Summer Russellanimal hoarder

Sep 30, 2019

Beware of this person Summer Russel.
She calls herself a rescue for all animals. Her place is filthy, animals in poor conditions.
I went to her house and it smelled so bad I had to hold my breath. Many of her animals are sick. She also breeds animals such as mice, rats, chinchillas and reptiles and is now starting to breed birds. She doesnt care about the animals well being just in it for the money.
The chinchillas were in all wire cages which arent safe at all or in tiny hamster cages without the option of dust baths. She has 15 budgies in a tiny cage with little room to fly. She doesn't have proper lighting/heating for the reptiles, claims the room they are in is heated but each species needs a different temperature and humidity. The turtles are in a plastic bin with no light and very little water. She also has a snapping turtle which is illegal to keep as a pet.
Don't give her any animals. She is a hoarder.
(Goes by NatureBeauty on Kijiji)

Summer Russell

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