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I entered to win a $50, 000 prize at the 'tour de elk grove' (a summer festival) when I 'won!' a trip for 3 days, 2 nights at a Marriott of my choice.. After being very spektical, as I should have been, then HARASSED me almost by calling me nearly 2 or 3 times a day.. The telemarketers are EXRTEEMLY pleasant and REALLY make you feel like they understand your sketisim.. SOO she now offered me 'free airfare' and a 'free $1, 000 online shopping spree' ahhhhh RIGHT! but I figured they specifically said this is NOT for a timeshare or to buy anything.. that its just their way of 'advertising their travel discounts' So what DO i have to lose?? well over an hour and a half of my time and LONGER if you dont have the 'i'm out of here' attitude..

They insisted I bring my boyfriend because we live together - so we went.. It was a rainy friday night, we didnt have anything special to do, its right down the street - and if we can just stick to the little weekend get-away they we offering - cool! then I had NO problem listening to the 'presentation'

To my surprise a room full of people also showed up! I figured that we ALL couldnt be suckers!! but anyways - The presentation was short but introducing us to their sales pitch.. for a FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLAR TRAVEL PACKAGE!!! $15, 000!?? WOW! for not 25 BUT 30 weeks of VACATION! (on special that day! of course!) Then Dwayne ends the presentation by having a SWARM of sales people wisk us away to their desks to see if we would like to right a check or finance the $15, 000 package...

I just started laughing!! my boyfriend asks the kid that 'has been there 4 weeks' if he was serious!? of course he says, 'yeah, why!?' He said well its $12, 000 today - with the 20% off not $15, 000 BUT THAT MONEY HAS TO BE PAID THAT DAY - AT THAT TIME - NO time to even think about it! Then or never they said!!!

When I made it clear that we ARE NOT interested in purchasing ANY type of package and that I would NOT be writing him a check or having the package financed.. He brought his 'boss' over to the desk.. The boss then does us a 'SPECIAL deal' of $7, 800 for a smaller package.. which we were so aggravated that I wasnt even listening what it was for.. So I said NO.. please just let us go - we arent buying anything.. the kid throws in there 'wow! he never passes that out! he must have liked you guys..'

Then they sit us in another little room to wait for the manager to 'validate our vouchers' I asked the girls that were sitting in the room waiting with us if they were offered the 'special deal..' and the guy must have liked them too because they were offered it!! SURPRISE SURPRISE!!

After being there for an hour and a half they wisk us away now to the manager's office.. who now offers us 'a special package that they only let him use twice a year..' for $895 and he could waive some fees.. blah blah blah - THAT was in fact the final attempt to get me to turn over a check to them.. but a scam none-the less..
I then checked on here (because a friend told me about /link removed/ and of course the place that our FREE TRIP is from is called Spirit Incentives and there's pages and pages of horror stories.. not to mention the complaints about Sundance Vacations..

I know now to check this whenever skeptical!! and just wanted to give a heads up to anyone willing to WASTE their Friday night like we did - DONT DO IT!! its a waste of time and is a complete JOKE!

I have tried calling the location I went to - to question this 'free trip' that they gave us.. along with the Online shopping spree that I did not receive and it keeps looping me through an automated system that wont even get me thru to the receptionist.. And I've been calling the number that they had me do the reservation to hear the 'presentation' thru and they gave me a bogus number to contact Spirit..

I never thought of myself as a stupid person - but holy cow- today I feel like SUCH an IDIOT for going to this thing!! the only thing making me feel better is to warn those of you that are considering going!!

Elk Grove Village, Illinois


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    Caroline Monsalvo Aug 29, 2017
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    Verified customer

    I made a hurried decision and signed too the moment thought it was a good deal...but please read between the lines...they are not saving you money...I purchased the package, financed it...each time I had to travel had to pay additional monies and the yearly maintenance fee for something I don't own...I was very disappointed at the service received from the resort which I stayed for 7 days...I went to the front desk to request some clean towels. I was told by the resort that I cannot get it because its not in their package deal with Sundance...gosh!! paying all this money and could not even get a role of toilet paper...

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    Kccarter Jan 27, 2016

    I disagree with 90% of what I'm reading. I got the call the other day that I was receiving a free trip from sundance. When I was talking to the lady on the phone she DID tell me that it was not a prize, it was a promotion and it was not completely free. She told me I was responsable for the taxes, which ranged from 150-190 a person. I have a job, I can aford to pay 400 bucks for my husband and I for 4 days in Mexico, thats a steel! She said all I had to do was come and attend a presentation and I would get my voucher. I don't feel like I was mislead at all.

    We did attend the presentation, and they did say that they do not advertise, instead they gave away vacations and in return had their clients go threw a sales pitch while keeping opened mind. My husband and I LOVE to travel so we figured we would give it a shot.

    After wooing me with talk of resorts in Hawaii (my dream vacation) I was ready to sign, but my husband was not. We did get a "special deal" of 6, 000 for 17 weeks of vacation and some other perks. They did specified that there was an up charge for peak seasons and holidays (they even showed us a chart with locations and when those times were). AND they DID tell us that there was yearly tax fees of 375 (which is not shocking to anyone that vacations). They even specified that traveling with more people would up the reservation fee. If there was a fee in that contract I found it, I went over it for 3.5 hours because I don't sign without knowing EVERYTHING about a deal, and my husband is not very spontaneous and very sceptical. In my opinion, I left feeling very informed about my package. I will write a bad review if I have to, but my expierence was good.

