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Teeter's Construction review: Roof -#-D 30 year Brad Callander

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New roof not done right, left nail POP nine years never a problem after new roof from Teeter's water leak from one (1) nail. Roofer (Rod) came out took picture of nail in attic tried to pull down and was unable. He went out side broke ice after water and ice came off (never had problem before) Rod (roofer) kept hammering on n=NEW shinngles to attempt to seal nail that was up. I had to stop him from hitting the roof with hammer. Rod stated he would come back and put four (4) or five (5) rowes or what ever was needed. Never has showed to repair or fix vally exept to shove a piece of drip edge and a silver piece of flashing under shinngles, (brown roof) Not custom or Quality just came out to fix lock that did not work on NEW sliding door and do caulk over took almost three years. Teeter's wants to collect balance $1, 500.00 dollars but has not fixed damage to roof, painted ceiling or replaced carpet which is more than $. I have had it and going to file complaint, and cc. all. Also got six other jobs at same time All have had issues siding, roof, electric.

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