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I entered to win a $50, 000 prize at the 'tour de elk grove' (a summer festival) when I 'won!' a trip for 3 days, 2 nights at a Marriott of my choice.. After being very spektical, as I should have been, then HARASSED me almost by calling me nearly 2 or 3 times a day.. The telemarketers are EXRTEEMLY pleasant and REALLY make you feel like they understand your sketisim.. SOO she now offered me 'free airfare' and a 'free $1, 000 online shopping spree' ahhhhh RIGHT! but I figured they specifically said this is NOT for a timeshare or to buy anything.. that its just their way of 'advertising their travel discounts' So what DO i have to lose?? well over an hour and a half of my time and LONGER if you dont have the 'i'm out of here' attitude..

They insisted I bring my boyfriend because we live together - so we went.. It was a rainy friday night, we didnt have anything special to do, its right down the street - and if we can just stick to the little weekend get-away they we offering - cool! then I had NO problem listening to the 'presentation'

To my surprise a room full of people also showed up! I figured that we ALL couldnt be suckers!! but anyways - The presentation was short but introducing us to their sales pitch.. for a FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLAR TRAVEL PACKAGE!!! $15, 000!?? WOW! for not 25 BUT 30 weeks of VACATION! (on special that day! of course!) Then Dwayne ends the presentation by having a SWARM of sales people wisk us away to their desks to see if we would like to right a check or finance the $15, 000 package...

I just started laughing!! my boyfriend asks the kid that 'has been there 4 weeks' if he was serious!? of course he says, 'yeah, why!?' He said well its $12, 000 today - with the 20% off not $15, 000 BUT THAT MONEY HAS TO BE PAID THAT DAY - AT THAT TIME - NO time to even think about it! Then or never they said!!!

When I made it clear that we ARE NOT interested in purchasing ANY type of package and that I would NOT be writing him a check or having the package financed.. He brought his 'boss' over to the desk.. The boss then does us a 'SPECIAL deal' of $7, 800 for a smaller package.. which we were so aggravated that I wasnt even listening what it was for.. So I said NO.. please just let us go - we arent buying anything.. the kid throws in there 'wow! he never passes that out! he must have liked you guys..'

Then they sit us in another little room to wait for the manager to 'validate our vouchers' I asked the girls that were sitting in the room waiting with us if they were offered the 'special deal..' and the guy must have liked them too because they were offered it!! SURPRISE SURPRISE!!

After being there for an hour and a half they wisk us away now to the manager's office.. who now offers us 'a special package that they only let him use twice a year..' for $895 and he could waive some fees.. blah blah blah - THAT was in fact the final attempt to get me to turn over a check to them.. but a scam none-the less..
I then checked on here (because a friend told me about /link removed/ and of course the place that our FREE TRIP is from is called Spirit Incentives and there's pages and pages of horror stories.. not to mention the complaints about Sundance Vacations..

I know now to check this whenever skeptical!! and just wanted to give a heads up to anyone willing to WASTE their Friday night like we did - DONT DO IT!! its a waste of time and is a complete JOKE!

I have tried calling the location I went to - to question this 'free trip' that they gave us.. along with the Online shopping spree that I did not receive and it keeps looping me through an automated system that wont even get me thru to the receptionist.. And I've been calling the number that they had me do the reservation to hear the 'presentation' thru and they gave me a bogus number to contact Spirit..

I never thought of myself as a stupid person - but holy cow- today I feel like SUCH an IDIOT for going to this thing!! the only thing making me feel better is to warn those of you that are considering going!!

Elk Grove Village, Illinois


  • Sundance Vacations Oct 17, 2008


    I am so sorry to hear about your experience with Sundance Vacations. Our customer service department would like to help you with this. The goal of our company is to ensure every clients happiness. Please call 1-888-257-8400, and someone will assist you with this and any questions or concerns you may have.

    Thank you,
    Communications Director
    Sundance Vacations
    [email protected]

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  • Es
    E.Sinclair Oct 18, 2008

    Just went for the free "won" vacation...high pressure sales tactics and blatant lies were what we encountered...i felt like punching the slimy geek in the head!! Dont go in..its a waste of time!

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  • Su
    Sue Oct 19, 2008

    We received the infamous call from Sundance Vacations and the telemarketers ARE very polite but they start out with a brazen lie by saying they're not trying to "sell" anything.

    They're trying to "sell" a vacation membership. You're NOT obligated to buy but they ARE trying to "sell" something.

    When a company lies from the get go that's a Red flag. Sundance Vacations is spending money on telemarketing salaries and other marketing costs but they're not trying to "sell" anything? C'mon, get real!

