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Super Tree Professional Arboristsdon't do business with this company!!!!

I tried using this company and they promised that they would remove three trees from my home.

After taking my money the only removed one tree partially and left a huge gaping hole in my yard with a stump sticking out.

They never removed the additional trees and kept my money.

What little work they did was done so poorly.

I’m heading to small claims court.

Don’t do business with this company!!!


  • Br
    Bruce Aronow Mar 14, 2016

    Please note that eLocalListing is NOT related in any way to or eLocalPlumbers as this post suggests. eLocalListing and Search Initiatives are the related companies.

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  • Cu
    CustomerServiceGuy Jun 08, 2012

    Interesting Customer Retention Facts

    I see some facts on here. Links to certain complaints lodged against a certain company. But they only make this argument one-sided. So, why don’t we also include some facts about every company that provides a product a service. Because people only ranting about one thing, and few people at that, hardly paints the clear picture; it only serves to reinforce one side of their argument; their side.
    So let’s be factual in our debate.
    Three Facts about Customer Retention:
    1. It is impossible to satisfy all customers; there will always be customers who are displeased and unsatisfied with a product or service; no matter what that product or service may be.
    2. Some products, services, businesses will not get the results they see from certain marketing campaigns; no matter how aggressive they are. Look at Coca Cola Blak; a respected international soft drink company tried to market a coffee-flavored beverage to 30-something consumers. They spent millions on marketing and it utterly failed...because people did not like it. Did they get their marketing dollars back from the marketing agency? NO. See more about this utter failure here: The product failed for many of the same reasons other products have failed: sometimes products just fail. Sometimes no matter how much you market a product or service, there is no guarantee that people will want to buy it or use it. This is also true with any form of online advertising or marketing period.
    3. A company with a high retention and customer loyalty means it is consistently delivering a product that people are using and are satisfied with the results; or they would be out of business.
    FACT: According to GEICO: “Geico customer service is ranked #160 out of the 541 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 47.86 out of a possible 200 based upon 296 ratings. This score rates Geico customer service and customer support as Disappointing.”

    FACT: "GEICO has a 97% customer satisfaction rating."
    But that still leaves 3%; for a huge company that is national –
    FACT: "GEICO serves 11 million auto policyholders and growing; GEICO insures more than 17 million vehicles ..."
    What’s 3% of 11 million? Let’s just say it’s more than 30, 000 people who comprise the three percent.
    So that’s 30, 000 people that are pissed off about GEICO. What do they say?
    This guy says – on a complaint board just like this – “Geico: 97% customer satisfaction? Guess I'm in that 3%... “
    “Car insurance. One of those fun things you never think about till you need it. I've never owned a car without comprehensive/collision, because I'm a bit of a worrier. That turned out to be a good thing, because as some of you know about 4 weeks ago the camJeep was stolen in Mira Mesa, CA. Now, the monetary limits and deductibles are all things I worked out, so I have no room to complain on those issues. They're what I chose, and they're what I paid for.
    My issue comes with the customer service end of things. To start with, the minute I realized the jeep was stolen, I filed a police report and called Geico maybe five minutes later (9-10PM). The only people Geico keeps on all night are the collision people. Theft people only work 9-5. So all I get is a "that sucks, someone will call you in the morning." I ask about a rental (I paid an extra 30 bucks/6 months for rental coverage, now I need it) and they say "I don't know, I only deal with accidents. Someone will call you in the morning." Grrr #1
    Morning rolls around. Noon rolls around. Early afternoon, I call the number they gave me for my claims person. I get voicemail. That evening at 5:30PM after I've had to bum rides everywhere and bum a ride home someone calls me. We work out rental info, but I can only rent from one company (Enterprise) and only have a 25$ a day limit. Enterprise has no cars for under 35$ a day in stock. So I have to either pay 10 bucks a day or wait a couple days. Bumming ride for a couple days longer... Grrr #2.
    Now I wait a week (have a rental now, so I can afford to), and still get no calls from Geico. I finally call them, "Hey, rental's great, but what about long-term?" and am told there's a minimum two-week wait for recovery, and then I have to fill out a questionnaire before they START working on my claim. The two week mark rolls around, and then five days later they send me this stupid form. I filled it out and mailed it off that day. We've reached the 4-week mark and I've had no contact from Geico that I haven't initiated. Not one call. Not one check-up. No information on the website ("claim status: Open. No information is available"). No mail. On top of all this, they tell me the rental will expire after 30 days. If they haven't gotten me my money by then, and they try to charge me for any part of the rental, I'm going to the BBB. I'm sick and tired of being treated like a liability or criminal by my insurance company. I've paid MORE than they're paying me for this stupid Jeep. I'm a long-term customer. I feel like maybe I could get a little customer service when dealing with a fairly upsetting and difficult situation (I LOVED that jeep).

