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Tamarac ApartmentsLying cheating crooks

I rented an apartment at Tamarac for one year. When I vacated the apartment I received my deposit check from them I noticed there was a charge to have my apartment fogged for excessive smoke smell. This would normally be fine, except I never smoked in that apartment, and actually quit smoking in January before I moved out. Prior to that I NEVER NEVER NEVER smoked in that apartment.

When I spoke to the office staff at Tamarac I was told the property manager did the inspection, and has a very keen sense of smell, so there would probably be nothing they could do about the charge. I got the run around from them about having upper management call me for two months. Finally I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I received a response from their attorney basically stating that was a liar and the smell could only come from prolonged smoking in the apartment.

I only wish now that I had done what my instincts told me to do and actually do the inspection with the office staff. I was assured there would be no problems, there never is. Right! I am now out over $100 because they have a lying cheating crook for a property manager.

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    red_ffflame Jun 03, 2016
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    We have lived in the apartment for 4 years, and I am really happy to move out. To begin with, the leasing staff is rude, unprofessional, and unfriendly as many prior reviewers noted in their comments. They talk to you as if they make you a big favor that they allow you to live here, they interrupt when you are expressing your concerns, and can even hang up on you. All they care about is your money. When I had a complaint about an abandoned vehicle parked in front of my apartment without license tag, full of trash and empty boxes inside, the manager Doug said there was nothing he could do as they do not tow vehicles from here. Not to mention that parking lot is not marked, people park however they want without consideration to other residents. So if you don’t get home early enough, you are going to have to park 5 minutes away. Maintenance work is not getting done nearly fast. We literally had a hydrant fountain under our balcony for 3 months, until finally they came out and fixed it.
    To start from the very beginning of our lease, we did not see our apartment until we signed the lease contract. Apparently this is their so-called “policy”. All they care about is to fill the place. You walk in, they show you a model suite located in the leasing office, they tell you there will be a unit “exactly like this one” available in 1-2-3 months. They assure it will have fresh paint and clean carpet. You come back to sign the lease and they show you something you have not expected. This is called bait and switch. If you refer a friend here, they promise you $100 check. The check never comes in the mail, you call them, they tell you “oh, it was sent out 3 months ago and it does show it has not been cashed yet, but we cannot just reissue it, we are going to charge you $35 cancelled check fee, here you are”. Tamarac is a SCAM.
    Another complaint is snow in winter. They do NOT plow the parking lot and do NOT salt whatsoever. So if you are “lucky” to start your work day at 8 or earlier, be prepared to call your employer and tell them you are going to be couple hours late because you cannot get out of a big snow pile your landlord did not take care of. The sidewalks are slippery, a little salt would have been nice, especially when you are walking with 5 bags of groceries.
    When we moved in here, we had a nice young working couple living downstairs. Unfortunately, they moved out and an elderly couple moved in. Now we are too loud to walk, to watch TV, to listen to music, and our dog is too loud at barking. I must mention that for prior 3 years we had no complaints about any noise from our apartment, evidently the reason is not us but the neighbors. I cannot believe Tamarac would put these elderly people above us, this is pure discrimination. For future residents who may read this, this is not a senior living home! If you are not ready for other people to live and move around you, don’t move in here, buy a house!
    Tamarac does allow pets including dogs, but don’t be fooled by their “pet friendly” policy. There are many more other apartments in this area where you can have a dog. Tamarac apparently thinks dogs are stuffed animals who cannot bark or whine. So you end up paying $400 security deposit ($250 of which is non-refundable) and extra $30/month when couple months later they tell you you need to get rid of your dog because he/she is barking. What a surprise! And I’m not talking about excessive barking or barking at night, we would never allow that. We got a complaint that our dog was barking at 2pm on Sunday! I cannot imagine what they would have said if we had a baby.
    The moral of the story is that if you have other options to consider, please do so, otherwise you will be miserable, disappointed, and treated poorly during your stay. Not to mention Tamarac is very overpriced for the premises and service you get, you have to pay extra $30/month for a garage. I would not recommend these apartments to any family who have children, dogs, or anyone else. Tamarac is very unfair in treating different people that live here.

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