    Sundance Vacations is in the business of selling vacations, why don't they just be honest about it? What are they trying to hide?

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  • Sundance Vacations Oct 23, 2008

    I am very pleased to read that you were treated politely. We demand professional and polite behavior from every employee. Every employee signs an ethics statement at the start of their employment promising to present company information in a truthful manner.

    There are many companies whose business plan includes phone sales. They try to sell vitamins, home improvement, credit card enrollment, long distance, etc, etc. by telemarketing. Sundance Vacations is not one of those companies. It is a very truthful statement that Sundance Vacations does NOT sell anything by telephone.

    We are in the business of selling vacations- in person, face to face. Please accept my apology if you misunderstood our “no phone sales” message to mean that we were not a normal business with a product to sell.

    Our script informs potential customers that we’d like them to attend a brief introduction about our service and that there is no obligation to make a purchase. If the staff member who spoke to you did not use this phrase, please email me. An anonymous post isn’t useful for searching our database but if you email me your name or phone number, I promise to go directly to the telemarketer. Even if you choose to remain anonymous you can be assured that the importance of your feedback will be discussed with staff managers and employees.

    Thank you for your comments.
    Communications Director
    Sundance Vacations
    [email protected]

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  • Sundance Vacations Oct 23, 2008

    E. Sinclair,
    Blatant lies? Who'd you speak with? Let us look into this matter, call us at 888-257-8400 or email [email protected]

    Thanks for the opportunity to make this right.
    Communications Director
    Sundance Vacations
    [email protected]

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  • Do
    Don't Know Nov 01, 2008

    Ok so my wife filled out a entry form for a 'FREE VACATION'. About one month later we received a call telling us that we one a cruise to the Bahamas!! And all we had to do was drive to there place of buisness and spend a hour with them. Of course I was skeptical but I had no idea what we were in for until we got to this place.

    So we get to this place and its a out of business hotel that they a rented out probably and made into a make shift office/conference place. We walk in fill out a short application and sign something that stated why we were there 'FREE TRIP'.
    It seemed ok so far. We watched a short film showing all the fun that people have on there trips. It still was not horrible. Then the film was over. Then this girl started asking everyone where they would want to go on vacation and how much they thought it would cost to make that happen. She went on to show how much we would pay through there 'whole sale programs'. Then like gangbusters a group of people busted through the door and started yelling out names of everyone who was in attendance. We were all shuffled out of the room and into a conference room where we were subjected to about three different sales people who were trying to strong arm sell us on there products and services, and each new person was slashing prices faster than Wallmart in a bad economy during Christmas in a recession!

    Finally we made it through that and were sent into another room where we sat for a few minutes. Then walked into a small office were this person was continuing to attempt to sell us something anything. My wife and I almost thought we were going to have to buy something just to get out of this place.

    Long story we did get a 'voucher for a free trip' but after reading the discamers I was reminded that nothing is free!! PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME STAY AT HOME !! THERE IS NO FREE ANYTHING!! Buy your vacations just like you always have!

    Antioch, Illinois

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  • Li
    Lizzette Nov 02, 2008

    Sundance vacations lured me to their Princeton, NJ offices to see a 90 minute presentation of their company. In return we were supposed to receive a 5 day cruise on Royal Caribbean out of Port Liberty, NJ to Bermuda. Well it didn't happen not only was the presentation a 3 hour hard sell of vacations in bulk, but the cruise turned out not to 'BE AVAILABLE' SORRY!

    So here I sit 2 months later feeling battered and foolish as well as minus $398 I paid in port charges with no to Bermuda to show for it. They should not be allowed to offer cruises and not give them. Even time share companies forfill the gifts they offer when you endure you of their presentations. Sundance Vacations are unethical and corrupt!!!


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  • Ja
    James Nov 19, 2008

    I received a couple voicemails saying I'd won a package, called the number, and found out that all I'd have to do was pay the taxes of over $100 LOL.

    What reputable company posts as "Communications Director" without listing their first or last name.

    "Communications Director, " what's your name?

    See also /URL removed/

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  • Li
    Lilliana Dec 01, 2008

    I have received a call from Dennis Brady, a representative from Sundance Vacations at ext. 346 on Monday, December 1, 2008 at 11:57 am, saying that he received my entry form from the sweepstakes that I entered at the Bulls game in Chicago on November 8, 2008. He said that I will receive a complimentary cruise package for two to Bahamas with an airfaire. A vacations package that is worth $2500.

    I did fill out a sweeptstakes at the Bulls game on November 8, 2008 but it was to win season tickets to the Bulls games and not some vacations! I thought that was a little strange.

