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12:33 am EDT
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I have purchased several items from He is a fraud! I expected to be at least well lied, but I see no signs of energy in his vessels. It's a lie. It's all fake! He doesn't even put effort in managing his store or lying people, his store is one of the cheapest looking around! Beware! It's a poor Slav that will rip you off!

TT's Jingle Jolly Bindings Owner
Bačko Dobro Selo, Yugoslavia
Oct 05, 2015 7:44 am EDT
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Dear customer,
I hope it is not Alexandra from Paraecho, well if you're from Toronto are you?

I have two answers for you and the moral.
First of all, I do invest serious ritual work in every vessel I ship. I make my business transparent as it can be, while as you see most witches won't speak about their methods of binding spirits because people were always afraid to share their trade. I put all how I work out my bindings in my descriptions on except funny part for a quickie after a ritual summoning of a demon/spirit I apply my secrets on it whenever I do a quickie and not some serious hard work, but that's how ritual magic is done! And you should appreciate any relic from a ritual!

Second, do you complain on a board when you find no Holy Spirit in the Theophany water? No? Coz it is an institutional religion and Golgotha is the place where historical Jesus was crucified? Says who? Is New Testament an undisputed source?

AND, IF it is a wicca or God forbid occult or magic or psychic or medium you have an already set option to complain? Why?

Because you see RELIGION is one of the oldest trades on this Planet Earth, so please come on PayPal and I will refund you completely if you can prove an Interfaith Minister didn't ship religious goods for you. You get 25 discount on next purchase additionally!

Thank you,

Emerald Dragon, TamTam's Jingle Jolly Bindings owner.

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