Technical Environment Solutions, LLC / not real service disabled veteran owned small business

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NOTICE: Technical Environment Solutions is not a legitimate Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

Its former member, Nicholas F. Larocca, was a service disable veteran. Nicholas Larocca is deceased.

Christopher Larocca, Nicholas Larocca's son, is listed as a member of Technical Environment Solutions. Christopher Larocca is not a veteran. He is not disabled.

Technical Environment Solutions is registered in the State of Florida with a residential condominium address in Deerfield Beach, FLA. Christopher Larocca claims he lives there. Christopher Larocca lives in Ocean Township, NJ.

Technical Environment Solutions, LLC

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    Technical Environment Solutions is not a real company. It is not registered in New Jersey.

    They claim they are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. The company is not listed as a SDVOSB.

    Chris Larocca says he is President. Chris Larocca was never a Veteran. His Dad Nicholas Larocca was a veteran. Nicholas sadly passed away.

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    Wrong. Also your Pops did not manage daily operations. He did not have highest position. This is required. You managed daily operations. You said you were President. He was 91 years old. Let the VAOIG decide.

Jun 22, 2019
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      Aug 12, 2019

    Technical Environment Solutions is a legitimate Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. When it opened all service disabled requirements were met, all applications submitted and approved by the Veterans Administration. The Co-Founder and CFO Nicholas F. Larocca my Farther who served with Honor in the Pacific during WW II passed away in 5/15/19 with his Grandchildren, Daughter-in-Law and myself by his side. To be clear I Christopher F. Larocca have never presented myself at a Veteran. The Company is Florida Based out of what was Nicholas Larocca home. The property for the past several years has been both our names. For the record the Company can finish this year with its current status. In 2020 unless a partner comes on who can maintain Service Disable Veteran Status for Technical Environment Solutions the Honer of this designation will be removed. Additionally I do not know who you are, but if you had had the decency to reaching out on our e-mail or called into our business line I would have been happy to address this. I would still be happy to provide you or anyone with all the approvals from the VA. This Company does limited business, it was a venture between a Farther and Son. The majority of the revenue was used to maintain Nicholas F. Larocca standard of living.

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