    I called back and a lady answered. She said that ext. 346 was unaivailable right away and asked if I have just received a message about a cruise. I asked her how did she know? She said, 'That that's what we do. We're a new company and we're trying to sell our vacation packages. We're giving away vacations by promoting our new company.'

    I thought that was funny because Dennis Brady said in the voicemail: 'We have been a sponsor of the Bulls for 18 years!'. So obviously one of them was lying already! I hate people that try to take advantage of me.

    The lady told me that in order to receive this cruise I have to come in to their office in Downer's Grove, IL by the end of the week by 6:30 pm and listen to one hour vacation packages presentation. She said that I did not have to purchase any of the packages but if I came in for one hour I would receive the free 3 nights cruise and airfaire.

    Right away, I figured it was a scam. I looked them up on the internet like I do with everyone and found out that it really is a scam. I had people try to sell me timeshares and vacation packages before and they are really persistent. I just know how to say NO to them but it still pisses me off when people try to scam me!!! ###!!! Do not call Sundance Vacations back if you will receive their call unless you want to be ripped off! I'm pretty sure you dont though!

    This company should be sued and they scammers should be arrested! I filled out a raffle at the Bulls game to win free season tickets and I don't appreciate Sundance Vacation calling me and trying to scam me to buy some vacation packages! Rip off!!!

    Northbrook, Illinois

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  • Cc
    ccd Dec 03, 2008

    I think it's hilarious that they have their web ads on this site. Just keep clicking on those ads as much as you can. They have to pay per click!

    I had an appointment to go to Sundance Vacations TONIGHT to get my free 3-night cruise. Thank goodness I did some research today. I will NOT be showing up!

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  • Ju
    just_learning Dec 17, 2008

    i just received my call today. i entered the drawing at the bulls game the weekend of halloween. after reading this and other sites, i won't be showing up tomorrow.

    i have read other sites where folks actually did go on the free trip (after paying airplane fees and surcharges and a 50 buck deposit). they said they had a "fairly" good time (aside from sitting through a presentation.

    if you are not trying to buy anything and you just showed up for a free vacay... i dont see the issue. but if you allow someone to sell you something you've never seen.. well then you have bigger issues than sundance vacations.

    if something sounds too easy then you know it's wrong. i have learned my lesson from you all learning yours.

    i will not be showing up tomorrow.

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  • El
    Elaine Dec 26, 2008


    I recently had an experience with a "travel" company in Brookfield, WI. After entering a contest at a promotional booth at the Milwaukee ZOO to win a "Free Ford Expedition or $50, 000" I received a call that I had "WON a trip to the Bahamas" and that all I had to do was come to the travel companies office and listen to an introduction to their company with no obligation to purchase and I would receive my free trip. Well my husband and I went to the office and listened to a intro and sales pitch that was quite convincing and seemed legit and reasonable. We were convinced during a high pressure sales pitch... which was like the most stresseful used car deal you can imagine..into purchasing a vacation package that included 12 vacations for $3600, supposedly anywhere in the US at one of this "whole sale companies Luxury resorts". I thoroughly read the details of the contract we signed and left feeling somewhat shocked that this company could offer such an opportunity.

    Well, once home I went to the companies web site and did some research (which I later regretted doing after the fact). There were two lines in the contract that stated exceptions for additional costs and "Peak Season travel and Black out dates etc." Turns out these times are 80-90% of the year and the cost to use your trips at those times is significantly higher. The reviews all over the internet (except those testimonials on the companies website) all state similar experiences with a deceptive company that is legit and registered with the BBB, but scams customers by omission. I Cancelled my check to the company that night and made a call to their customer service department the next day, trying to clarify my concerns.

    The woman offered me a cheaper deal on the vacations and tried to convice me that this was something that was "Good for my Family" I then told her to cancel my contract on the basis of omission of the facts about what the travel trips really included, or I would possibley have to take legal action due to the omission of the details and the invalid statements of the presentation, execution and wording of my contract. It wasn't until I mentioned anything legal that she agreed to cancel. I think that local comsumers need to know the details of the operation of this company before they walk innocently into their office thinking that the won a free trip. Please GOOGLE the company name. You'll find a slew of similar experiences. Fortunately I was able to get out of my contract before I lost any money, but others may not. My advice... "There Ain't NO FREE"... don't waste your time. Check out this thread..
    October 16, 2008 by Elaine

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  • Su
    sundance vacations Jan 22, 2009

    My Experience With Sundance Vacations

    How My Free Trip With Sundance Vacations Turned Out

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  • Ak
    AkiraWulf Jan 28, 2009

    The Sundance Vacations sweepstakes is a big scam! The only purpose of the sweepstakes is to get your contact information then Sundance Vacations will call your phone number relentlessly, day and night, in an attempt to get you into one of their high pressure sales offices with the promise of a gift that you’ll probably never use because of all the restrictions and black-out dates. Think about it, do you really believe that Sundance Vacations just wants to give away freebies? That dog don’t hunt!