    The sales pitch I will agree was VERY high pressure, but I can understand why they do that. We came with about 6 other couples and us and another couple purchased, the others left after hearing the sales pitch. We purchased because we are planning to travel just us two and the plan sounds good. No matter what, your not going to get a FREE vacation with your package. They offer a package for 15, 000, but you get 30 weeks of vacations! My family of 6 went on a cruise a few years ago and our total costs was about 10, 000. 15, 000 is a big number, but if you weigh that with the reservation fee and yearly tax fee and divide it by 30 weeks of vacation, it's still cheeper than what you would normally pay.

    I got a package and I don't feel like I was scammed, I just feel excited for my next trip! In my opinion, if your finding "unexpected fees" then you didnt read the contract close enough.

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  • Je
    Jen514 Apr 14, 2015

    Thanks so much for posting this. I got a call on my cell phone from this number and thankfully I spent the time to look up the phone number and this site came up on Google. You have saved me so much of my precious time. Thanks again!!!

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  • Je
    Jerseygirl80 Jan 06, 2015

    I am SO GLAD that I used my common sense on this!! What a joke!! We filled out a stupid prize voucher to win a Jeep at a local mall (which I HATE doing b/c of crap like this), and end up with scammers (AKA, Sundance Vacations) calling us to offer a "free" vacation. They blatantly LIE on the phone. I asked if there was timeshare or sales involve, and the customer service operator flat out said, "NO". LIE!!! When things seem too good to be true, they are. No matter how "nice" or "polite" their "staff" is, they are scammers. Trained scammers. I'm glad I have a job that does not scam innocent people. I can sleep at night knowing that I'm a good person. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Seriously. I hope they end up being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. One day, they are going to "scam" the wrong person:)
    Happy I'm A Smart Girl In NJ:)

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  • Ma
    mandie celestine Oct 09, 2014
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    Verified customer

    Well am so glad that i googled Sundance Vacation because this sales rep sounded too good to be truthful. My fiance & i had an appointment to go to Parrisamy NJ to their presentation and receive a free 3 day trip to the Bahamas on a Crusie Ship of our choice. We did decided that we will go because we had went to a time share presentation in Las Vegas and we did get a great offer of(dinner for 2 at the Venietian sky top restaurant, tickets to the wax Museum, and a tour at the water front of the Venetian Hotel) and we did not buy anything but but after reading all these negative responses about Sundanece Vacation & their scam tactics, WE WILL NOTBE GOING.

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  • I want to get out of my Sundance agreement so bad I can taste it. Went to the presentation got sucked in even when i told them i was litterally in the middle of planning my dead grandmothers funeral and couldnt spend the money they didnt care and kept the press so yep they caught me at a very vulnerable moment. Once I got home and started looking at the website i realize i wouldnt put my worse enemy in some of these spots. They are not 5-star as promised more like 2 stars and thats if its the last place to stay in a deserted town!

    Im spending money for something i have no plan to use. I check the website often to see if anything has improved and low and behold nothing is ever available on the dates i look at hmmmm very interesting. And what is available looks like it smells like old mildew clothes and socks. How can I get out of this contract, I rather save my monthly money and pay for a vacation that I plan myself, at least I know the room will come with bed linens and a phone! Geesh you guys stop lying to the public!

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  • Jo
    jonsonmayal Dec 07, 2013

    Provides wholesale vacation packages. Customers who sign up can choose packages by type and destination, which are based on where the company and its partners own, lease, or otherwise have access to resort accommodations.

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  • 3d
    3 dwarfs & Robin Hood Dec 03, 2013

    I am a realist and actually have a brain, which functions a third of the time normally. So mostly, on special occasions.

    But wow…..
    Can you say stroke job?

    Sundance….O beautiful Sundance;) You can herd all the lemmings that will fall for such an easy pitch, but I'll save the trip and play with myself instead!
    Thank you
    but no thank you!

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  • If you follow the rules of getting the vacation package etc...You will receive them.They are not a fly by night business.Of course there's a sales presentation but you're under no obligation to buy anything.People are just dumb and don't follow the instructions. I've been to many including this one and read the fine print.

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  • Bo
    bombom87 Apr 12, 2013

    Thanks a lot to all the people who write about this scams... I just received a call today from Sundance Vacations stating I won a FREE cruise to the Bahamas for two and scheduled me for tomorrow to go to a 60 mins talk about what I've won. It sounded too good to be true so I decided to google them up and I found this page. Thank God, if it wasn't for all these people posting the truth, I'd had gone to their office, waste my time and got nothing but a headache.

    Thanks for helping me verify this scam.

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  • Ra
    ralph82672 Aug 06, 2012

    I am very sorry to say. I have never been ripped off like this before. How do people like this sleep at night. They lied and lied. Told me there were hundreds of beutiful vacation spots. All I found was roach motels with nothing about complaints about them being outdated, needing renovating, and overly priced. I found places that were brand new for half the cost. I mean half the cost also. It is a scam, a scam, a scam. They must have thier employees posting ads for them. For every good ad there are five negative. The negative ones are so bad, that the good ones you know are lies.

