Tek SquadBunch of scam artists

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Tek Squad called me and notified that there is some kind of problem with my computer. I’m not a computer specialist so I tend to believe such claims, and they’ve made it easy for me by saying that they are authorized microsoft support agents. I ended up paying $300 to those scammers and only then I realised that it is a set up. Microsoft confirmed they have nothing to do with this company… scam.


  • Al
    Alan Wakefield Jun 03, 2016

    Just received ANOTHER call telling me my "computer" is infected in some way. Caller identified himself as an employee of When I did a scam search of this company I found your website. When I read the above complaint letter to the caller and asked if TEKSQUAD is associated with Microsoft, he hung up.

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  • Ma
    Maureen777 Feb 22, 2020

    I had a similar incident about 3 years ago. Was triggered by clicking on a facebook item - 'fake news' about Trump getting divorced! Screen said your computer is infected, call Microsoft immediately on

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