    God forbid you should buy into their spiel, but if you experience ANY problems with Sundance Vacations you should contact the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Hotlines.

    The following are the toll-free consumer complaint hotlines for each of the four states in which Sundance Vacations operates:

    (1) Pennsylvania 1-800-441-2555

    (2) New Jersey 1-800-242-5846

    (3) Wisconsin 1-800-422-7128

    (4) Illinois 1-800-386-5438

    Whatever you do don’t call Sundance Vacations; it makes no sense to call the scammer about the scam! They burn you once, shame on them; they burn you twice, shame on you!

    Additional information may be obtained by Googling: “Sundance Vacations Sweepstakes Scam” (without the quotation marks)

    “Scam” - Definition from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: “a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.” That’s Sundance Vacations; plain and simple!

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  • Wo
    Wojofamily Feb 21, 2009

    We too are another EXTREMELY UNHAPPY Sundance Vacation owners! We fell hook, line & sinker for this outrageous, to good to be true package! Unfortunately we paid in full and are regretting the whole deal! When we attempted to book our first vacation, we were informed that there were hidden costs everywhere! Our sales rep. mislead us through the entire presentation. He (and another associate) convinced us that a family of 5 would be extremely comfortable at their beautiful resorts in several locations for $99 - every vacation, every time. Never once telling us that a family of 5 would be considered an upgrade to a 2-bedroom room with additional costs. Not to mention the $30 additional per room fee. Tell me Sundance how the heck can you fit 5 people comfortably into 1-room that accommodates barely 4 people. Not to mention that their facilities are extremly run down and outdated, nothing is available when YOU want to go on vacation. Sundance & Plan with Tan have gone out of their way to avoid us or to make any arrangements/additional accommodations. They have nothing but ENDLESS promises & ENDLESS hidden costs. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!!!

    Another Dissatisfied Sundance Sucker!! Wojo

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  • Fr
    Franzyshen Feb 26, 2009

    I work for Sundance as a telemarketer.
    People say how pleasant and convincing we are.
    It's because we truly believe in our company.
    We only do the calls, most of us aren't even in the offices that do the presentation.

    I can say this:

    The marketers are told to inform the people that they DIDN'T WIN ANYTHING. I know for a fact that 90% do say this. And i can say from experience that alot of people just assume they won it, even after i tell them they didn't.

    Also, we're told to make sure you understand it's NOT FREE. Once again i know atleast most people follow that rule. We tell you that it's not free because you DO have to pay the taxes, and you are paying us with an hour of your time.

    We're also supposed to inform you that we will attempt to sell. We make sure you understand that you don't have to in order to recieve the cruise, but they are hoping to impress you enough that you want to.

    Now i've personally spoken to many people who were very happy with the cruise.
    And any instance that resulted in salespeople lying, pressuring, or you not recieving what was promised is not our fault, and we honestly do believe in our company.

    You guys who are not satisfied represent a very small amount of our customers. Obviously people who are happy with our company are not going to post on scam sites.

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  • An
    angela Mar 02, 2009

    Thank you all so much, I almost made a mistake of going 2 sundance vacation office in new jersey.

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  • Ty
    TypingTheTruth Mar 05, 2009

    These are all pissed off losers who are pee'd because they didn't get a free lunch on the back of someone else.

    Nichole from Elk Grove Village, Illinois: trying to close a sale is not a scam! Go get an education, you are stupid.
    Dave from Antioch, Illinois: you got your voucher, you didn't buy a package...what' can't afford the refundable $50 deposit? Get a job, earn some money and stop trying to freeload off society you lazy cheap ###!
    Lilliana from Northbrook, Illinois: What should Sundance be sued for? promoting a product by giving away a prize. If that's the case then we should start with Kellogs or any company that gives away coupons. This isn't a scam, you ###--you wouldn't know a scam if it hit you in the nuts.
    AkiraWulf: wtf? you really don't understand how the world works do you? Business buy these promotions to give out. They are offered by another company and have nothing to do with who is giving them out. I heard a car dealer giving away a free vacations's not a's a life a little longer and get out of the house once in a while.

