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Teresa Caudell from Tecspot Bengals was very agreeable and nice in her emails to me. i am a new bengal breeder and I was happy that she would consider selling me a kitten. I placed a $500 deposit and was told that I would have until the kitten was five weeks old to decide if she was right...I also understood that there were no refunds. The female kitten I chose was too young to evaluate properly. So at the five week mark I asked Teresa to hold my deposit for a different kitten. Teresa refused and said she was keeping my deposit. I reminded her of her promises in emails but she still refused. I pleaded with her in emails and told her to keep my deposit for a year until another litter. She dug her heels in...she was keeping the deposit. I called my credit card company and reversed the charges - this is not what I wanted to do, but Teresa left me little choice. Later Teresa Caudell went on Facebook and specifically used my name to alert everyone that I was a crook. For anyone who is interested I will send you all emails regarding this transaction. Beware when dealing with Teresa Caudell from Tecspots. She is a bully, and unethical. And if you have any questions i would be happy to speak with you at [protected].


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    Lindsey Rarey Jun 18, 2013

    This complaint horrified me: I have not purchased from her yet, but am planning on it sometime this year. I visited her cattery and was VERY impressed with how clean her house was. Even where she had most of the cats, there was no cat smell. Every one if her cats were in perfect health (clear eyes, healthy weight, etc) and very happy! The kittens were all handled extensively and very friendly. I was allowed to hold and pet her Asian leopard cat Zuko who is such a sweetheart. Her cats have everything from looks, health, and personality that everyone is looking for in the Bengal breed. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met and I can't wait to get my kitten from her soon! ~ the Rarey Family

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    TecSpot Oct 21, 2013

    JAMES LUBBAD of Painted Cats, 1576 S. 56Th St., West Milwaukee, WI. You are lying!!!
    I have your e-mails to PROVE IT. You placed a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit for a kitten that was over 3 weeks old (Reba Girl #3) that you choose and you could not wait to get her home. I sent you new pictures of YOUR kitten at 5 weeks old and you stated in your e-mail, (verbatim)
    "Teresa, I like her. She will be very happy over here in Milwaukee. When do I owe you the other $2000, and also should I drive in to pick her up when she's ready or how much to ship her? Once again, thank you for taking a chance on me! Jim"
    Your simple change of mind and the lies you made up the next night as to why you did not want her did NOT entitle you to your deposit back nor did it give you the right to switch kittens.
    I never stated anywhere that you a 'crook" those are your words to describe yourself, not my words. I posted that you did the charge back on your credit card what and told the TRUTH about what you did to me!!!
    Why don't you stop calling me names and I am in no way unethical...You lied to the credit card company to get your money back just as your lying in your posting above about me!!!

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    TheresaPrimo Feb 23, 2020

    @TecSpot James; You shouldn’t feed into negativity, I’m sure you have better things to do with your time; but rather pray for her. Quit apparently no one ever knows what someone else is going threw in life. Try to have a great day ! Theresa

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