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There are a series of posts on here already about Sweet Singles. I wanted to update my own which was based on experiences with a lady with a profile name of Kerema (8312). The lady has the current name of Thitipun Kensakoo and can be identified from an internet search. I nearly ended up married to her in Nov 2010 but subsequently found out that she was already engaged to at least one other guy, a NZ national. Its clear from checking her background and stories with the authorities that she has been operating this scam for some years. More disturbingly she has been posing as a nurse in Bangkok hospitals and around the country. She has some nursing experience but seems to have been unemployed for some time now - she clearly makes a better living at her new role! The pctures online are attractive but rather dated and the qualifications and similar claimed are false. Both I and the NZ guy involved with her have complained to Sweet Singles but since they have been making a lot of money out of the process. There was a South African guy involved called Marco Vercuier as wedll but I have been unable to trace him - any information welcomed. Be warned... its the MOST convincing of acts but could end up costing one an awful lot.

Update by Colin Dale
Jan 26, 2011 2:19 pm EST

Sweet Singles has had this lady on their books I now find for seven years - although she has recently dropped the fact that she had a child at 15. Check the posts on the same company in this forum and also search on her name (Kerema). She has scammed a series of people with 'fake' engagements as is the practice in Thailand, its called 'sin sod'. Search for the name 'Cream' as well. Sweet Singles charge a lot of money to people to meet these girls... I was lucky, I found her for free on ThaiLoveLinks. The biggest concern I have is that she is going into Thai hospitals and posing as a (senior nurse) there when in fact she has little or no training in these areas. I personally saw her do it twice with haemo-dialysis patients. Sorry to hear your wife is cheating on you too :-)

Update by Colin Dale
Jun 03, 2011 1:07 pm EDT

I made the original posting about Thitipun Kensakoo in January this year. I have now been able to establish further information, including contacting the South African gentleman identified above, who she had been fooling for some two years. It transpires now that this lady has also been in the UK and in October 2007 married a guy called David Murray Neil in Haringey. I'd welcome any information on how to contact Mr Neil and anyone else who has encounterd Thitipun Kensakoo in their travels. She is blacklisted by the UK Border Agency but may well try to enter other countries. I believe she was also in the US (Hawaii) in February 2010 and would welcome any information to that effect. She is the most remarkable and plausible confidence trickster but I suspect there are people behind her/assisting her in these scams.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Calgary, CA
Aug 24, 2009 11:18 pm EDT

this is a totally fake site that cruises personal ads, replies to them and then wants the person to join up in order to answer the reply

Steff G
, SE
Jan 27, 2013 11:11 am EST
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Yes it's right about Seet Singles. It is just a big scam and fraud site.
There is some other once as well. This sites are scammers and fraud as well. and

right, GB
Jan 26, 2011 10:38 am EST

What's her SCAM? And more importantly what does Sweet Singles have to do with her privet life and how are they making a lot of money off of her? This is like me blaming facebook after I find out my wife is cheating on me. Your story confuses the heck out of me. You talk about some lose woman, that is or will be or can be engaged and is posing as a nurse. What's the gig here and how did she scam you?