    Thank you for listening, I feel better.
    -cia “
    This company you mention has probably served at least 1, 500 customers during its existence.
    From what I could find online, there were 3-5 complaints. Let’s just say they have only ever served 1, 000 people. And let’s just say that there were 10 complaints online, as I only see 2 or 3 here, and many are the same complaint that has been copy and pasted by the same user to many sites.
    So 10 people(max) out of at least a 1000 served. Tells me they have about a 1% problem. That's not a problem; that is a customer retention dream come true.

    Even if they had 20, 30, or even 50 complaints lodged, they will still be doing as well as GEICO, by comparison to size demographic.
    And GEICO has 30, 000+ pissed off people who are not fond of their service at any given time.
    So … because a company has a fewer than 3% dissatisfaction rate means they are bad?
    I would think that puts them in the upper echelon.
    At least compare your complaints to actual things that relate to overall customer retention.
    From the facts outlined here, the retention rates are fabulous with this company. And there will always be people who are not satisfied, no matter what the company, product or service is.
    They will complain. They rant. They will tell the world on silly online boards like this. And that still makes them a very small percentage of the staggeringly high amount of satisfied customers who continue to drive business because the product works.
    Just because some people despise GEICO, does not mean that 11-million don't love it. Otherwise that company would sink under as well.
    So few complaints lodged, by comparison to other numbers that paint the real picture put this debate into real perspective.
    These companies are some of the largest in the world and their company has HORRIBLE customer service rankings.

    Rank Company Rating 401 Travelocity 20.93 402 Greyhound 20.81 403 Western Union 20.80 404 Money Magazine 20.80 405 OG&E 20.60 406 Anthem Blue Cross 20.00 407 eBay 19.97 408 Roxio 19.70 409 Duke Energy 19.60 410 Citi Mortgage 19.53 411 Nextar 19.46 412 Xcel Energy 19.20 413 HSBC 19.15 414 Mitsubishi 19.00 415 Bing 18.95 416 Ryobi 18.80 417 Teleflora 18.53 418 Craigslist 18.43 419 Quest Diagnostics 18.20 420 Hitachi 18.20 421 Skype 18.03 422 Zoosk 17.65 423 Incredimail 17.40 424 Mozy 17.20 425 21st Century 17.20 426 Google 16.85 427 Coleman 16.80 428 BJs 16.80 429 Pogo 16.74 430 Home Shopping Network 16.40 431 Navigon 16.37 432 Hotmail 16.35 433 Fifth Third Bank 15.80 434 Limewire 15.40 435 Twitter 15.20 436 Nero 15.00 437 14.72 438 Facebook 14.05 439 Atari 13.60 440 Aviva 12.60 441 Kenwood 11.40

    I bet you all at least use one or more of these companies. :

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  • Mr
    Mr lancer Sep 09, 2010

    We give out loan at a very low rate of 5% we only give out loans to honest people and if you have any valid identity card you can apply for loan.