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  • Ta
    tanscam Jul 31, 2012

    If this vacation package that Sundance Vacation sells, for Brad Callahan and Travel Advantage Network, was really that unbelievable of a deal - why wouldn't they just sell it online, like most businesses do now? Instead, they have to harass you and wave shiny prizes to get you into a sit down high pressure sales pitch so they can shove the whole package down your throat.

    Think of the costs it takes to run a marketing program where the canvassers get paid commission for getting slips filled out at events, where telemarketers get paid commission for the "shows" they book and the sales reps get paid commission for the packages they sell. Where is all that overhead going? Well of course their clients are paying for it, as it's wrapped into the price of the packages.

    Think about it. If it was that great, why go through all that overhead, hassle, negative publicity and shadiness instead of just selling their packages online, where consumers would have the time to look over them themselves and not be hoodwinked into signing.

    Want to know more about the TAN, Sundance, Smartravel triumvirate? Here's a good source:

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  • Af
    afox May 31, 2011

    Listen. This seems very simple to me. You can walk into a furniture store for a couch. Its pretty cut and dry. I want a couch, you have a couch, Ill buy it. Lets make a deal. You know there isnt going to be a piece of paper you sign that says "I promise to give you this couch 49 hours after you give me the check. And "our company promises if you have blind faith in us you will be rewarded. No they give you the couch when you give them the money. Their business stays in that parking lot. Its not in a rented out storage space that could disappear the moment you walk out. This is business folks. I want. You have. Lets help eachother out. There shouldnt be any hey I promise . if the company has to stay on the phone to convince you for 60 minutes the answer seems pretty simple to me. The answer is no. People at Sundance if you dont like the comments being made maybe you should actually run a legit business where the conept is simple. Not riddled with "This is not free" blah blah. Stick to regular advertisements. If your business is sound, people will know. When you have to "sell" your company with every phone call you make, your company isnt good. The sad thing is theres alotta hard working people out there. Its so morally wrong to be doing this to people. Bottom line-you act shady, you are shady. And dont put a response on here saying-"mam if your unhappy call our office" No I will not Im going to keep my business with some place I know and trust and that doesnt have to sit on the phone for 60 minutes pleading with me that their company is good. Trust is important. Theres too many corrupt businesses. You are not trustworthy. If I want to go on vacation I will go online and book my flight like I normally would. If I ever go on a vacation that requires me to have a travel agent I will go some where in my own town that has actually made a name for themselves by doing business with local people with no motive other than an exchange of services for an appropriate amount of money. Thanks and remember people the society we live in-its sad but if its to good to be true it is. Sucks the good word of man has been shot to hell

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    World-Traveler Apr 15, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to the presentation, heard the schpeal for about 2 hours, I should have walked away immediately, but I have a really hard time telling "NO" to anybody. I ended up buying a bare minimum package, 7 weeks for $2500 and they let me trade in my "free" cruise for an 8th week. They will tell you ANYTHING to get you to commit to a package, keep in mind also that if you get cold feet as I did, you can cancel within 3 days time. I think the law actually states a month, but don't push your luck. They talked me down promising that if I didn't like the program I could get a full refund, which ended up total bullcrap! The hotel I went to was nice, nothing slummy or fancy, but the part that I think is BS is they tell you that every week you buy will sleep 4 people and that just isn't true. Unless you can actually picture 2 of your grown adult friends sharing a pull-out or rollaway bed in a hotel room. The all-inclusives all carry $70/day/person mandatory meal-service, which is what a normal resort charges in the Caribbean so why not just go there instead? The part I feel the most regret about is that you have to plan/book everything 90 days in advance to get what you want, otherwise you're taking your chances with the Excess Invetory, which is just like the Island of Misfit Toys, it's the "leftovers." If you're someone who routinely makes travel plans and commitments that far in advance then this might be a value for you, but it's a miserable program for a single person who likes to book things a month or so in advance. Feel free to contact me if you have other ?s, I really wish I could "undo" this but once again I got burned by being a little too trusting. I could sue them, sure. They're in PA, so unless you have a cousin lawyer who wants to waste their time on it, you're not going to touch them. Writing this commentary is about the only recourse I'll ever have, and helping people not get sold something they don't want/need would be my biggest pleasure to save you from my experience. The way I see it, if you really want to take a vacation, the economy is so bad right now that you can go just about anywhere you want as cheap as you can with this company, and not have all the restrictions and "gotchas" and you'll appreciate the flexibility. Vacation prices are going to stay cheap a long time, it's the fuel costs in getting there there probably won't get any cheaper over time. Good luck! SH

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  • Mo
    Mommytobe3 Mar 20, 2011

