Syked ECUScam - watch out! Syked ecu is not legit - scam - watch out! Review


Syked ecu - scam - watch out! Syked ecu is not legit - scam - watch out! Review

So here's my story. I got scammed by Howell automotive (got sent a stock ECU) so I was looking around the internet and discovered on the neon forums that this has occurred more than once before.

I discovered a user named kevin, profile here:

He said he could tune the ECU's and did it because he was a tuner and not all about the money. Ah it seemed so refreshing at first!

So I shipped out my ECU the same night I talked to him 7/17/2013 and the FedEX delivery date was scheduled for 7/19/2013

Now here it gets interesting. The guy isn't even at the business to accept my package! WTF!?

I paid for expensive 2 day Fedex shipping for a reason, I wanted my ECU tuned and I wanted it tuned by him quickly.

FedEX put multiple notices on the business doors and the time it didn't get delivered (second attempt) I said you know what this is too much I can't handle this bull ### so I just had FedEX return to sender (me)

You can see here a screenshot of the FedEX tracking page:

They attempted delivery twice. Now the way I look at it is, I dodged a bullet. If the guy isn't even at the business to accept my package chances are 1) the business is closed or is a front.

I'm glad I had FedEX return to sender I'll be getting it back in 3 days. I'm sure if they would've tried 16 more attempts it would've been pointless. Kevin from "" & syked tuning should not be dealt with.

Waste of time in my book + $96 Fedex shipping down the drain.

Thanks buddy! You were a smooth talker on the phone but it's strange your not at your place of business on a Friday and on a Monday.

Glad I didn't have you 'tune' my ecu.

[Syked ECU - Scam - Watch OUT! Syked ECU is not legit - SCAM - Watch OUT! REVIEW]

Scam - watch out! Syked ecu is not legit - scam - watch out! Review


  • 98
    98s-r/t Jul 23, 2013

    Bs kevin is legit and he does not spend 100% of time at the location. Great guy good prices and will help anyone out. Your putting a bad rep out for a good guy that if you would have just contacted would have taken care of it. If anything give howell a bad review.

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  • Mr
    mrtallguy srt4 Jul 23, 2013

    I complain about this complaint. Kevin is a nice guy willing to help you out with anything. He runs a good business and is on top of customer service all the time. If the poster of this would have had a little patients I am sure he would have been satisfied. Single person businesses aren't always a m-f job. People have lives you know, give him a break!

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  • So
    SOHC McBride Jul 23, 2013

    Shipped my extra ecu to him for a custom tune. Works as we discussed. No issues at all.

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  • Mi
    Mighty Quinn Jul 23, 2013

    Dude what are you 14???? Kevin is very Legit, I am working with him on Circle track tunes and the New Hand held Tune Loading. You sir are an Idiot. You never called him or Conformed anything...THATS YOUR FAULT! Hes a Hobbyist Not a Dedicated Tuner he has a Job and a Family life! GROW UP JR!

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  • So
    SOHC McBride Jul 23, 2013

    Picture of my ecu

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  • Ed
    Edward Heinzelman Jul 23, 2013

    I've gotten two pcm's tuned by Kevin for my srt swaps with no issues. I have also purchased a couple other items from him and had no issues. He's a stand up guy and it sounds like you're just an impatient child that was looking for something to rant about. Let me get this got ripped off by Howell, Kevin offers to tune it for free even though he wasn't the guy who ripped you off, and then you forget to take your meds and freak out when he "isn't at the business" to accept your stupid package. Grow up.

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  • Ca
    Case Mazik Jul 23, 2013

    I totally disagree with this complaint. This should be removed. If anything the disgruntled, unreasonable person complaining should be the one on here. I plan to do business with Kevin in the very near future.

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  • Hi
    Hippay Jul 23, 2013

    This complaint is ludicrous. The complaintant did not pay any money: for a free service that was being offered out of goodwill by someone out of pocket, and has the audacity to complain because he didn't get it within 3 days? Its amazing and is downright sickening. Hopefully this will be removed as soon as possible because this vendor has worked hard to not only put out a solid product but also to do limited advertising and offer a free service to people who were scammed previously by someone unrelated. This guy wasn't even a member of the community that Kevin was supporting but joined so that he could take advantage of the offer that Kevin put online for AND he still was going to go through with it until the guy got cold feet and wasted his money on FedEx. INSANE

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  • Ne
    neonturbo Jul 23, 2013

    This guy was going to get a totally free service except for shipping. The value of the service would have been many hundreds of dollars. How can you complain about someone giving you a free service?

