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Sunspot Vacation Rentals - Leavenworth, WATerrible experience!

Sunspot Vacation Rentals - Leavenworth, WA.

I rented a vacation lodge for the Labor Day weekend and I was treated with utmost disrespect and contempt. They required a 30 day prepayment and sent me a written contract with two different terms and conditions. Their check-in time is 5 pm in the afternoon, which to begin with is bad, but their contract states that if called 24 hours in advance they may accommodate Early Check in and Late Check out. One set of the terms says prepaid early check in, but not chargeable if someone is not available. The other one says there maybe a fee.

When I called to try to request an early check in, I was put in hold for 25 minutes. This happened five times, until finally a manager who wouldn't even let me speak, told me that it would cost me half day's more. When I told the manager that was not specified in the contract, she asked me my name and put me in hold for another 25 minutes and then the line went dead again. I called again and this time, a man told me the manager didn't want to speak with me because I was rude. I guess the phone line hadn't gone dead accidentally, but the rude manager had hanged up the line on me. Thank goodness, there was witness next to me that can testify that I was not rude at any time, and can also testify the 1.5 hours I spent trying to speak with someone.


  • Dr
    Dr.Mike Mar 26, 2009

    I rented a lodge in snoqualmie a year ago, I didn't receive my down deposit refund until 6 phone calls and 4 months later. I am not one to complain but this company is awful, stay away at all costs.

    Good Luck

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  • Mu
    Murphys Dad Mar 04, 2013
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    My wife and I (both over 60) rented Coulter Creek Cabin thru Sunspots for a week starting Feb 24Thu 2013, and ending mar/02/13.
    This cabin is located at 17545 High Meadows Mountain Rd, Leavenworth Wa
    This is a two bedroom cabin, about 15 miles out of Leavenworth Wa, and our desire was to have a carefree week, get away from the stress, and kick back and expose our 14 mo chocolate lab Murphy to what real snow is. The cabin is quite nice, well stocked with utensils, etc, and has Dish TV, nice furniture, and quite cozy.
    This was our first impression, over the next 6 days we really got an education, about Sunspots Rentals, and thier deceptive practices, false information, lousy maintenance, and poor customer service.
    Arrived, walked in and the first question was where is the wood stove they said we would have to bring firewood for in The listing agreement? No stove.
    Turned up the front room heat, and found it not to be working.
    Noticed a 1/2 filled blue water bottle on a stand in the kitchen, and three empty ones in a storage space.
    Turning on the lights found several bulbs out, both inside and outside on the porch.
    Went to check where The trash container was that was suppose to be outside the cabin, There was not one there.
    Turned on the TV and it worked for awhile, Then began to tile and drop signal around 9:30 That evening.
    Upon going in and using the bathroom, flushing the toilet and turning on the sink; the water coming out smelled like a swamp with decaying bodies. I let it run and the smell continued. Furthuer inspection revealed the sink, toilet and bottom of bath tub were covered with a brown coating, This was also true about the kitchen sink and dishwasher.
    It came clear what the bottled water was for.
    Woke up to a cold house, and decided to look at the front room wall heater. Upon removing The grill I found that the two over temp breakers had popped, and upon resetting them we had heat.
    Fought with the TV, calling dish and spending several hours with them. ended up resetting the dish per Dish technical inst, and achieved a 50% signal .
    That lasted about 2 hours and began getting lost signal messages
    Watched DVDs and got ready to go to bed.
    Our Choc Lab started growling by the refrigerator, and went to look at what had him going, Found a trail of carpenter ants emerging from under the refrigerator. Looked for some bug killer, and finding none ended up smacking them with the snow shovel. The wife finally sprayed where they were coming out with oven cleaner, and it seemed to slow them down.
    Ants still under refer, called the rental service, and they said they would call the owner, mentioned the water, and the empty bottles and was told that they would reimburse us to fill them..
    TV went dead at 9:30 pm will deal with it tomorrow.

    Called Dish at 12 noon, after close to an hour with them it was determined that we needed a tech to come out. They said he would come tomorrow between noon and 5pm
    We cancel our plans for the next day and stayed at the house to meet him.
    4:45 Pm called dish only to find out that someone had canceled the tech, and after an hour with them, finally found out that the owner had to approve the visit. Set up the appointment for the next day between 8:30 am and noon, and called the rental agent. She said she would call the owner and have him approve the tech.
    She called back and said the owner had been having problems with the base the dish was mounted and needed to get a permanent mount put in but canceled the work request because of the snow. It appears that this had been an on going problem and was never mentioned before we found out the hard way it was a lousy system.
    Nice to waste your whole day>
    Went out to barbecue hamburgers and the light over the barbie is out, grilling by the Braille method is great.
    Tech shows up at 8:30 am, and confirms that the problem was in fact the dish was on a bad mount and would continue to drift and lose signal.
    He was right lasted one day.
    Now we have ants on the kitchen counter.
    Tried to find a place to dump garbage, no luck, ended up hauling it home..
    The TV died, back to Band Of Brothuers, and Ice Age.
    Pack up and head home, on the way we discussed our options, and decided that while we could turn this whole mess over to the credit card company, the best thing to do is to take this as a lesson, and put the word out to everyone to do your homework and check these guys out before you get had. We found out after the fact that they were booted from the BBB, and you need to take a look at the customer comments,
    As I said at the start it is a nice cabin, from the outside, and at first glance of the inside.
    We enjoyed the snow, sun and fresh air.
    Was sure nice, to get home and get the brown residue off our skin and hair, .

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