    Oh yeah! And when the telemarter puts you on hold for their supervisor to give you your confirmation code, that's a big lie to. We already have the confirmation code. The confirmation code is CCA and the last 4 digits of your phone number. That is if you were "selected to recieve the cruise for 2 to the Bahamas sailing ports from either Port Canaveral or Miami, Florida!" And the so called receptionist named Kelly that you give the confirmation code to. Yeah, that's a big lie to. There is no girl named Kelly. We are told to use that name for consistency so we don't sound like we are lying. You are taught to do nothing but lie from day one. We also have a thing we do called "role playing." That is when people miss their appointments and we have these leads that are called hot sheets. Basically they were booked, but missed for some reason and we call them and find out what happened to see when they can come in. We call our supervisor over and she role plays. She will talk out loud so you can hear what she is saying! She will say, "Okay, well so and so missed their appointment on this date...are they sure they can make it in?...this is the last day we can hold it for them!" that is to try and guarantee they come in. That's a lie to. You can keep missing, and they will keep calling to reschedule you. They also offer you a $20 dinner certificate if you come in that day or the next bonus commission time slot. That's a lie to. You get a voucher! You have to buy your own dinner at red lobster, olive garden, etc. And they give you a mail in rebate for you to get your money reembersed. So don't expect a $20 dinner certificate to go out to eat after your meeting with Sundance Vacations. You get a good ole mail in rebate!!! And I do agree with the people on here. Any good comments on here are the people who work for the company. Really Sundance, everyone cannot be a liar!!! They all stick together to protect one another. Them corporate employees make the big $$$$ so they have to protect their living, in the meantime they are taking advantage of hard working couples all over the world. I really hope your company goes down. I will be happy to see your lies all come to an end.

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  • Mo
    Mommytobe3 Mar 20, 2011

    I am a previous employee of this company. I worked as a telemarketer out of Pennsylvania. I started in February 2011 and quit after one week. I had my training where they sit all of us new employees down in a room, and we are to have the same experience that our potential clients that will possibly be coming in will experience. They made us believe the clients are under no stress when they come in, and that the people we were calling that came into the office would leave satisfied. They educated us on how great the company was, and that is was rated the best place to work. In a short time that I worked there I realized this company is full of unanswered promises. As I picked up the phone to call people daily, I had at least 5 people or more a day telling me horror story after horror story. I had talked to a co-worker next to me who has been there for at least 10 years about the things I was hearing. She replied, "I know!" So obviously to the long timers at the company the lying didn't bother them. I was told to never give out the sundance vacations website when I am trying to get someone into the office for the 60 minute presentation. I was told by that same co-worker if they see the website they will not come in. Only 3 days into my job I realized that this is not something I wanted to do. I did not feel comfortable lying to people to get them to come into the travel agency. What I was once to believe was a great company ended in finding out the horrific truth about it. I was so stressed. I had tried so hard to get this job, because it had great hours with having 3 little kids at home. And realized I made a big mistake. I had worked at my previous employer for 5 years and collected for only about 2 weeks and landed this job as a telemarketer. I wanted to find myself a job elsewhere A.S.A.P. and quit after a week. The sad thing is that this company is fighting me tooth and nail so I cannot collect a lousy $150 a week from my PREVIOUS EMPLOYER!!! That just shows you what kind of people you are dealing with here. They have their representative who is their power of attorney keep appealing the case so I cannot collect. I am a mother of 3 children and 1 on the way. Seriously, get a life and worry about scamming your next victim!!! A case of a bunch of rich people worrying about a mother at home with 3 kids collecting from another company! I am not even collecting from you!!! If you do not play by their rules...there is not a happy ending!!!

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  • Mo
    Mommytobe3 Mar 20, 2011

    I have worked for the company. I have never met a company that would go out of their way to fight you tooth and nail for your unemployment so you don't receive it!!! Not a very good company in my opinion. I worked their for a week and heard horror story after horror story from at least 5 people a day. I found out in a short period of time that this company was not fulfilling what I was working my [censor] off to preach! I didn't feel comfortable lying to people and was very stressed with the job. I quit the job that I had for a week to continue collecting off of my previous employer of 5 years, and they have their company representative who is their power of attorney keep appealing my case so I cannot collect. WTF! I am a mother of 3 children...seriously get a life and worry about scamming some more innocent people!!! Your company has no morals or values. A bunch of rich people fighting so a mother can't collect $150 a week. And the worst part of it is...I'm not evening collecting off of you!!! That shows what kind of company this is. If you don't play by their rules, you don't have a happy ending!!!

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  • Go
    gololo Mar 18, 2011

    I believe the comments that are posted in this site in a positive way about Sundance Vacation, are all the Sundance Vacation company employees. They are probably getting paid to write these comments. They have really bad mouth too. How many people could have bad experiences? I am sure they suck. I wanted to go there with a big question mark in my head but WILL NOT BE SHOWING UP THERE. You Sundance people, get a real job without screwing people up. Get a life you people and leave us alone.

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  • Su
    SuckitSundance Feb 28, 2011

    I worked for the Sundance Vacations office in Brookfield, WI. I was one of the employees who sign you up for the "free raffle". NOBODY SHOULD EVER CONSIDER DEALING WITH THIS COMPANY. Don't listen to their "we love our company" B.S. This company uses guerrilla sales tactics in order to sucker people into buying overpriced vacation packages. That's all it is, and that's all it ever was. As a lead generator, I came across THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of people who absolutely hated us. All of us who signed people up for raffles took an enormous amount of verbal and sometimes physical confrontation from people who had dealt with the company. Sundance Vacations became the joke of Milwaukee. People knew the company's scam, and they had enough. That's why they left the Milwaukee area...they ran out of people to sign up and scam. It's as simple as that. Now they'll just go to the next market and the scam will continue. Hopefully this company goes down hard. I'd love to see them lose everything in a major lawsuit.

