Stephanie HinkelUnknowledgeable and Bad person to deal with


Dealing with Stephanie Hinkel was no fun at all. She has a bad attitude and is a mean person. She does business in Irvine and Newport Beach. She doesn't know the rules and will break the law. Just stay away from her and anyone associated with her.


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    Beth Ann Aug 30, 2010

    I've dealt with Stephanie and the dental office she works for and I think they are just fabulous ! My dental work came out so great that my entire family is now using their office. Typically the people who complain about a business are the ones who are just not happy with their lives or their smile. And who ever says a dental office is suppose to be "fun" - If you don't brush your teeth either keep your mouth closed or choose to go to a great dental office like Stephanie's...Toodles

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