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SZ Enterprise review: Scam 1

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4:20 pm EST
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Well lets see.

First off, the management is a joke. They are all not fit for the position. As I call them, they sound as if they were 10.

I get accepted for a part time position there last week. I went through the training, and they tried tricking me into signing a FULL time contract. Not only that, but the job is NOT worth the low wages.

east haven, US
May 07, 2011 5:27 pm EDT

this company hires people and doesnt even train them for over the phone sale on qirby vacuums the supervisor all he talks about is doin squat thrust on his male lover while ur on the phone with customer u hear all this talk about what him and his boyfriend do so they fire u after 3 days of working not someplace i wouild want to work again

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