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  • Jo
    Joe from PA Jan 23, 2011

    As a "sucker" that has fallen for their packages, all I can say is that I actually AM ENJOYING my vacation packages. My wife signed up for the vacation packages at the Pennsylvania Farm Show last year and I was very skeptical. I am one that does my research and kept on telling her that I thought it was a scam. However I have done my work online and am quite surprised at my findings...

    1. Their selling practices clearly border on being 'Deceptive', however they are a very legitimate business.
    2. $15, 000.00 is a lot of money, but exactly what does it cost to rent a decent place in a vacation hotspot? If you take 30 vacations at $300-$400.00 A NIGHT during prime season, that is alot more than the $15, 000.00 that would pay to be inclusive to go to the same destination
    3. I understand their concept... Buying in bulk does save money. They have invested a lot of their own capital into the company so that the consumers will have a great time.
    4. Personally and honestly I only paid them $4, 400.00 for TWELVE weeks of vacation stays.. This doesn't include the "Excess Inventory" vacations we have been allowed to take, which doesn't account against your 12 weeks of vacation. This is because I have done my homework before I went to the sales pitch seminar.
    5. The $15, 000.00 figure is still for suckers, but in order to make their sales and commission they are willing to work with you.
    6. The people giving the presentations are good at what they do. Thats why only certain people do the presentations. When I went to the seminar they were talking about a figure of $35.42 per night vs $300 and something per night. And during all of the beginning never mentioning the $15, 000 or $20, 000.00 figure. These figures all of a sudden pop up towards the end of the presentation when everyone is blinded by the pretty pictures of the vacation hotspots.
    7. They gorgeous girls wearing the tiny skirts that are walking around are a morale booster for the men. Who wouldn't be suckered into a pretty good batting her eyes at you while giving you a shot of their cleavage. This is why so many of them are successful in making the sales. (And honestly I am a SUCKER for a hot girl that dresses in school girl outfit!!!
    8. This company has been recognized by the State of Pennsylvania as being one of the top companies to work for in multiple years in a row. These ratings are calculated in part by consumers, as well as by employees. This in itself tells me that the company must be doing something right.
    9. They have also won many awards and have received high honors from organizations including Rotary Clubs, Local awards, etc. Apparently they are doing something right.
    10. The person that I sat through that was trying to sell us the package showed us ALL the paperwork and we left with duplicate copies of ALL the paperwork. Their terms are very clearly defined... It is to protect us the consumer, as well as them as the retailer/wholesaler of the product...
    11. I have copies of their entire contract if anyone is interested and actually doesn't want to be scammed.
    12. I am not a part of the company at all, just someone that has actually had positive experiences with them. I am not here to defend them, but to give you my personal experience (so far) with them.
    13. Annual Service fees... $359.00 annual processing fee which pays for ALL Taxes and port fees doesn't have to be paid by us until March 1st, 2012. This is clearly defined in our contract
    14. We pay $99.00 for our week, wherever we may want to be. There is also a $148.00 fee on top of that for their Excess inventory if we should want to use one of these weeks. So for $247.00 we could use one of their excess inventory vacation spots.
    15. Airfare is never included in the vacations. You are on your own with this, but they will assist you with getting the cheapest rates. Go ahead and compare your prices against their rates... I bet that their rates are cheaper.
    16. Honest to God so far I have had nothing but great things to say about this company.
    17. I had asked them not to be so "Deceptive" in their sales pitch. I do understand why they do it though. If you were to say the trip would cost $15, 000.00... Well thats a pretty big figure to get someone to come out to their sales pitch... So the number $99.00 or *FREE* works much better in their favor to build a customer/company relationship... Technically the "Free Cruise" pitch is free, but remember that you are responsible for the port and taxes. This is with just about anything. If you win the prize you are still responsible for the taxes on the prize.

    As I have stated I am happy with their practices. I am from Pennsylvania, which I believe is where they have originated from and have always been skeptical until I decided to take the plunge. I feel very comfortable with me decision...

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  • Ca
    C & K Williams Dec 08, 2010

    I felt like everyone else when I signed up for this vacation deal with Sundance Vacations that it was the opportunity of a lifetime, you get all these vacation deals all over the place for very little money, and when I actually wanted to pursue several spots, all I heard was everything is booked, everywhere I wished to go. I refused to pay them another dime, after being out over $1350, and made a complaint here on this forum. A rep from Sundance saw my complaint, (why they were here on this site is still beyond me) and after several emails and phone calls, got me all of my money back and stopped the harrassing phone calls. I don't agree with their business, I would never fall for something like that again, but if you persist hard enough, there is a way out of it if you feel like you've been scammed like I did. They did work with me at the end to get me out of my mistake.

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  • Bh
    bhenry Nov 27, 2010

    This sounds exactly the same type of scam my parents went through in 2008. They paid with the credit card that was processed out of the united states, and said we could not get a refund because it was binding when they entered the card number. THis is a scam...Stay away...

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  • Su
    Sundance- Fundance? NOPE! Sep 30, 2010

    Just had a similar experience last night. Although, I'm an extremely critical person, so I went in having no expectations, and promising myself not to spend a penny. Needless to say, 2 hours later, I walked out of there with my free cruise. However, I feel bad for the suckers who signed up for the 15, 000 dollar vacation package.