    Wojofamily --- I've been to a Sundance Vacations meeting and they tell you everything. Let me guess, you expected to stay at the Grand Floridian in Walt Disney world for two weeks with you and 15 of your closest relatives...come on! I've traveled using Sundance Vacations and I paid $199 to stay in a very nice home in Colorado for one week. That's it...$199. Other's at my business convention were very jealous that I was staying in condo suite while they were cramped in a hotel. Did I mention it cost me $199. You expect the world but you want it for free, right? You and people like you are the reason our economy is in the crap...let me guess your in forclosure because you wanted a $500K house for $750/month, too. Be realistic. What did the contract you signed say? I thought so.

    Deserie: are you too stupid to pick up a phone? Sounds like your beef is with Spirit Incentives, not Sundance Vacations.

    If you are thinking about going to Sundance Vacations
    1) don't listen to these stupid people...they had unrealistic expectations and they got what
    ----expect to get a certificate for a vacation
    ----expect to pay a little bit (deposit whatever)
    2) give Sundance a chance, for god's sake
    ----they are just a company trying to make a go
    ----if you don't like their product offering say no
    3) go and find out for yourself...don't let these jerks make you miss out on a low cost opportunity
    ----you are smarter than these loosers
    ----you are expected to pay a little because you know nothing is 'free'
    ----Sundance has a lot of customers...they must have found value ...maybe it works for some and not for others like Bran Muffins and Soy Milk.
    4) be polite, please...these employees are just trying to make a go of things
    ----you can say no and be polite
    ----i've read what their employees posted here and they sound polite
    ----the telemarketer above sounds like she is trying to do the right thing
    5) don't come on these forums and try to blast a company because you didn't like their product
    ----your momma taught you betta that that, dip wod

    Who am I...i'm someone who is sick of reading these pathetic posts. Move to a communist country if you don't like free enterprise!!! I'm just someone typeingthetruth:

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  • Do
    Dolores Mar 05, 2009

    To "typingthetruth": If you can't debate the substance of the issue, you attack the writers. LOL. The oldest despicable tactic in the book!

    All those "stupid, " "lazy cheap ###, " "###s, " and other personally disparaging remarks only magnifies your ignorance. These are just average Americans expressing their opinions from their own prospectives, and whether or not you agree with them I seriously doubt that anyone cares.

    Well, I "typethetruth" also on my blog and whether or not you may be interested I could care less. I post it here for the benefit of the consumer! No http's, no www's, just a truthful, well researched and articulate expression of my opinion >>> (Just cut & paste it in the Google search bar ) >>>

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  • Do
    Dolores Mar 05, 2009

    This may make it a little eeasier: (Copy and paste into Google search box)

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  • Do
    Dolores Mar 05, 2009

    Here, let me make the navigation easier (Just copy and paste into the Google search bar)

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  • Si
    Sick of liars Mar 05, 2009

    Typing the truth,
    sorry we all don't have the cash to go on vacation. If u are offered a free cruise that's what you expect not a free cruise after paying 1000 dollars. UR the ridiculous one! And where did u stay? In a house in, no not a city famous for it's vacations. I got called by them and was actually going to go up there. I've realized now that's a bad idea. I'm not paying any thing for just an "ok" vacation. And no the economy is not bad because people decided not to take a vacation, it's bad cause Bush is a freakin idiot! Stop criticizing everyone else and step back. Look in the mirror Hun.
    Thank you to everyone who stopped me from wasting a Saturday!

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  • Do
    Dolores Mar 06, 2009

    While researching I found this press release. It's a parody of Sundance Vacations, very hilarious and amazingly accurate!

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  • Ca
    Carla Mar 06, 2009

    If you get a phone call from this company (an 800 #) be aware! Do not believe anything they are offering you, and PLEASE do not waste your time with them!!!

    About a month after I filled out a form at a Philadelphia Flyers game, I recieved a phone call from a 1-800 number, while I was on vacation in Florida. They told me I had to come home and claim my prize... a FREE cruise to the bahamas leaving from Miami. All I had to do was listen to a 60 min presentation about their company. I was skeptial and asked questions and tried to get the details. After about 5 different coversations I still wasn't clear what was going on. I was told I had a year to book...blah blah. I wouldnt have to buy anything and they had nothing to do with time shares.

    When I got back into Philadelphia, I started doing some research on sundance. Turns out EVERYONE has had a problem with them!! Pissed, I immediately called the 800 number back to tell them that I would not be attending any kind of presentation. After being transfered 3 times, I finally got on the phone with someone. I told him that I would not be attended anything tomorrow. I was angery and told him that after researching their company I want nothing to do with them. I said they were all over the web, with numerous complaints filed. He informs me that anyone can post anything about a company online, and that they have been in business for over 25 years. I argue that there are years worth of complaints and not EVERY COMPANY has this many complaints against them! He gets very agitated and tell me that it doesn't matter what I say because they must be doing something right! And before I could disput that, he hangs up on me.