    The requirement for the loan are the following details below which will enable us prepare the loan repayment schedule and you will be required to send us a scanned copy of your identity card before the loan will be insured and approved.
    Below are the loan Applications:
    * Applicant Full Names:...
    * Applicant Contact Address:...
    * Phone No:...
    * Country:...
    * Age:...
    * Marital Status:...
    * Amount Required As Loan:...
    *Proposed Terms/Duration Of Loan:...
    *Annual Income:...
    You are to choose a mode which you prefer the loan to be sent to you. Below are two option
    * Payment by bank to bank transfer (48 hours)
    * payment by online banking system immediately, this will allow you to transfer your loan fund into your account yourself.
    In the first option which is by bank to bank transfer, loan funds are transferred directly into your account with the aid of my bank, in this option, applicant must have to send down his or her full bank information to enable us make the transfer and it takes maximum 24
    hours for the funds to be transferred into your account.

    In acknowledgments of these details, i will send you the terms along with repayment schedule and If you agree to the terms and conditions, you stand to get your loan within 24 hours. This depends on your seriousness and urgency in obtaining the loan.
    Note: You are to send a copy of any valid identity of yours along with the application details without which your loan will not be processed.via [email protected])

    Best Regards
    Mr lancer
    Managing Director

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  • No
    No Contracts Jul 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do you believe you are owed a partial or full refund? Below is some advice on how to ensure your company receives the advertising as agreed upon. If you find an advertising company has not performed according to their contract it is best to approach them with the evidence and provide your side to try and work out an acceptable solution. If no reasonable solution can be agreed upon there is another solution to possibly getting a full or partial refund. This should only be done if nothing can be worked out between you and the company and all communication breaks down. Call your bank to dispute the charges or chargeback. Only call your bank and dispute the charges for the reason(s) you feel the company did not perform as "guaranteed". In order to truly know if the company is performing as promised good record keeping from the beginning is necessary.

    Here are some tips that could be followed:
    * Request everything any sales person tells you on the phone or in person in writing and/or get permission to record the phone call for your records. This is extremely important as "guarantees" are made by certain sales people that Google employees "...have no problem saying that all of these claims are completely false." As you can read here:
    * Request, in writing, how much of your monthly fee will be spent on Adwords and/or the other PPC providers.
    * Request "Read Only Access" to your Google Adwords campaign. You will be able to view the account to inspect keywords, ads, check the pricing and other valuable statistics like the amount of clicks and overall cost. You wont have the ability to make changes, but having access to this information to print out for your records is EXTREMELY important.
    * If report access is refused or you just want to receive the reports, ask them to set up a regular schedule and send you these reports: Overall Campaign report showing pricing and all keywords and ads being used, Search Query Performance report, Impression Share Report, Keyword Performance Report, Ad Performance Report and Geographic Performance Report. These reports should come directly from Googles email: [email protected]
    * Check the placement of your ads regularly both in Google and using this tool: If your ad cannot be found take and save screenshots for your records.

    If you look over all this information and you feel the performance is not as expected, talk to the company first to maybe gain a better understanding of the information and/or see what adjustments can be made to coincide with the promises made by the sales person. If there is a refusal to stick to the "guarantees" made by the company all the information above could be given to your bank to review your dispute. If you have not been directed to read and/or sign a contract, ensure to emphasize this point to your bank. Below are links showing some guarantees made by the company and the promise of "NO CONTRACTS":
    These can be printed out and sent to the bank as well.

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  • Yo
    YouCannotFoolMe Jun 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Who's Legit?!?!

    Obviously not this company if they display the Qualified Company logo yet only hold Qualified Individual status:

    As you can see, there is a big difference in what PMP discusses on this page,, and the qualification they hold.

    Below are links to the minimum requirements that any company should hold to manage Adwords accounts in my opinion.

    Any company selling Adwords shouldn't violate Googles polices:

    You can search for "Google Certified Partners" on Googles website here:

    Good Luck!

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  • Yo
    YouCannotFoolMe Jun 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is owned by Carl Perkins and Duane Brinson under the name PBH LLC or Perkins Brinson Ho. They created the toolbars discussed here: and profited greatly.