    Just an FYI: these business guys dont really know what they're talking about. I pulled out my phone and started calculating the finances right in front of them- and the sales man got nervous and was like "i'm sorry do you need to take care of something?" So I responded with a NO, and told him exactly what I was doing. He got all sorts of antsy and was like "oh you dont need to do that, thats why I'm here, to do all the math for you."

    Well just to tell you- I calculated the vacation package price over a lifetime with everything Sundance offers, and then I compared it to my 1000 dollar per year spent vacations. Sundance will charge over 100, 000 dollars over a lifetime with all the port fees, taxes, etc, whereas you, if you vacation like me, will be spending approx 30, 000 over a lifetime for vacations.

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  • Co
    colbert Sep 19, 2010

    I was bored tonight and just wanted to ammuse myself so i decided to check the "sundance hater" site and to every single person thats posted on this website, that is pro and anti the dance need to relax ha...just take it easy, , it truly isnt the end of the world here, , , for the anti sundance comments it seems like that sundance ended all of your remaining life that you have because of some 50 dollar deposit for a cruise and apparentley sales people asking you to more than likley purchase something while you go to this presentation for 60 min or whatever. hmmmmmm alot of hate for something not so catastrophic here, , , thats what i interpretated through the context of the testimonies haha, I know its hilarious nation. Now to the pro sundance it seems like they are definatley employees of sundance for the most part and seemed quite defensive, , , kinda like if someone would make fun of your other half (wife/husband) somehow or your mother, , , so through the context it seems like their passionate employees and thats usually a good sign for any company...I mean go look at geico/Tmobile/Best Buy/apple vacations/etc...They are all Great companies and Great at what they provide and i bet you can find some hater comments on them and some pro comments as well (as in employees). this is conflict and because of the haters spreading the negative guess what its going to bring out? More Negative nation ha and we all know we dont need more negative, so spread the positive and see more of the positive things in life.

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  • Su
    sunshine6899 Sep 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Apparently none of you people read anything b4 singing. DUH they are a company [censor]s apparently none of you have any idea about marketing!! I recieved the same phone call HOWEVER it was expected due to the fact i had PREVIOUSLY read the entry form!! the presentation is not at all bad, they try to make it fun and interesting unlike a boring time share, its only 1hr and you get to ask any questions b4 u leave!!! although i didnt buy, they have the best deals out there and i would use them to travel. No matter who you book a trip with there will be problems, you cant blame them for a bad hotel experience or another company hasseling you! GROW UP PPL!! BTW my vacation was inexpencive and fantastic. royal carribean cruise, all food and drink included, airfair!! u are nuts if you think even 300 dollars out of pocket is alot for this you would spend that for two in just a few nights on food nevermond airfair!!! These people obviously are looking for something for nothing! And legally you are responsable for your own tax. get real ppl!

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  • Rt
    rt1967 Sep 03, 2010

    BBB Business Review Reliability Report for
    Sundance Vacations
    BBB Accreditation was revoked on 1/25/2010

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  • Rt
    rt1967 Sep 03, 2010

    Company is fraudulant and deceptive when, not only presenting Wholesale Vacations, but, also when hiring the staff. I was a recent victim of ther false promises. I was hired the very first part of August, 2010. What a nightmare, and string of deception and lies. There was no training of any real kind? Pretty much wached a 40 minute presentation, just like there, SOON TO BE NEW VALUED FAMILY MEMBER, or simply put harrassed, pissed off POTENTIAL customer to be!!!~ Anyway, after watcing the video we were not given any further training, other than to sit at a table, with a not so friendly, worried you'll do better then them CO-WORKER, and OBSERVE their presentation, which was NOT too impresive, I would guess because, they had similar training as I ???? First of all, WHEN DID (NO) START TO MEAN( YES )? I thought NO meant NO?? These So Called, Self Consious, Whinny T. O.'s Or Turn Overs / Managers or Directors, for a REAL TERM, are liers, and will stop at NOTHING to try to PINCH out the LAST nickle of some UNQUALIFIED Customer in the first place. They are very high pressure, and arrogant with there customers and STAFF!!!
    The Leads, are not Qualified, other than asking on a form their yearly income, over 25 k per yr. you are in!!! FREE CRUISE, They forget to mention to ther starving FUTURE SALES STAR, they never even verify the employment. I can't count on both hands and feet, the number of people who JUST Did NOT QUALIFY PERIOD... Why would you waste a sales reps time and potential future????? All LIES!!! My next step is to take this to the state and Federal level, possibly a civil suit, Fuiture Employees, as well as coustmers... I could go on for Days with this story, IT"SSIMPLE, RUN FROM SOMEDANCE, I Mean SUNDANCE :), Maybe FOX will air it on the Primetime News :) :) Well it is SOME DANCE THEY DO @ SUNDANCE LOL LOL LOL!!!