    I called back, asking to speak to a manager. I don't even think there are any!!! She kept asking me what she could help me with, again I said I needed to speak to someone in charge. All she did was transfer me to someone else, who had no idea I even asked for a manager!

    Stay away from Sundance Vacations.

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  • Do
    Dolores Mar 06, 2009

    "typingthetruth": I'm very sorry I responded in such a derogatory manner. My girlfriend and life mate told me last night that I have to learn to be more pleasant with other people if I want to follow in the steps of my hero Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I did more research and you are right -- there are just a few people complaining about Sundance, out of the 10s of thousands that meet with them. I wish Sundance Vacations well and I hope you continue to tell others so they won't be fooled by the couple of citizens on this site. I still think you were disparaging and I would recommend that you take a different tone so your message can be better received. I'll write a blog retracting what I said soon. Take Care, Delores . >>> (Just cut & paste it in the Google search bar ) >>> (Dolores Naskiewicz's Blog).

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  • Do
    Dolores Mar 06, 2009

    LOL! Now some angry bitter individual has used the pseudonym of “Dolores” in a vain attempt to create the impression that I wrote a retraction. Wow, that’s what I call desperation! LOL what an idiot!

    Go to my blog and you will find no retractions.

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  • La
    Larry Mar 06, 2009

    Do you women work? I'm just browsing during my lunch and came across these threads. I'm thinking that there are a lot of neglected women out there who need some attention. This Dolores person needs to find a hobby because she is posting all the time on here. It's very sad, really.

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  • Do
    Dolores Mar 06, 2009

    Yes Larry, I work. I’m a media consultant and I am in work as I make this comment. Much of my work entails research and, naturally, like most Americans I do most of my research on the Internet.

    I find it interesting that you were “just browsing during lunch” and just happen to come across this web site and was compelled to take more time from your 3PM lunch break to comment! LOL!

    You said that I am “posting all the time on here.” Yesterday was my first post on this site.

    For the sake of the consumer, because I know you don’t care what I think, but I think both you and “typethetruth” are Sundance employees. Why else would “typethetruth” be so obviously angry while spouting such hostility just because some person or persons critiques a company! Something’s wrong with that picture!

    I guess you don’t work for Sundance Vacations either! You’re just another guy “browsing during lunch” and ironically happens to find this web site and was compelled to comment with inaccuracies! Yeah right, and I’m Barbara Walters! LOL, LOL, LOL!

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  • Do
    Dolores Mar 07, 2009

    I feeling very depressed today. My prescriptions are suppose to be helping me but I just can not seem to shake my depression. It causes me to get very angry and hate the world LOL! I get these mood swings where I just need to let out the rage. The problem is that I feel so guilty afterwords. I look back on my posts and think, OMG, is that me????? My therapist told me to find a cause and get involved with helping someone. So I joined the ACLU and decided I would help people by spreading the word that Sundance is a fraud and a scam. But posting these disgusting things is just making me feel worse. What am I paying this therapist for anyway LOL!!! I'm sorry. There, that makes me feel much better. I do believe that people are generally intelligent creatures that CAN think for themselves. I do believe that this country is GREAT, just the way it is. I do love you, babes.

    As for Sundance, I have to admit that I jumped on the negativity bandwagon without ever considering all the good points about Sundance Vacations.

    Well, I'm thinking about taking my blog down as well. It just isn't helping my anger. It is actually taking me to a darker place. I need to stop being so pessimistic and look for the good in things first. Babes, thanks for that good advice.

    To all you posting negative things online. Please Please Please understand that this won't make things right. It's just going to take you to a very dark part of your psyche and it will actually make you feel even worse.

    Look for the good points first, you will be a lot happier. I'll try to follow my own advice LOL!!

    Toodles! Keep smiling :) LOL!

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  • Li
    Lilly Mar 10, 2009

    I'm sorry to disagree with everyone on here but I don't think what Sundance Vacations is doing is a scam. Looking around a bit, there are people who took their free trip, although there are some things that the person has to pay. I think there always is when you win something. Like if you win the lottery you have to pay taxes. The money is something you won but it isn't free. Sundance has been around for a long time and they are not hiding. They meet with regulators their address and phone number is published they aren't moving about closing shop and stiffing people. I don't think it's a scam at all. Some citizens on this web site are saying they never entered anything. I can tell you that when my kids were at home and we would go to a fair they though they were giving me a gift and signed me up for some prizes. Is it possible that your children or someone you know entered you? Why don't you just ask do see your entry form that will tell you for sure. I hope this helped. I got a call from Sundance because I did enter their prize drawing and I'm going to go and see. I know what I like and I can say no to anyone so why not find out what all the fuss is about.