    The sales people they currently employ sell local PPC advertising with tactics and promises that are clearly against Google TOS. Here is a post on some of the things they promise: And here is Googles policy:

    As you can find within this post and on many other complaint posts this company violates many of Googles policies and local laws:

    Cold Calling and automated calls that are illegal in many states:

    Spam:[email protected]/msg27204.html[email protected]/msg28532.html

    As you can see Google is against the main selling points of this company and what the employees "guarantee":
    * "Deceptive or non-transparent pricing...discounts on keywords, exception to the auction (don't have to pay by CPC, etc.), ability to purchase keywords in bulk..." - This company promises unlimited keywords and clicks at a flat monthly fee. How many PMP customers receive expense or click reports that show the Adwords budgeting?
    * "Selling AdWords as 'listings', implying permanence" - This is in many of their resellers names and in the name of the site that carries the Google qualification.
    * "Guaranteeing certain ad placement, or that ads will appear at all times" - As you can read in forum replies, company sites, employee profile pages and fake testimonials from ignorant PMP employees, the main selling points are statements such as this: "We DO get our clients on the first page of Google in the sponsored link section 24/7 with unlimited clicks..." This promise can be found from employees here:

    For any current customers that want to see if this guarantee of 24/7 first page placement is being upheld ask for an "Impression Share Report". This report will tell you the percentage of time the ads were shown during a specific time period. Every keyword and ad should show 100%; if not, the first page 24/7 guarantee has been broken which is a violation of their own contract and grounds for a 100% refund. Request to receive this report directly from Google to avoid any possible manipulation from any employees of this company. The best bet would be to request Report Access to the account. Then you will be able see the data directly from the Google Adwords website.

    More deceit from the company is the use of the qualification logo as can be seen here:

    Both Perkins and Brinson worked for Search Initiatives (Now Elocal, Elocallistings, Elocalplumbers, etc.) until they were both "let go" for unknown reasons when the company formed Elocal.

    Do not be fooled by promises of "exclusivity", 24/7 first page placement, unlimited clicks and other false claims. The company has been known to break many contracts and attempts to force its employees to lie or terminate them if the truth is ever told.

    Here are just a couple of the many URL's the company uses: - AKA "One Top Firm" that has a history of its own:

    Below are some resources to report any wrong doings you may feel this company may be performing:

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  • An
    Anonymous Victim Mar 02, 2010

    We were ripped off with their bogus local marketing program as well. We were far better off just doing Adwords advertising on our own which is quite simple and these guys promised better results. Completely misrepresented. We asked for a partial refund but they refused so we did a chargeback. Days after that, they attacked our pristine reputation using anonymous fake complaints on various review sites. These guys are the ### of the ###. Buyer Beware!

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  • Pm
    PMP-Support Feb 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This customer joinded us in October of 2009 and we developed and ran an online Google Adwords marketing campaign up until late January 2010, at which time this customer canceled their service complaining that we caused them to receive a negative complaint on this website. We created and managed two Google Adwords campaigns for them one of which averaged an all time position of 1.4 on the first page of Google and the other averaged an all time position of 2.3. This customer received outstanding performance and service from us!

    We contacted this site to complain of this unfounded posting but we were told cannot stop unfounded complaints but only respond.

    If you have any questions, or would like to see a review of the services which we provided to this customer, inc;luding reports directly from Google, or a copy of their customer website which was developed to market their service, please call our support line at 888.902.0008.
    Performance Media Placement

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  • Ka
    Karla Coar Jan 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This fake complaint was posted from Performance Media Placement because our small company stopped our contract with them. Their services did not produce promised results for advertising on Google's First Page. They are computer savvy and know how to hurt companies online.
    We are Certified Arborists who care for our Customers and the trees they own. We never bill a client until 100% of the work is complete and the Customer is satisfied.
    If you check, it shows "Gladys" is from India. We are based in Niles, Michigan serving the Michiana area. We do not work in India!
    My name is Karla Coar. I am the President and Certified Arborist MI-4011A of Super Tree, Inc.
    We take pride in our work and find it unbearable to have this type of libel posted. We are currently working with Google to remedy this immediately. If you have any questions or concerns, I would be pleased to address them. My personal cell phone number is [protected]. If you are a business owner contacted by Performance Media Placement or Premium Local Listing, be forewarned!

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