefusing to give us our body


My brother Aifheli Samson Mudau died on Monday the 22/09/2008, we called the Thabelo undertakers to come and fetch him from Pretoria, they charged us R1500.00 for transportation.

We had used them cause we had joined their funeral cover and he was part of my people I was paying for, so we get a free coffin and tombston and his stay in the mortuary. So we are the clients to the undertaker.

My mother had separated from the father and then before he died he got very sick and styed with my mother for 2 year and he had asked to be buried there in their village, he wa 49 years.

We foundout that the father came and view the corpse and they even allowed them to buy the coffina and tombstone, even when we told them we don't want anyone coming near the corpse but they still did.

We had initially agreed on burying him on sunday the 28/09/2008 with the undertakers.they agreed. When we went to fetch the corpse they refused with our corpse, stating that because they had refused to give the otehr family the corpse they wont give us the corpse, we reminded them that we are the ones who brought the corpse and we are their clients but still they refused, they called in police 7 vans came but even the police told him to give us the corpse he refused, he said we should resolve our problems, where does he fit in in the family feuds?

We want our money back and for him to pay the diggers of the grave cause he is the one who got us into the loss.

We even explained to him that he was legally bound to us and that by refusing it mens he is breaching the contract, and the only thing to stop us from burying will be a court order not him, but he still refused.We are poor people and cannot take him up to court for damages please help us.

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