Stetzerizer by Stetzer Electric, Inc.Fraud


Stetzer Electric Inc.'s Stetzerizer Filters (especially their power strips/surge suppressors) have been shown to be dangerous, catch fire and emit toxic chemicals and fumes which will damage your health. A California couplewere unlucky enough to have experienced the hazardous Stetzerizer first hand when the device caught fire in their home early one morning while they were sleeping. They were exposed to high levels of cancer-causing toxic particles and fumes. Their house could have been destroyed.

Stetzerizer Filters, filtered power strips - also known as "surge protectors” allegedly help eliminate electrical pollution and they are supposed to protect your equipment and home from electrical surges. The filters are also supposed to help you save money on your electric bills. At least that's what the company's distributors tell people but there is no evidence that such a claim is true.

Even though the couple reported the defective device to owner Dave Stetzer himself on the day of the incident, it took a full four months of efforts to get him to tell his insurance company about it. What happened next was a horror story. Mr. Stetzer then accused his victim of trying to extort him when the fellow said Stetzer should take responsibility and take care of any present or future medical bills.

Stetzer's insurance companies which are ignoring the incident are Acuity Insurance and John Glenn Adjusters (now merged with George Hills Company). Quite recently, Mr. Stetzer and Mr. Glenn told the victim that even though the unit nearly killed the couple and burned down their home, they would be happy to send him a new STETZERIZER.

Both the FTC - Federal Trade Commission consumer division and Underwriters Laboratory have been notified of the incident and are investigating Stetzer Electric. VISIT stetzerelectricdanger DOT com for the latest updates and a VIDEO INVESTIGATION REPORT of the defective product.

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