TechDeckDirect Incproduct ordered was not sent, useless product was sent

Through Internet on Dec 30, 2009 I order a FULL VERSION of product [protected] Adobe Design Premium CS4, value $488.00 and gave them shipping instructions. Jan. 20th packaged was received at wrong address and had to be reshipped. On Feb 5th I received package only to find they had shipped a 30-day Trial Version(see picture). Immediately I tried to telephone using numbers on web site but to no avail. I also called their office. I sent numerous emails to different departments over the last week but have received no answer from them. I would like the product I ordered, or a refund. I have returned the useless 30-day trial version, unopened. I would like others to know this company is not to be trusted and should not be ordered from.

Damage Resulting
I am out $522.00 Canadian Dollars, plus the shipping costs from the wrong address and the shipping costs to return the unordered product.

product ordered was not sent, useless product was sent


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    softwaregeek Apr 06, 2010

    Was there not a serial number included on the package? I ordered from them and received that same product, however, after contacting someone at Adobe they told me it is only a 30-day trial if there is not a serial number. Mine came with a serial number for activation and I was able to register with Adobe just fine. Did you open it?

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