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  • Sc
    SCAM911 Aug 19, 2010

    I just wanted to thank everyone on this site for their input. I as well was lured into this "wonderful vacation package" but thank god found this site the very same night i bought and HAD HAD HADDD TO cancel. This morning my husband got on the phone and told sundance vacation that he wanted to cancel, after about 10 mins of him telling them to cancel and them lower the prices my husband started to get loud and argue.. Long story short we got to cancel YAY! ... and yes we were the idiots for actually believing everything that was told to us.. and once again it proves nothing in life is free, and im ok with that =) im just sooo happy we could cancel and never ever again will my husband and i sign for something we did not know completely, which means! everytime i went to read the fine print they person selling us the package would either move the paper away from me or start talking loudly so that i would get distracted UGHHH.. waste of 2 hours of our time i just pray that they give us our 200 dollar deposit back or we will be disputing this matter!!!


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  • Sc
    scammed Aug 09, 2010

    Wilkes-Barre PA has got to be the worst. Patty Harvey is the manager. It is a joke! A total waste of time and MONEY!

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  • As
    assdoosirekk Jul 20, 2010

    I just got a call today telling me about a Cruise and I can't quite remember if she said I won it or it's a promotional offer. All I can say is, they are very convincing. They make you feel like you've actually won it and not like everybody got a call . I scheduled an appointment at 5:00pm tomorrow at Brookfield, WI and after reading through all the comments and pages about Sundance, I don't think I will be attending it. Having to pay just the taxes for the cruise is a great deal but I don't want to be go through the sales pitch at the end of the presentation coz I get frustrated too easily. Moreover, I've been on a cruise to the Bahamas a few years ago and I absolutely loved it.

    Thanks for the heads-up guys... I either saved a lot of time and a headache or I just missed a good deal on a cruise that I most probably wouldn't have taken if I didn't get the call. Cheers

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  • Jo
    jobon Jul 04, 2010

    Maybe they changed their tactics, but my hubby and I just went to a presentation and we actually had a great time. True, we had to sit through an hour long presentation and immediately afterwards we were approached by customer service reps who explained packages to us, but it was a light, fun atmosphere. My hubby and I didn't end up purchasing a package because, thanks to the economy, we are broke... but we had a good time and we are looking forward to our 3 night cruise that we were never told we "won"... but rather, we earned by going to this hour presentation. We have to pay the taxes (at the most 450 bucks total!) which is still a great deal for a 3 night cruise for two ppl. I think, if I read your experience first, I probably would n't have gone... no... I definetly wouldn't have gone. But I didn't... and I did go... and thankfully so. Again, maybe the persone you spoke with was shady stating you "won" this trip??? I was very clear its not something I won. IDK... just my opinion... but I did want to put it out there.

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  • Qi
    qitcryn Jun 04, 2010

    WE just heard the sales pitch last night.. And if you haven't been anywhere or your young and an inexperienced vacationer.. You will think it's a scam, But it's not. The only problem with them is that they don't offer the best of the best. And their packages are really overpriced for what they have access too. We are currently with RCI & for $124/yr I can travel to a 2 BDR condo resort that sleeps 6-8 and is a 5 star resort which is last call for $250. Example: we stayed in Weston, FL. for 7 nights for $250. And we stayed at the Hilton on the Strip in Las Vegas for $250, 7 nights.

    The stuff Sundance carries looked older, & run down..And when I asked the sales guy to show me 5 star upscale properties he said: quote "ratings are for only hotels". WHAT?? Me and my wife just looked at each other.. Obviously they need more training. I asked the guy to show me properties in the Weston, FL. area, they had none. I asked about the Hilton Grand on the Strip..nothing there.. awe this sucks..

    Now the cruise we will do.. We can afford the total $240 for a 3 night 4 day cruise for 2. That's a steal...on Royal Caribbean..

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  • Sh
    Shiysmommy Apr 16, 2010

    I accually worked at a Sundance vacations.. we are told that we arent fake ...but did you get the telemarketers name ? i would call your local sundance vacations the only one i know of is in Shamokin Pa on Franklin St (thats were the telemarketers are and i'm sure their are more)

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  • Na
    Nada111 Apr 16, 2010

    I was offered an office position with this company. The building had no security and it was an evening position. I had to go to the companies headquarters in Wilkes-Barre, PA for an entire day. I was told I would be paid for the day and never was. It was over 2 hours one way in the car to get there. After going thru the motions the entire day, I declined the position. It sounds so good, the sales pitch, they had me wanting to purchase the vacation package. When you get out of the presentation room, they bring you into a room with beach balls, loud music and the smell of coconuts. This is a sales tactic to get you to purchase the vacation package (this is what they told us) They encourage employees to blog good things about the company, so when you google search their company, you will see all the great stuff about the company and not the bad.

    People, no one wants to go on vacation during off peak season. There are so many hidden fees, you pay twice as much money and you can book the vacation yourself for much less money. I couldn't work for a company that treated people this way, so I didn't take the job. Plus, I didn't want to get killed one night at work because an upset customer came in irate and I would have been the first person they saw.

    I'm glad my parents taught me morals, I don't care how bad I needed a job, I wasn't going to help a company rip off hard working people to get ahead for my own self gain.

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  • Be
    BewickBlade Apr 16, 2010

    Sundance Vacations is what it is, another company using less than respectable sales techniques to sell a product that may or may not suit you. There is nothing illegal or fraudulent about what they are doing, however, the methods and techniques used to sell are at best ethically questionable. You must listen very carefully to everything being said, a simple and small example is when describing the ‘standard’ or ‘minimum you can expect’ accommodation, whilst describing this the presenter will jump in and out of descriptions of specific high end properties, this will be done very smoothly thus giving the impression that what has just been described is the ‘standard’.

