Suburban Extended Stay Hotel / card being charged without my permission

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My boyfriend reserved this room at this hotel we've been here a total of about 5 months. We initially were paying almost $400 a week. Of course that's allot of money so lately we've been paying for a couple days and paying by the night. They only fully clean the room on Mondays other than that they don't do anything, there's been a dead big on my shower curtain since we got in this room and it's still here today 6/12. I bought my own cleaning supplies to clean myself. Bought my own sheets and comforter to not have to worry about them doing anything to the bed. On 6/9 my card was charged without my permission for $106.25. I called and the lady at the front told me she can do what she wants if we owe money. Of course I have a sister in law who works at the Marriott and I know this isn't true. So they called my room asking for payment saying we owe for the night. I told them to call my boyfriend. My account was already overdrafted from $106 that was taken out. They called back saying I needed to pay in an hour or they were going to call the police to remove me. So I said charge my card like you all did before. It was thundering and raining and I have 2 kids a 10 month old and a 3yo. I told them I wasn't coming in the rain. I asked them to wait until my boyfriend got off. Next thing I know they charged my card again without my permission. And also stated it would be our last night here at the hotel. They were extremely unprofessional and invasive when it comes to my money/card using it at their leisure.

Jun 12, 2019

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