Taco John's Internationalmanager’s attitude after my order was made wrong

T Nov 04, 2019

My family ordered food in the way home and when they got home two out of the five items were made wrong the sales ticket had it right, the employees just can't read and didn't even bother to check against the ticket to see if the right item was with the right order? Just plain lazy lazy lazy lazy. When I went back on my dime, my time, my fuel. I ask the manager what we learned from this. He goes this things happen really? Not that we will do better, or make sure my employees can read or train them better on making sure orders are accurate no I get it happens? No I'll refund your money for wasting your time no. Tells me that taco John's doesn't care about our time they waste. Why should anyone go there? It's not like fast food is cheap because it isn't!!! How do you get these people to finally open their eyes?

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