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I am heartbroken as I write this review. Received my beautiful Shollie in Oct. Everything seemed Ok until my daughter took away one of his toys. Without warning he bit her. Unfortunately this wasn't a one-time occurrence . It just got worse. When I called Stirling Collies to find out what to do, I was told to get a trainer. I also realized after talking to Diane, where he had learned this behavior. Puppies learn this from very young, and I was told on the phone that serious fights break out over treats and toys. These puppies aren't being properly socialized before they are sold. Not enough human interaction. We now have to find a home for him without small children. We are heartbroken and feel no reimbursement or help was even offered. Never again, and this after a lot of expense to fly him to our home. I wish I would have looked up all of these reviews first, instead of just on their website.

Apr 08, 2019

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      Aug 18, 2019

    I'm not sure who you claim to be, but I have not heard any complaint about a puppy biting such as yours, but you are correct, puppies can bite when taking a toy or treat away, and they need to be trained. I would agree that serious fights MAY break out over treats in a pack of dogs, but if you supervised any dogs while giving treats, like I do, you shouldn't have an issue. It is sad that so many families don't take the time to train their puppy to teach good behaviors.

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