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  • Ke
    Kerri Mar 12, 2009

    This company needs to be shut down! They sold my fiance a *vacation* package deal, once I started reading all the info and looking online to research, I made him cancel it. The woman on the phone was rude, nasty and flat out said they could not cancel the contract, they would lower payments with less vacation weeks. I finally told him to give me the phone, He is a much nicer person then I am. I informed her that he had already contacted his attorney, and that he has 3 days to cancel the contract. All of a sudden it was, please put him on the phone, I would be happy to cancel his contract.

    There are a lot of hidden stuff in that contract, anyone that gets a *free* prize should just tel them, sorry I am not interested and leave it at that.

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  • Je
    jessicer420 Mar 18, 2009

    wow...that's funny...

    I agree with "TellsTheTruth"

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  • Mi
    michelle Apr 02, 2009


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  • Mi
    michelle Apr 02, 2009

    best place to vacation with

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  • Mi
    michelle Apr 02, 2009

    get over it when they called me they never said free.

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  • Mi
    michelle Apr 02, 2009


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  • Mi
    michelle Apr 02, 2009


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  • Wh
    whitleybree May 16, 2009

    Well, your first mistake in the first complaint I read is typing the word "won" in the first sentence, we, here at Sundance Vacations make it vary clear that this promotional item is NOT something you have won. So you did not in fact win it, we offer it to everyone who fills out an entry form, equal opportunity; everyone has a chance to take it. You are simply asked to visit one of our local offices for 60 minutes, no longer, this is because we have presentations every hour, on the hour between 4pm and 8pm on weekdays and 10am to 4pm on Saturdays and if we were to keep you longer, it would conflict with our next showing. This is not a free item. At this time, May of 2009, we are offering a 4 day, 3 night cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise lines to the Bahamas for two passengers leaving from Port Canaveral or Miami, Florida, your choice. This is a $1200 package that my company, Sundance Vacations, is paying for, what you are asked to pay is simply the port charges, taxes and security fees, which totals $189 in the off season and $225 in the peak season. The only thing we ask of you is the 60 minutes I mentioned earlier, if you are physically capable of sitting in a chair and listening for 60 minutes, you will leave with the 2 travel vouchers. You don't have to buy anything to receive the cruise either. You aren't even required to have anything on you to purchase anything with; you don't have to have cash, check or plastic on your person when you come in. We are also offering 2 round trip airfares, these are absolutely free, simply because we purchased overstock of them and they work with our promotional item quite well.
    My second item of discussion is the fact that if you don't want to be called by us, you simply pick up the phone and say "Please, don't call me again." Ignoring the phone calls won't do anything unless you want us to call you back tomorrow or later on that day. We have a 'DO NOT CALL' list and you will be placed on it immediately. Of course we're persistent; of course our first response will be something along the lines of "Are you sure?", or "This is a wonderful offer!” something to get you to change your mind, but that is because that is what we are paid to do. Do you understand that in our job, yes, we are paid hourly, however that doesn't pay much, we make our money by booking you and you showing up. We NEED you to come into the office because if you come and sit for the 60 minutes, we get paid for it. That's a pretty small price to pay to help someone out, don't you think. You sit, view a presentation, are informed about our company, receive a cruise and I get paid for it. You know, to become a part of this company I had to sit through the presentation too, and all I got out of it was a ham sandwich, you get a cruise.
    My third item for you is something you should think about. Now-a-days, everyone has or had or will be a victim of fraud, therefore we should all be wary of where we write our names, our numbers, our addresses, and any other confidential information we don't want others to have. When you see a contest or a give-away, you already know they are going to want your contact information, to contact you should you win the grand prize, right? You are also aware that on the back of the card you fill out there is tiny print that you should read, tiny print that is legible and is written there because you were meant to read it. If we wanted to hide it from you, it would not be on there. READ IT. In there it says that in putting your contact information on this card you are giving us the right to contact you for any reason, not only if you win the prize, but for advertising purposes as well. Hence the phone call you just received.
    Lastly, I’m just going to put in my two cents (the rest has been factual information I think you should know). Why be rude? If you get a call from me, I’m very pleasant when you pick up, why don’t you do the same. This is my job. I did not come to work today with the attitude, “well, I wonder how
    I can piss the next person off.” I came in with the same attitude we all have when we go to work… “I need to make money today.” Make my job easier, pick up the phone when it rings, listen to me talk for just a few minutes (we have this thing called ‘talk time’ and you being on the phone for an extra two or three minutes adds up as the night progresses), and tell me if you’re interested or not, consider that you spending that hour of time with us will earn you a cruise and me my dinner, my bill payments, my kids clothes and my home.
    My name is Whitley Bailey and my extension at Sundance Vacations is 112.