    This is just one small example of the type of techniques used, and it is not a long way from a ‘typical’ sales technique. The idea of sales is to make your product sound as attractive as possible, however, the line between highlighting the advantages and benefits of a product and imposing a rarely achieved advantage or benefit across the whole product range is extremely thin. But don’t be confused the line is crossed consciously and intentionally!

    The most offensive and obnoxious thing I found was after explaining to the polite and potentially talented young sales person that this wasn’t for us, she then went to get one of the ‘directors’. I have no problem with that, they want to have another go with a better offer. Once I then explained to her why this wasn’t for us the final line was ‘So you are going to throw away $1200’. Not only is that rude, ignorant and offensive it is the lowest of the low high pressure sales techniques. Every single person that has ever used this or similar knows what they are doing and should be ashamed, as should any company promoting such techniques. Please note ashamed not prosecuted!

    For any Sundance employees – there is plenty of good sales jobs out there, even in this economy you can find a job in sales and make good money that you can be proud of earning!

    For everyone else – My wife and I went along and we got the Cubs tickets we wanted, and the cruise, but to be honest probably will not go on the cruise.

    If you are going for the freebie here is a one killer tip that will get you out of there quickly without upsetting anyone or feeling like you are being rude:

    1. Tell them you don’t have $20k, $10k, $5k or whatever in the bank.
    2. They will say ‘no problem most people don’t’ – and then tell you about their financing (starts at 16%)
    3. Your response ‘I don’t use credit, you have seen what has happened to the world recently, so I do not use credit, if I want something I pay cash’

    They will go silent, if you don’t use credit and don’t have the cash they cant sell you anything…….

    If you go and are genuinely interested in their product, and don’t get me wrong I am sure its good for some people, here are a couple of tips:

    1. Ignore all but the basics of the first presentation
    2. Pick out a couple of places you know you would go to and ask to see the specific accommodation that you would stay in, and take copies.
    3. Be assertive and keeping putting up barriers, the deals will just get better.
    4. If you are going to finance you can get it down to 0% with persistence.
    5. If you make it all the way to the final guy who gives you your cruise, he or she will waive the $359 yearly fee for taxes, tips and charges.

    Good luck all and thank goodness for the internet!

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  • It
    its_your_own_fault Apr 15, 2010

    I agree, it's a bit shady, but I don't think they are doing anything fraudulent.

    I filled out a form to win Blackhawks playoff tickets and got a call from Sundance. I have to say, the representative was very friendly, and she was up front that I didn't win the raffle I entered (hadn't been drawn yet) but that I was being offered a MARKETING OPPORTUNITY.

    After reading what I did on this page, I just called her back and politely told her that I had read information online that I was skeptical about, and I'd like to decline the offer. She said she was sorry to hear it but was nice about it and we hung up.

    Just thought I'd add my two cents here because there seem to be a lot of angry, misinformed people. Be kind to the people on the phone, they aren't lying to you - you are just misunderstanding in your moment of excitement. Nothing is "free" in this world, and if you think you can get something for nothing, you deserve exactly what you get.

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  • R1
    R11 Mar 29, 2010

    Sundance Vacations is a complete scam. Equal to dealing with a used car salesman. On hold for over an hour with customer service only to be transfered several times. High pressure sales, poor customer service, and complete lack of customer satisfication. Save your money and book your own vacations. No worth the hell.

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  • There isn't an court in the land that will find you guilty to speaking the TRUTH!

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  • Ha
    haveseenitall Mar 01, 2010

    I am also a former employee, and can't even repeat what they did to me. It seemed criminal. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, a discernable laughter could be heard as the story was relayed. I have since learned that the best thing that could have happened with this company, and the most noble of compliments. was to be FIRED!

    Where is the BBB? And why do they provide awards for a company with a record as all can see?

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  • Ac
    AConcernedCitizen Mar 01, 2010

    It is sad that I have to agree with everything that is said about this company. They hide behind a front of awards and community of service. They give off the air that they are an ethical company who always put their clients and employees first. That unforunately could be not be farther from the truth.
    I can tell you that as a past employee of Sundance Vacations that I have witnessed first hand what happens to the "free" trip if someone does not buy a package from Sundance Vacations. If someone does not become a client the dates for their "free" trip is never available and if on the off chance they actually get to take their trip they get put in some cockroach motel far away from any attractions.
    Their customer service team is a joke not because they are uncaring but because Sundance Vacations only lets them make actual clients happy.
    Sundance Vacations cares nothing of their employees because to them they are just throw away objects just as the prospective clients are. They claim to be a family company ran by family but in truth they just care about the almighty dollar and they do not care what employees that they have to step over to obtain it.
    I have witnessed Sundance Vacations degrade, demoralize and abuse their employees. They rule their employees with threats of firing with their famous saying that "everyone is replaceable". I have witnessed employees that have been employeed by that company for years get tossed aside when they no longer serve a purpose to Sundance Vacations.
    My advice to any prospect client of Sundance Vacations: Stay away. Go to your sporting event, concert or fair. Enjoy yourself while there but stay away from the Sundance Vacations team!

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