    Now this clown has posted all over the internet about being scammed even though he was getting something for free? Give me a break.

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  • Sr
    Srtguy Jul 23, 2013

    Kevin is a good guy and doesn't afraid of anything

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  • Ke
    Kevin Bonnet Jul 23, 2013

    Kevin scammed me too. This is hilarious how he had all his buddies post here and +rep him. LMAO dude

    You're a SCAMMER!

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  • Bi
    Bill Thompsone Jul 23, 2013

    I sent in my ECU to kevin and never got it back!

    Now I'm going to have to sue him!


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  • Ba
    Bad98rt Jul 23, 2013

    I have had my ECU from kevin for about 2 months now and the car runs super smooth, no hiccups nothing. i would recommend kevins tune to anyone. Very honest guy

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  • Ba
    BaLLisTiKaL Jul 23, 2013

    I'm in the complete opposite corner of the country from Kevin. I have had first hand experience with his ECU's and I know others who have also.
    The experiences I have been apart of are this; Kevin sends you a product that he advertises. He is 100% Legit. I have never heard a complaint about him, nor do I have any complaints. In fact, all I have for him is praise and gratefulness for being such a big part in the neon community. Anyone who has a complaint about him is either bogus or has a personal issue with him.

    Kevin (Syked ECU) is Legit. He is real. You get from him exactly what he advertises.

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  • Sb
    SB98Neon Jul 23, 2013

    I shipped my factory '98 SOHC to Kevin to have it re-tuned. I contacted him through his Syked ECU Tuning Facebook page and requested a custom tune. Turn around time was very acceptable as he stayed in contact with me on a weekly basis and also when I had questions for him.

    I received my pcm and verified that a reprogram was indeed performed via a Chrysler scan tool. The rev-limiter was also moved to a higher limit as advertised.

    A+ great vendor, I am looking foward to doing more business with him in the future!

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  • Aj
    AJ Toaca Jul 25, 2013

    Alan J Toaca is a known scammer, he even has complaints on this very site for ripping off people. Don't believe anything he says. If you are curious, search for "Alan J Toaca scam" and there are hundreds if not thousands of hits. He sells fake books and the ever popular "male enhancement" pills. He lives in his Mommies basement and supports himself by ripping people off.

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  • Ky
    kyle salerno Oct 16, 2014

    Whoever made this complaint is a rip off themselves. Kevin did my tuning and remapping and I have 0 complaints! He did exactly as he said and it was even better than I expected! Don't let this thread scare you away from him! He is good at what he does and you get exactly what he says! :) i look at it like this... you can 100 people a million dollars, 99 of them will be satisfied but there is always 1 that will complain! It's ashame but it's the truth! Bottom line is kevin is not a rip off and does good work at a good proce!

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  • Cl
    cliffjumper1984 Oct 16, 2014

    I wanted my ECU tuned and I wanted it tuned by him quickly.

    thats where the line was crossed

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  • Be
    Beater Status Oct 17, 2014

    I waited several months for mine, sent a few back, then ordered more! Kevin may not be perfect, but he's only a man. One man providing us what we can't get anywhere else.

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  • Sr
    SRT4guy07 Dec 13, 2015

    I shipped mine in also and still haven't got it back!!! There's definitely something up with this guy. I don't recommend sending yours to him, send it to somebody else who puts customer service first. He never replies back, and his website is full of lies, saying a tracking number will be provided which is BS!!!, turn around time is 72 hours which is BS!!! this guy could care less if your stranded. Syked ecu=DON'T DO IT!!!

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  • Mi
    Mitsuevors Nov 18, 2016

    I disagree 100%
    I had an issue with my srt4 and a diablo tune. I could not get disblo to send me a file that would work to turn my misfire monitors off so my 2step would work.
    Sure i had to pay here cause yeah its a service.
    But man did he work his ### off custom building me a better tune than diablo and disableling what needed to be done. Took a lot of files and about a weekcin the end (diablo has some jacked up files)
    But its done.
    Super happy. Great guy, and he spent a lot of time emailing me...even late

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  • Mi
    Mitsuevors Nov 18, 2016

    100% false
    Had a custom tune writen because diablo is stupid and cant tune me a file with monitors turned off for my 2step.
    I have a csrt4 and he wrote a new tune for me better than the diablo 93 tune and took off the monitors. Car runs great 2step works.
    Took about a week he put a lot of time into this for me.
    He exceeded where others couldnt

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