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  • Bo
    Bob May 18, 2009

    Thank God I found this blog and did my homework. I was almost suckered into attending this crap, and when they call they do portray it as if you've won a drawing that you entered. Their techniques are deceptive as are their employee's. My wife won't even go with me when I'm car shopping because of how pissed off I get with car-salesman, I can't imagine what it would of been like to deal with this slime...

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  • Ki
    Kina May 26, 2009

    Sundance Vacations is just a step above a scam and the lowest form of a legit company. My first mistake was not researching this company BEFORE I went to the presentation. I attended a presentation with my boyfriend (who "won" the cruise at a Nets game). I went there fully expecting them to be selling something and fully prepared to say no. I should have left my wallet in the car.
    After the presentation, the sellers took us into a room and begin hammering us. Their whole philosphy is that you are buying vacations wholesale (basically, you buy the vacations in bulk which allegedly makes the price drop) They started off at $15K, then $12 K, then $6K, then $3600. They try to tempt you with their excess inventory list (rooms you can rent for a week for $99 plus $99 booking fee). It's pages and pages of inventory and there are destinations that are highlighted. It gets you thinking "Wow, I can go to Mexico or Florida." Finally after we said no for the umpteenth time, they bought us to the back room to get our voucher for a free cruise where they offered us the final offer $1K for 5 vacations weeks (also paying $400 per week + $99 booking fee), no yearly fee, and access to the excess inventory list, and then to top it off with buy one get one free plane tickets for a year. We were sold! We figured even if we didn't use the vacation weeks, we can use the excess inventory and buy one get one plane tickets for a year to get to these places!

    BUT...after we left, something didn't sit too well with me. It sounded to good to be true.

    Well, after research, I found out that most of the vacation places they offer have terrible ratings (for the ones that you can find online...most don't have a link with exception of the link through the website). The ones that have decent ratings are booked. The excess inventory list SUCKS. You can find the same deals for better locations and hotels on

    I tried to remain positive and I figured that although it was cheaper for me to plan my own vacation, I could still use the BUY ONE get ONE free plane tickets and make my $1K back. WRONG. There is a minimum purchase of $324 (off-peak), $350something (on-peak) with a 60-day in advance notice to use the plane tickets (there are also blackout dates). After carefully picking out 20 destinations that I would like to go to, only 1, yes 1 fell under that price range (from Newark, NJ to Key West, FL). And since the vacation destinations are supposed to be to major city airports and Key West is not a major city airport, the buy one get one free passes were crap. They are only good for people traveling to remote locations to visit family.

    Overall, I think Sundance is good for people who have money to waste and no preference as to where they would like to vacation. Their rules:
    “You may assist our Vacation Fulfillment/Reservations department by being as flexible as possible with your desired vacation area and dates. Provide a total of 3 areas and/or 3 dates: The 3 vacation areas may have the same travel dates, or the 3 travel dates may all be for the same desired vacation area. Reservation Requests must be received at least 90 days in advance for peak season requests and 180 days in advance for holiday or special event times. Summer travel is defined as the dates between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Almost all dates qualify as peak travel so requests are typically 90 to 180 days in advance.”

    The vacation costs $400 per trip, plus an additional $99 booking fee. That does not include plane tickets, food, recreational, etc. And as seen above, it must be planned out from 3 - 6 months in advance. (Of course if you get their $12K option, the $400 is already included...but who goes to a place and drops $12K without some thought?? That's like driving by a crappy dealership and purchasing a crappy car for $12K without any forethought)

    The excess inventory list is good if you want to take a random unplanned week off of work and travel to a remote location for $198.

    I am waiting to see if the incentives are worth it. My boyfriend has been closely following directions to redeem our cruise, so I am crossing my fingers that it works out (after reading many reviews online, I am becoming pessimistic).

    Overall, I think Sundance Vacations is a legitimate business with very shady sales tactics and a very CRAPPY place to get vacations. I just planned a trip to Jamaica through a travel agency with friends for $670 with all-inclusive airfare, food, drinks (including alcoholic beverages), hotel, transportation to and from airport, and on-site amenities.

    Bottom line: Anything that sounds to good to be true really is. I am still trying to figure out why I paid Sundance $1K when I still have to pay full-price for vacations...I now realize I am paying them to find a location for me at an alleged discount price when I can pay even less to get the vacation I actually want.

    Don't be like me.

    If you do go to redeem the cruise/vacation, bring an expired credit card with you.

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